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Attract millions of crypto traders, investors, and enthusiasts by getting posts and reposts done by leading X (Twitter) crypto influencers and crypto X (Twitter) marketing services.

About Our X (Twitter) Crypto Influencers Agency

Since our inception in 2017, FINPR has established itself as a leading force in crypto PR services, with a particular focus on X (Twitter) crypto marketing. Our team has established relationships with top X (Twitter) crypto influencers, who are key players in shaping opinions and trends within the crypto community. They have the power to amplify your message, drive engagement, and increase visibility for your brand or project.

We specialize in leveraging the power of X (Twitter) and its vast network of crypto opinion leaders to elevate your brand's presence in the blockchain and crypto space. Our agency is dedicated to connecting your projects with the most influential voices on X (Twitter), ensuring that your message reaches a highly engaged and targeted audience.

FINPR’s success is built on a foundation of deep industry knowledge, a vast network of influencer connections, and a commitment to achieving our clients' marketing goals. With a track record of promoting over 600 clients in the blockchain space, including notable exchanges and DeFi start-ups, we have the experience and expertise to elevate your project's profile on X (Twitter) and beyond.

Market Recognition

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Types Of Promo Posts From Crypto Influencers

A post that appears on target customers’ profiles in the live feed and at the top of specific product-related search pages.
Pinned Post
A promo post (like ordinary post) which will be seen first by going into the profile of the influencer.
If the crypto start-up is interested in fully controlling the post, a repost is a way to go. Opinion leaders share clients' posts while adding their own thoughts. An additional benefit of a repost is that it could bring you some new followers.
Giveaway Announcement
Since the crypto industry rush of 2017, giveaways have gone viral in X (Twitter) influencer marketing. It's a great format to increase post’s engagement by motivating people to repost or like your post in exchange for a chance to win a giveaway.

Brand and opinion leader partnership through posting about your campaign and telling users how they can enter. Opinion leaders can ask users to enter by following both accounts on X (Twitter), liking, reposting, replying to a post or posting with a designated hashtag. When the giveaway ends, the influencer chooses the winner and the brand pays the prize (money, tokens, NFT, etc.)
Quote Post
Reposting (news, launches) from a brand X (Twitter) account to an influencer's X (Twitter) account and adding a personal comment.
Unleash the power of an AMA session to showcase your project! Direct engagement and candid conversations with followers will attract new community members, open new partnerships, and unlock new opportunities.
A promo post with a custom infographic with the main points of the project (highly shareable).

Promo Posts Examples

Quote Post

Book a Consultation to Learn More About Our Crypto X (Twitter) Marketing Services

FINPR team works closely with opinion leaders to create compelling, authentic content that engages and educates their followers about your project. From planning and execution to monitoring and analysis, we handle every aspect of your X (Twitter) influencer campaign to ensure its success. Whether you're launching a new token, promoting a blockchain platform, or seeking to increase your project's visibility, our crypto X (Twitter) marketing agency is here to help you navigate the complex landscape of social media marketing with ease and efficiency.

Our Clients

How to Start Work With Us?

Get Our Comprehensive List
Contact us to get the list of X (Twitter) influencers to choose from and select which one you like
Select Services Package
Pick one or several formats of posts you prefer
Deposit and Project's Essentials
Make a deposit and provide all the necessary information for the campaign
Approve drafts of the posts
Begin Your Crypto X (Twitter) Marketing Journey
Enjoy getting traffic and engagement from the targeted audience

Latest Case Studies

Blockchain transaction security

We managed to show Lossless and its greatest and useful products and features to the world. All of which was warmly accepted.

  • 1st campaign with FINPR had 3500+ views and 100+ clicks
  • 2nd earned 5000+ unique views on AMB Crypto
  • The interview with the project's CEO has garnered 8000+ views, while the YouTube reviews of the Lossless project have amassed around 100,000 views.
Open-source public blockchain

We managed to raise brand awareness and trust in the project, further boosting Klaytn's reputation in the blockchain space and helping to maintain an overall positive image for the company.

  • 1400+ unique views and 50+ clicks on Cointelegraph
  • 5000+ views on Crypto Daily
Crypto exchange

FINPR prepared a strategy that combines influence marketing and PR publications for user attraction (key client’s target) and brand awareness growth (strategic client’s target). Also, we’ve distributed press releases on the program launch to one of the most reputable business and crypto media.

  • Reached out to an audience of 23 influencers on YouTube, Instagram
  • 200,000+ views of the video reviews on YouTube, 400,000+ reach of stories on Instagram
  • 10+ media outlets were covered by the PR campaign (including, Yahoo, etc)
  • 300+ people have participated in the program because of our campaign within 1 week

Our Clients Feedback

  • S.M. Raza Hussain
    Marketing Lead, Medieval Empires
    UAE 🇦🇪
    Working with FINPR for our Press Release dissemination, media buying and influencer campaigns in MENA region has been a breeze. The team is quick, responsive and flexible to work with, which makes for a productive collaboration. Much recommended!
  • Vedran Vukman
    CEO of Revuto
    Estonia 🇪🇪
    We asked FINPR to cover our seed round for equity by pushing announcements toward the most popular crypto and non-crypto media. We were short on time but the agency was very responsive and managed to publish everything we agreed upon in just a few days.
  • Gianluca Sibilia
    Digital Marketing Specialist at Over the Reality
    Italy 🇮🇹
    Working with FINPR has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism and seamless communication made our project a success. We couldn't be happier with the results and would gladly collaborate with them again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is X (Twitter) crypto influence marketing?
It's a promotion of your start-up, product, announcement, or just project's X (Twitter) account by partnering with crypto influencers on X (Twitter). There are two types of crypto key opinion leaders (KOLs) — micro and macro:

Micro-influencers on X (Twitter) are usually very niche. For example, they can focus only on NFT, DeFi, Metaverse projects, or Crypto Trading. They have a not-so-extensive follower base. However, they provide an extremely high engagement rate.

Macro-crypto influencers are authoritative opinion leaders who are listened to as a priority in the media space. At the same time, they are more selective in their approach to projects. Macro opinion leaders are typically represented on almost all social media platforms. Compared to micro-influencers, their audience is more significant, which gives an excellent opportunity to promote your brand on a broader scale.
Which influencers on X (Twitter) do you offer?
We have opinion leaders on the list with followers ranging from 5,000 to several 500,000 followers.

We mostly focus on English-language X (Twitter) opinion leaders, regardless of their real geolocation.

Contact us to get the most updated list of X (Twitter) influencers.
Is it a guaranteed service?
Yes, we provide crypto X (Twitter) marketing services on a pay-to-play model when each post done by specific opinion leaders has its cost.

We offer our clients only proven individuals with whom we’ve worked before.

Sometimes they can refuse, for some reason, to promote your project. In these cases, we'll offer you alternative opinion leaders, marketing & PR services. If you don't like them, we'll refund any unused funds.
Do you help with influencers on other social media?
There are 5 key social media to consider while outreaching a crypto audience:

  • YouTube: video content and tutorials for deep reviews
  • X (Twitter): quick updates, community engagement, and hashtag trends to spread news about your project
  • Instagram: visually appealing infographics, short videos, and stories to highlight your project's features and updates
  • TikTok: creative and concise videos that explain crypto concepts in an entertaining way
  • Telegram: direct communication and updates through dedicated channels and groups. A good option when targeting CIS region markets
Where can I see the list of X (Twitter) influencers you work with?
Contact us via this form, email, or type in Telegram: @finpr_agency and ask for the details regarding X (Twitter) opinion leaders.

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