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28 AUG 2021
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The Initial Coin Offering is the most recent way that startups may use to raise money for their projects. It entails selling a portion of the cryptocurrency to various investors in exchange for Bitcoin or legal tender. Following the official ICO launch, investors will get their investment returns. Unfluctuating marketing practices form the foundation of any successful ICO.

Marketing for ICO implies employing diverse free and paid online marketing tools to capture the interest of the intended audience. Read our detailed guide to the end to learn more about these tools.

How To Do Marketing For ICO

More and more startups from different industries worldwide choose ICO as the method of funds raise due to its effectiveness and comparative simplicity. The ICO is perfect for a promising idea or project that requires financial support but not for a developed business, as ICO program investors are rarely large enterprises.

No ICO project would be successful without a consistent ICO marketing campaign carried out through different channels and a clear marketing plan that includes the following points:

  • Hiring a professional team.
  • Reaching out to the institutional and private investors.
  • Definition of the target audience.
  • Creation of a clear and detailed Whitepaper.
  • The use of the website with an eye-catching design that is both impressive and functional.
  • Calendar of ICO listings.
  • Regularly issued press releases.
  • Paid and free advertising.
  • Email and social marketing promotion.
  • Affiliate and influencer marketing.

Who Will Promote Your ICO – List Of Staff You Needed

If you want to run a top-notch ICO digital marketing campaign, it is just as important to have a great team as it is to develop your project. Companies frequently make the mistake of entrusting the task of marketing their ICO to individuals who have no prior experience with ICO marketing. So a team of experienced developers who will easily meet your objectives is a must.

Technical Support Team

It is necessary to hire a professional technical support team as too many projects enter the ICO without even having a full understanding of their technology's capabilities. Your concept must be technologically feasible as well. Furthermore, the design of your technology must correspond to the legal framework of your token economics.

Developers with proven track records, as well as marketers, strategists, and legal counsel, can assist you in turning your ICO ambitions into a successful launch strategy.

PR Specialist

A PR specialist is required to constantly keep your brand on the ear, gradually increase its recognition, and form a project community retaining existing investors and alluring new ones. PR specialists are responsible for email marketing, writing and distributing press releases, organisation of offline and online promotional events, etc.

Project Strategist And Organizer

A prosperous ICO marketing campaign directly depends on the proper project organisation. That is why the staff needed for an ICO cannot do without a project strategist and organiser – a specialist who can determine the key stages of the project, create an efficient and well-structured action plan as well as coordinate the team's operation.

Social Media Specialist

This specialist is responsible for the ICO SMM strategy and community management. A professional has to create a brand image on social networks, maintain an active profile, create relevant and useful content, communicate with the audience to show interest in customers and learn more about their current preferences and requests. Promotion on social media also requires the involvement of influencers from such world-famous platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Components Of Effective ICO Marketing

The primary goal of marketing an ICO is to raise the awareness of the project. SMM alone was enough to generate buzz in 2017-2018. At the moment, this is far from adequate. A set of crypto marketing techniques and tools are used to generate hype. Keep on reading, as the main components of effective ICO marketing are described below.

▶️ Whitepapers

A comprehensive Whitepaper is critical to your ICO marketing strategy. It will be the first point of contact for prospective investors. As a result, before launching your ICO in the market, create a professional Whitepaper that includes a technical outline of your project as well as the benefits provided to investors. As a result, it should appear to be a business plan.

The Whitepaper's main sections are as follows:

  • Innovativeness of the idea in relation to the market situation
  • Presentation of your team's competence
  • Potential size of ROI
  • Required amount of capital
  • Token distribution plan
  • Business social responsibilities
  • Realistic Roadmap
  • Illegal activity prevention program
  • Attractive design with helpful visual elements will be an advantage.

▶️ Press Releases

This component serves as a reliable source of content for project promotion. These professional newsletters help to raise awareness of the project as they are distributed via news sites in response to events that are significant in the project's development. The most effective way to distribute them is through a network of specialised news outlets. Press releases serve as the foundation for all posts on social media, and they help shape and manage the project community.

If your ICO digital marketing campaign has a large budget, you can subcontract a professional agency for increased exposure. Conducting a Q&A session will help clear up any doubts and questions your target audience may have.

▶️ Affiliate Marketing

In order to increase traffic to your ICO website and increase sales, affiliate marketing entails asking for assistance from outside organisations or individuals. It entails paying sales commissions to affiliates who bring you leads and customers.

Affiliate partners will run the PR ICO marketing campaigns for your project and handle every stage of the process starting from managing ads and finishing with optimising sales copy for higher conversion rates. In this case, as the start-up owner, you are only required to pay a commission, which can be in the form of cash or digital assets, for each sale an affiliate is responsible for producing.

▶️ Calendar of ICO Listing

There are special websites, which maintain ICO calendars, and you can list on them to capture the investors' attention. This method is a great option if you want to make your project famous by the time it is officially launched.

To be able to list on a calendar, you need to register. Usually, the registration requires you to share basic information about the ICO project that includes title, token details, contacts, and ICO website. The most prominent calendars are posted on platforms such as Coincodex, ICOdrops, CoinGecko, CoinSchedule, and ICOCalendar.Today. Keep in mind that you need to register on as many sites as possible to reach a larger audience.

▶️ Email Marketing

Although email marketing is one of the simplest promotion techniques, it is still actively used by ICO marketing strategists. This method implies emailing personalised messages and alluring newsletters to existing and potential investors. It is important to add registration and subscription forms to your letters in order to form a stable community around the project.

To save costs and increase the efficiency of email marketing, it is recommended to implement autoresponders for emails.

▶️ Well-Designed Website

When 90% of your potential investors check your site, they establish their first impression of your brand. Their experience will be related to their journey through your conversion funnel. Your website should serve as a condensed version of your whitepaper, highlighting the most crucial selling ICO points to potential investors.

However, you must pay much more attention to design elements on your website, not just the content itself. You must employ an appealing layout, SEO-friendly elements, and eye-catching visuals.

▶️ SEO

Even if your site is an exemplary copy, it will not be of any use if investors do not see it, losing it in a large stream of offers. That is why you need to implement the right SEO strategy into an ICO marketing plan.

SEO strategy allows for increasing the website's rank and organic traffic. It also helps build brand credibility. SEO makes your website more attractive to search engines so that they present it as a reliable and useful source. Quality and consistency are important factors in SEO ranking. For instance, you can boost your site's SEO by updating your website weekly/monthly, using the appropriate keywords, tags, high-resolution images and meta descriptions.

It's best to hire an SEO consultant to help you figure out exactly what needs to be done to improve your site's SEO performance.

▶️ SMM

SMM as an ICO marketing component is gaining more and more popularity in the crypto environment. SMM guarantees quick access to a large audience and allows you to automate many promotion processes. Thus, SMM implementation allows for automating target audience selection based on a few determining parameters, account and content analysis, and query analysis.

ICO SMM basically involves posting short videos about your project and interacting with the audience through comments on professional platforms such as Bitcointalk, Reddit, and Quora as well as social media classics like Instagram and Youtube.

▶️ Public Relations

The most important initial phase of marketing of ICO is PR. It will be a good idea to work with a reputable PR firm prior to launching your product on the market, as they can assist in giving your project the much-needed initial exposure.

In order to increase awareness of your upcoming project and token, establish your marketing reputation, and create lasting relationships with potential clients, public relations will require contacting and connecting with your target audience. In contrast to marketing, public relations primarily concentrates on raising awareness of the initiative and preparing people for it.

Be sure to conduct market research before creating your PR strategy or hiring a public relations firm.

▶️ Paid Advertising

Using paid promotion solutions will help you climb the ladder more quickly. Following specific guidelines, major social media networks and search engines permit paid advertisements. Publishing articles on SEO helps increase organic reach. One can launch campaigns using Google Adwords, where the metrics can be continuously tracked. However, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have outlawed posts promoting Bitcoin and ICOs.

Pay Per Click is a form of online advertising where you pay a marketing firm to advertise your ICO project online. You will be required to pay for each click on your Google ads campaign if you use Google's pay-per-click services, for instance.

▶️ Influencer Marketing

The social media era has created new idols with great authority and a high level of trust – influencers. The attraction of influential people to your ICO promotion allows you to increase the visibility and reach of your content.

Make sure that influencers you want to work with routinely provide excellent content and have a sizable audience of engaged followers. Focus on the crypto community's influencers. Don't just target influencers with a large following because they have one. You should ensure that the appropriate audience hears your message.

▶️ Community Management

It entails forging a solid rapport of trust with your target market. It also includes numerous activities such as brand loyalty programs, active participation in various social media groups, badge distribution, award distribution, and the organisation of fun competitions. All communication tasks can be managed by a community manager or community marketing expert.

▶️ Content Marketing

You can utilise content marketing as a potent strategy to expand your company and attract leads. Facebook does not permit advertisements for cryptocurrency token sales, but it does permit the advertising of blockchain technology-related events, learning opportunities, and news. A standard content marketing plan for ICO should include such components as blogging, guest posting, etc.

Things To Keep In Mind During Your ICO Digital Marketing

A successful ICO marketing campaign requires measurable objectives, material that is tailored to your target audience, and aggressive promotion. After that, it will only be a matter of time before you use content marketing to fully launch your brand. It should be noted that profitable ICO digital marketing is possible if you keep in mind factors that we describe in more detail below.

Be Transparent

Safety is important, but so is transparency. All information used in the documentation and ICO promotion must be accurate. Competitors and regulatory agencies may also carefully examine every detail. Additionally, having transparency in your ICO can enhance investor confidence and trust, which could result in more money being raised. A responsive team should be hired to respond to any questions and concerns users may have about your ICO.

Target The Right Audience

While ICO promotion is essential, it shouldn't go overboard. Therefore, strategic planning would assist in selecting customised tactics and disseminating them among various target market segments. If the same messages are spread across the people without careful consideration, resources may be wasted. If the target audience is separated into distinct categories, faster conversions for an ICO can be obtained.

The zones in which your banners are displayed on a website can be optimised to decrease costs and increase results by targeting your audience by device or country. You may increase your conversion rates by looking at your user data from Google Analytics to learn which user kinds convert the best.

Have An Unique Story

Your ICO marketing should have something that will make it stand out and be memorable to the audience. You need to present the ICO project as a way to realise the main goals of your business. Also, it is important to convince investors that they will go through the path of success of the project. To do this, you need to understand the preferences and requirements of the audience and base the main principles of the project on them.

Hire An ICO Adviser

An expert in Initial Coin Offerings will be well-versed in the process' dos and don'ts. They will assist a business in checking the appropriate boxes when the project is carried out. This can aid in resource conservation throughout the ICO advertising by concentrating on beneficial elements.

Make ICO Compliant

Not all national governments embrace an ICO with open arms. Every exchange owner is required to adhere to all rules and laws established by the relevant authorities and legislative bodies. Potential investors may be deterred from investing in an ICO by non-compliance. It might also have an effect on how the exchange runs.

Final Thoughts

You need a creative and successful strategy for reaching your target market if you want to succeed with marketing for ICO. Due to a lack of experience and skills in project promotion, many blockchain startups fail.

So how to promote crypto ICO with the biggest success? Hiring a top-notch firm will make marketing an ICO simpler. You should have a website that portrays the ICO project and is SEO-optimised. Additionally, you'll need to promote your ICO using conventional digital marketing strategies. To start, you can promote your product via newsletter emails, a robust social media presence, and a compelling ICO. You can't skimp on marketing since people won't support any ICOs that don't seem to be taking themselves seriously. If you want to connect with top-tier pages, you must plan your press release calendar. Additionally, you may hire a pro to write your press releases and post them on well-known websites.

Only a few of the best ICO marketing strategies that can increase your campaign and help you reach your objectives more quickly have been covered in this post. Keep in mind that a reputable agency may assist you with various additional web marketing strategies.

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