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Types Of Promo Tweets From Crypto Influencers

Less promotional post format than "Trading signal tweet". A Twitter influencer posts information about your project. It could be in 1-3 short description tweets or in a way if one tweet and image with one-pager about your product or startup
If the crypto startup is interested in fully controlling the tweet's text, a retweet is a way to go. Influencers share clients' posts while adding their own thoughts. An additional benefit of a retweet - it could bring you some new followers
Trading signal tweet
A Twitter influencer can recommend to its audience to check prospects of growth of your token, which might influence your token price in a positive way
The more followers influencers have, the more often they prefer sponsored tweets. It's when the influencer explicitly state that the sponsor of the tweet is a particular brand in a way that client's account will be tagged and the campaign hashtag used
Giveaway announcement
Sponsored tweet
Before the crypto industry rush of 2017, giveaways were viral in Twitter influencers marketing. It's a great format to increase tweets engagement by motivating to retweet or like your tweet in exchange to have a chance to win a giveaway

How To Start Promoting With Twitter Crypto Influencers

Contact us to get the list of Twitter influencers to choose from
Select which one do you like
Pick one or several formats of tweets you prefer
Make a prepayment and give all needed information for the campaign
Approve drafts of the tweets
Enjoy getting traffic and engagement of the targeted audience

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