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P2E Marketing Services

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is changing the game industry for businesses. In the play-to-earn business model, the game and the developers reward players for putting time and effort into their game. But here's the thing: navigating the P2E landscape can be akin to exploring uncharted territory. P2E marketing can be your one-stop tool for navigating P2E exciting world.

About Our Play To Earn Agency

More and more games are intersecting with finance in ways never before imagined. FINPR Agency is at the forefront of the transformation of P2E marketing. We have an understanding of the pulse of its community and the economic potential it holds for companies wishing to enter it. With over 5 years of experience, we develop customized marketing strategies. Our work is a commitment to transform Play to Earn projects from hidden gems to gaming hits.

FINPR List of Services

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    Public Relations
    Since 2017, we've become navigators for over 250 crypto companies. With over 450 media placements in our arsenal, we customize to the unique silhouette of your brand's narrative.
    The P2E ecosystem has tremendous potential. To realize it, you need visibility. Our PR strategies are designed to bring attention to projects. Our extensive network spans multiple languages, ensuring that your message resonates globally. The process starts with selecting from a tapestry of global publications and moves into creating content tailored to your project's needs.
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    Influencer Marketing
    In the fast-paced world of Play to Earn, influencer marketing is paramount. To understand Play-to-Earn games a little better, users have got to start to understand the mechanics behind these games. They can do it through watching videos from influencers. While P2E games might seem completely normal on the surface, there are certain mechanics in the back that separate them from normal games and allow players to gain value from playing, other than just entertainment.
    Our strategy aims to harness the huge potential of social media, where influencers bring your P2E projects to life through engaging forms of content. From in-depth reviews to live gameplay demonstrations. Through strategic partnerships with second and third tier Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), we provide credibility to your brand. This increases its visibility and improves Google search results within the P2E community.
    Our extensive network spans YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. At FINPR, the process is simplified: select influencers, share key project details, review draft videos, and watch your P2E project shine. We are committed to making meaningful connections. Our work is performance-driven, relying on the selection of influencers proven through successful campaigns.
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    For P2E projects, SEO is a key long-term strategy. FINPR offers a suite of SEO plans. Each takes into account the different stages and needs of your Play to Earn project. We craft a robust SEO foundation that primes your Play2Earn project for organic growth.
    Moving from audit to action, our tiered packages are becoming deeper and more extensive. From optimizing headlines and meta tags for immediate impact, to developing detailed content strategies that last for months and deliver increased authority and rankings. For those looking to grow aggressively, we offer advanced packages. These include off-site link building and the development of a comprehensive monthly strategy, as well as detailed analysis of expanding your keyword base to maximize organic traffic.
    We understand that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, especially in the competitive P2E environment. While in some projects content optimization can lead to rapid traffic growth, the true power of SEO is revealed over time. A long-term effective strategy is appropriate for P2E projects that plan for longevity and relevance through various market cycles. SEO results can achieve significant impact within 3-6 months.

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    Community Management
    The success of a project is closely linked to the strength and involvement of its community. Community management is vital in keeping your enterprise ecosystem lively. To assist in this, FINPR provides extensive community management services, ranging from part-time to around-the-clock on platforms like Telegram and Discord.
    We begin by generating a dynamic list of frequently asked questions that we consistently update to keep up with the ever-changing needs of your P2E project's users. This tool partners with our planned announcements and consistent engagement activities. We conduct surveys and hold discussions that not only revive the community, but also boost loyalty and enhance feedback. Our response time is impressive, taking less than 10 minutes, ensuring your community is always heard and appreciated.
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    Advertising in Social Media
    Play-to-Earn is beginning to catch the attention of gamers, with new titles and genres constantly being developed, all designed to appeal to the various tastes of so many gamers out there. Right now, this is the perfect time in the space to continue to expand for new users to  find and play different games.
    Therefore, social media ads can boost growth by driving traffic and engagement. FINPR can customize ad solutions for P2E startups using top platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each platform offers unique ways to target audiences and tailor strategies to meet specific campaign goals.
    Our services are created to simplify social media advertising for businesses in the Play to Earn industry. We'll manage everything, from adhering to advertising guidelines to prevent bans to continuous A/B testing for better budget management. We'll create unique text and banner ads, analyze data to discover potential audiences and improve efficiency.
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    Content Writing Service
    FINPR offers top-tier content that caters to all your project requirements. We provide SEO-friendly blogs, captivating social media posts, and humorous press releases. If your projects require a social media boost, we offer a specialized SMM content plan. Our strategy involves producing content that will connect with audiences on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and additional platforms.
    We tailor each post to captivate and motivate your community via different platforms. Our posts range from 140 words on Telegram to a concise 70 on Twitter. Additionally, we offer a press release service for those who want to make a bold statement with news or updates. Our P2E project summary covers all the essential particulars in a brief and concise 500-600 word format. We make various articles for different levels, from beginner to expert. Each article aims to appear on search engine results pages, bring in natural traffic, and establish us as a trusted source.

FINPR P2E Clients

NAFStars changed digital collectibles by making a game on the Polygon blockchain that provides exceptional NFT license cards. This platform not only entertains but also forges a new path for artist engagement and monetization,benefiting from the game's rewards and assisting artists in capitalizing on their digital popularity, marking a new era in digital assets and music industry integration.
Monsterra is a blockchain-based game that offers four battle modes and an Adventure mode for players to explore uncharted lands and increase their in-game wealth, all while supporting a free-to-play and play-to-earn model with accessible core gameplay.
CryptoTanks is a nostalgia-inducing blockchain-based play-to-earn game inspired by the classic 1980s 8-bit title Battle City, where players control tanks, navigate walls, and battle enemy tanks and bases while earning cryptocurrencies on the ETH/Polygon chain through the trading of in-game assets like tanks and map NFTs using a deflationary token model.
Heroes of Arcan
Heroes of Arcan
Heroes of Arcan invites players to immerse themselves in a rich narrative, with the DAO structure enabling them to stake tokens and directly influence the evolving storyline and game dynamics, embodying a truly community-driven experience.
Dragon Crypto
Dragon Crypto
Dragon Crypto has carved out a unique niche by combining gaming with blockchain through its Dragon Crypto Gaming initiatives and the Tiny Dragons NFT collection. The Dragon ecosystem benefits from the blockchain-as-a-service solutions provided by DragonChain and incentivizes investment with rewards for long term storage of DRGN coin.
Sugarverse is a candy-themed metaverse offering seven unique planets and integrated mobile games, enabling players to invest in-game earnings, purchase land, build structures, and grow their empire, all while utilizing the native token, CNDY, to monetize their gaming experience.
Goldefy, a blockchain-based metaverse platform founded in 2021 with $1.5M in seed funding, combines play-to-earn mechanics with NFTs, allowing players to acquire characters and estates for PVP battles and virtual resource mining, potentially earning real profits.
Galaxy Survivor
Galaxy Survivor
Galaxy Survivor by Virtual Game Studio elevates the 3D NFT gaming sphere with its strategic play-to-earn mechanics, boasting advanced 3D designs and AR-enhanced cinematic visuals.


What Is Play2Earn (P2E)?
Video games have historically been split into two models of modernization: pay and play, and free to play. For a long time, pay to play was the dominant model, dating back to the early days of video game arcades and transitioning across to PC and console gaming. But with the distribution of games becoming easier thanks to the internet, free to play models started to emerge. These games usually have paid elements, allowing players to pay for access to extra content if they want to, and some may also monetize with ads, so as is often the case on mobile.
Relatively recently, a new model has started to emerge: play to earn (P2E). In this model, players can actually make money themselves for playing the game by translating earnings on the in-game economy into real-life rewards. Play to earn allows players to generate a steady stream of crypto income simply by playing the game.
Each game's mechanism can differ, but the rewards typically come from staking, farming a game's currency, or generating tradeable NFT items. In older blockchain games, users relied mainly on random chances to make profits. Player, however, has created in-game economies and business models where players can work for an income.
What Is P2E Marketing?
Play to earn games makes selling items and characters a key feature. Players are encouraged to level up their characters and earn rare items in order to increase their value, and the games themselves then provide the tools to sell these assets in exchange for cryptocurrency. Why are many Play2Earn games dying and what needs to change to make them sustainable? The most obvious reason lies in an insufficient marketing campaign.
P2E marketing agencies make use of Play2Earn video games and environments to promote goods and services. This involves employing the video games as a means of interacting with possible customers, promoting products and performing marketing initiatives in a gaming setting.
Plus, with mobile developers looking at alternatives to advertising given Apple's restrictions to its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), play to earn might represent an interesting option. But given how they're tied into NFTs and cryptocurrencies, play to earn games face the same challenges as these two blockchain-based tools. P2E marketing aims to leverage the growing user base of Play2Earn games and their active communities to increase user engagement and brand awareness.
What’s the Difference Between P2E Marketing and Crypto Marketing?
Now, the crypto and NFT space has taken the world by storm, with Play-to-Earn emerging as the next big model. The main difference between P2E marketing and crypto marketing lies in their respective target audiences and goals.
P2E marketing aims to engage gamers and Play2Earn system participants by utilizing in-game economics and communities to promote products and services. Its focus is on the gaming industry.
On the other hand, crypto marketing involves a wider range of marketing activities centered around cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized financing (DeFi). It aims to reach a wider audience. Fans of cryptocurrencies are intrigued by multiple aspects, such as investing, trading, and blockchain development. Crypto marketing includes various activities related to cryptocurrencies beyond gaming.
How Long Does It Take To See Results From a P2E Marketing Campaign?
Now, this is partly understandable because it's a new sector. No one really knows how fast the industry going to pan out. Building brand awareness and creating a presence in the gaming community typically take a few months of consistent effort. It usually takes several months to a year to achieve lasting results like increasing sales or loyal followers. P2E marketing is a continuous effort that requires developing connections with gamers, stressing regularity, and tactical preparation.