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Grow your brand recognition and visibility with the help of FINPR. We're a crypto marketing agency that helps with blockchain PR, cryptocurrency marketing and other services for Web3.

Blockchain PR Agency

FINPR Agency

About Our Crypto Public Relations Agency

FINPR is a Dubai-based PR firm working with clients from the U.S., Europe, Asia and MENA. Since 2017 our team helped with marketing 500+ crypto, NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, and fintech startups all over the world.
FINPR has the largest on the market list of Web3 media where we can do publications for blockchain companies. It contains 300+ media in 15+ languages. We're doing for clients 10+ publications weekly.
We also can help Web3 projects with influencer marketing, community management, SEO, communication strategy, listings on exchanges, and other multi-channel marketing solutions.

What We Offer

Crypto PR Services

Making effective media coverage is our main field of expertise. Starting 2017 we've done publications for 300+ clients.
If you don't have a copywriter with expertise in blockchain technology, ICOs our marketing firm has a network of journalists and contributors in lots of reputable media ready step in. We can help you with content marketing, SMM, SEO blog posts and press-release writing.
Promote your Web3 startup by publications in Cointelegraph, Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, CoinDesk, Decrypt, and other 20+ blockchain and tech media. Public relations will to boost your media presence and visibility. Besides media placements we can feature blockchain projects in top niche newsletters and podcasts.
With hundreds of exchanges working in our niche, one of the critical elements to success is to get trust. Media coverage in top industry media helps a lot. Among our clients were, BigOne, DigiFinex, Digitex, etc.
Need help with your DeFi startup promo? Starting August 2020, when the decentralized finance industry boomed, we've helped with marketing more than 40 DeFi clients, including Ocean Protocol, Dego Finance, Polkadex, etc.
FINPR engaged in promotion and media coverage of 50+ NFT projects, collections or artists so far. We also help with overall NFT marketing, including influence marketing, thought leadership, banner ads, etc.
You have no connection to Bitcoin and looking for the new seed round or fundraising on Kickstart, Indiegogo? Bring attention to your startup by getting published on Entrepreneur, IBTimes, etc. with our comprehensive marketing help.
Get an interview published in dozens of media or become an expert whose quotes and comments take top niche media. FINPR is one of the best public relations agencies who can build your personal image via thoughtful leadership.
We know how to pitch journalists right so that you can get organic publications in business, tech, niche media without sponsored or press release tags. Contact us to get free consultation and learn more how our public relations company works.
Outreach your target audience with press release about your announcement published on Bloomberg, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance & hundreds other media platforms to grow you brand awareness and visibility in blockchain industry.
The release of ChatGPT sparked interest in AI among millions of people. By 2023, the industry is expected to grow 10 times. In the past few years, we have helped 10+ AI companies promote their brands and stand out from the crowd.

Our Clients Have Been Featured In Top Media

FINPR In Numbers

FINPR is a blockchain public relations company that primarily works with blockchain and fintech startups
of experience
done since 2017
including 40+ DeFi startups
publications we do for our clients weekly
outlets that we cover
Whom We Helped With Crypto PR & Marketing

Our Clients Feedback

  • S.M. Raza Hussain
    Marketing Lead, Medieval Empires
    UAE 🇦🇪
    Working with FINPR for our Press Release dissemination, media buying and influencer campaigns in MENA region has been a breeze. The team is quick, responsive and flexible to work with, which makes for a productive collaboration. Much recommended!
  • Vedran Vukman
    CEO of Revuto
    Estonia 🇪🇪
    We asked FINPR to cover our seed round for equity by pushing announcements toward the most popular crypto and non-crypto media. We were short on time but the agency was very responsive and managed to publish everything we agreed upon in just a few days.
  • Gianluca Sibilia
    Digital Marketing Specialist at Over the Reality
    Italy 🇮🇹
    Working with FINPR has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism and seamless communication made our project a success. We couldn't be happier with the results and would gladly collaborate with them again!

Our Blockchain Marketing & Crypto PR Services

Traffic Generation

While PPC and paid traffic ads are good because you don’t need much for launch, the price of 1 click or leads could be high. In such cases Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an answer. FINPR helped 10+ Web 3 clients with on-site and off-site optimization so far.
With dozens of CEXs, DEXs on the market, it's hard to select the best option in terms of quality and price for listing ratio – no matter we're talking about IEO or secondary listing. FINPR has expertise in this industry segment and can help you to make the right choice.
Looking to get traffic from the targeted audience you need? We offer you three options: paid ads in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin), Pay-Per-Click crypto ads (PPC) on search engines (Google, Bing) and banner ads on popular niche media outlets, portals and explorers.
Do you want to create real buzz around your token or Web3 project? We can help you to shill your brand by writing thousands of messages in blockchain-related communities, groups and pages on Reddit, Telegram, Quora, Discord, etc. You decide on which site you want to promote your brand and for how long (a week, several weeks or months) - we use the team of a dozen people who’ll create a buzz day and night 24/7.
Crypto Website Development
As you’ve probably noticed, sites of the leading Web 3.0 companies don't look like sites of traditional business and even IT startups. FINPR makes design projects and web sites for 10+ blockchain startups and knows the latest design trends in NFT and overall Web3 market, so that your site will be up to date.


Influencer marketing is one of the most efficient channels to attract potential customers, users and investors – especially if we’re talking about YouTube. Rise your brand recognition by getting positive reviews done by 10, 20 or 30 Web3 key opinion leaders from our list.
Want to get traffic or raise followers of your project Twitter account? Our marketing firm has dozens of Twitter celebrities well known in the cryptocurrency space who are ready to promote you.
Looking for strategic vision on what should be done with marketing, how and when? FINPR offers marketing strategy creation services for Web3 projects that include competitive and market research, brand positioning and messaging, social media marketing plan, etc.
Marketing in Asia
South Korea, China, Malaysia, and Thailand are countries with a strong presence in the global cryptocurrency market, but it's hard to go on these markets without knowing the local language. FINPR has several local strategic partners in the region, and we can help there will full-service marketing services, including public relations campaigns, media relations, content creation, etc.
We can help blockchain firms with community management in such popular in Web3 social media like Telegram and Discord. There won't be unanswered questions & spam messages. Every community chat participant will get attention from your startup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Web3 public relations company can do for you?
Blockchain promotion firms usually are the ones who are hired by Web3 companies to grow the visibility of their brand and establish a solid reputation. To reach such goals agencies offer different types of services: from public relations to influence marketing as well as shilling, Pay-Per-Click in social media and search engines and so on.

Since some of public relations agencies started working on the blockchain market 5-6 years ago, since then they accumulated huge experience in promotion and could be a great source of experience for any just launched decentralized startups.
How much does cryptocurrency public relations consulting cost?
It depends on where the agency is based and what type of service you’re looking for.

In general, agencies from the U.S., UK tend to have higher costs on blockchain promotion solutions because of relatively expensive labor cost, while agencies from the Middle East, or, for example, Eastern Europe tend to have more affordable prices.

The type of blockchain promotion also influences how much a company has to pay. Traditional public relations efforts, such as pitching journalists, establishing relationships, and finding the right angle to "sell" your story, are generally quite expensive, and such agencies are usually located in Western Europe and the United States.
Does the promotion of NFT, Metaverse, and blockchain companies differ?
Yes, there is a difference. With NFTs, if for example you have an art collection, marketing have to be focused on growing a community and listing on NFT marketplaces. With a metaverse company besides all you have to focus on listing onmetaverse catalogs, etc.

Speaking of Web 3.0 PR, there is a difference as well. Depending on your project, business model and target audience, you have to choose certain media outlets or key opinion leaders (KOLs) that will help you hit your selected marketing targets. For example, for NFTs FINPR has separate packages of NFT-related media outlets and separate NFT KOLs on YouTube and Twitter.
Does FINPR help with press releases?
Yes, besides organic/native article placements in popular Web3, tech, and business media outlets, we can help you youshred the ling on your upcoming announcement via publishing a press-release in hundreds of mainstream media and dozens of niche media. Write to us to get pricing and more details on this.
What should I look for when choosing a cryptocurrency public relations firm?
Here are six things you should look at while deciding which team to hire:

1. Company clients, portfolio. The bigger brands a marketing firm works with and the bigger amount of its clients, the better.

2. Experience, how long on the market. No matter whether market is down or at it's highs, each month there are 3-5 new blockchain marketing firms coming to the market. Unfortunately, lots of them try to hide that they are new and pretend to have long years of existence. Check when their website and social media were created to determine if it's true.

3. Media presence. There is something strange when a group of people sells crypto PR, but fails at promotion of its brand and has no mention of their company in niche media. Just Google their brand and you’ll see.

4. Team experience and geography. Besides looking at firms' experience, checking founders' or CEO backgrounds always worth it. Also, you should care about where the team is from. If you want to promote your brand in Middle East, it’s better to deal with a team from Middle East. If you want to promote your NFT in South Korea, you should find somebody in this country, or some global ad corporation with team members who’ll help you with promotion and who are from South Korea.

5. Pricing and financial terms. For sure, it’s better to have proposals at least from 2-3 firms on the same product so you can compare and decide who offers the best product in terms of price to quality ratio. Also, check wether they are ready to accept payment via bank wire transfer. It is usually more secure for you to do it with a marketing firm that has a legal entity.

6. Scam check. Always make sure that you communicate with a real employee. There are lots of cases when people pretend to be connected to some popular promo companies (which was not the case) and then disappear once a client pays them.
What helps to promote blockchain company besides crypto PR?
Here are some marketing services which can help you make buzz around your startup besides media placements and Web3 celebs marketing:

1. SEO. SEO is something that needs time, but still it’s a great tool to get cheap organic traffic, if SEO is doneright.

2. Banner ads. Banner ads might be dead in traditional markets, but in our industry they still could be effective. Place your banner on top blockchain media outlets and portals to get clicks and brand visibly growth.

3. Ads in social media and search engines. It’s hard to conduct since there are lots of blockchain-related ad restrictions, but still itspossible and could be very effective.

4. Shilling. Hire an army of shillers who’ll create buzz around your company on Reddit, Quora, Telegram and other social media and sites. Contact FINPR to learn more!
Can you give a wholesale price?
Sure, the more publications or blockchain celebrities you’ll pick for your promotion, the bigger discount we can provide. The same rule works with other marketing solutions. You can pick one of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plans, one package, as well as crpto banner ads on several sites, so that we’ll give you a custom discount on all of these.
Is crypto influence marketing worth it?
Web3 influencer marketing is one of the best forms of PR or communications possible. FINPR offers advertising using key opinion leaders (KOLs) in five social media platforms: YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Telegram.

As of October, 2023 we have relationships with top Web 3.0 key opinion leaders (KOLs) to choose from:
- 450+ YouTubers;
- 100+ Twitter accounts;
- 60+ TikTok;
- 60+ Instagram;
- 70+ Telegram channels.
I’m ready to work with you. What are the next steps?
It depends on what services you’re looking to order.

If you’re looking for publications in media outlets, you should pick a package with media where you want to get publications (or select media outlets that you like the most on demand). We’ll also need at least a general understanding about what we should write (if copywriting on FINPR’s side).

If it's a crypto influence marketing product, we also need from you to decide what package you want and what your marketing campaign targets.

In any way you should contact us, and you can always get a free consultation!