20 tips for token sale strategy PR creation

28 AUG 2021
2 min read
No matter what kind of token sale you plan - IEO, IDO or ICO - here are 20 tips to use in planing of your communication strategy.
???? Separate product promotion and token sale;

???? Select your target audience of the product and token sale. It may be different countries;

???? Token sale TA must take into account the latest collection and mining data;

???? Product TA must depend on the hyip nature of the project area in the country/region;

???? Regarding token sale PR, the ratio of crypto media to business media should be 70/30;

???? Ratio of topics: 30% - talking about technology, 70% - a signal for purchasing;

???? 10-15% of publications shall be in Tier 1 media (Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur);

???? Product PR shall come from key USP;

???? PR strategy shall contain 10-15 messages and 2-3 guerrilla marketing ideas;

???? It is better to have a strategy with a draft content plan rather than without;

???? The content plan looks better with publication prices than without;

???? Publication prices look better considering translation cost;

???? When forming the budget, take into account extra 15-20% for currency fluctuation;

???? Separately mark the most interesting content for pitching journalists;

???? Publications should be published 2-3 months before the public token sale;

???? Every 2-3 weeks, there must be news that can be pitched to journalists;

???? Post publications in chronological order, a Gantt chart can be used;

???? Take into account that organic publications in Tier 1 are released 1-1.5 months after payment;

???? Do not measure PR with conversions. PR is necessary to raise trust;

???? Synchronize PR with SMM and the implementation of messages into the community.

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