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FinTech PR Agency

Every fintech startup will face at least a few of these problems: securing funding or investment, attracting the best talent, growing a user or customer base, scaling the business. FINPR agency can help you overcome all these hurdles by setting up an effective PR campaign on a guaranteed basis.

About Our FinTech PR Services

Technology's increasing influence on both our personal and professional lives has seen a new PR discipline emerge: FinTech PR. FINPR agency has a strong foundation in the financial technology field since 2017. We have helped over 300 clients get featured in top publications.
Our clients come from various sectors such as Web3, blockchain, and technology to provide an effective PR strategy. We work with media in over 15+ languages. So if you are targeting a specific region, we will find an approach to your tasks.

How We Differ From Others

  • 1
    Flexible pricing
    Every company has different needs and budget limitations. And we have eliminated the usual requirement of a monthly retainer or long-term commitment. Our services start at an affordable price, as low as $390 for a one-time payment. This approach competes with the cost-effectiveness of PR placements on sites like MarketWatch..
  • 2
    Guaranteed media placements
    We have a system in place to establish publications on well-known media outlets. This includes both general financial magazines and highly specialized platforms. We obtain these positions without using Press Release or "sponsored" tags, which gives your brand an impactful existence.
  • 3
    Clear Approach
    Before publishing a news or blog article, we always share a draft with you to ensure that the message aligns with your brand's vision and objectives.

Services List

Media placement
We maintain a comprehensive list of over 400 media outlets. We cover areas such as media tech, web3, business, finance, and news. The team works tirelessly to identify suitable opportunities and negotiate placements that raise the profile of your financial technology business.
Press Release Distribution
We know that a well-written press release can be very powerful. Our tailored media exposure approach ensures your message reaches your target audience, whether through Forbes, Yahoo Finance, or specialized FinTech platforms.
To achieve long-term success, it’s important to establish your brand as a thought leader in the FinTech sector. We can assist you in producing informative content that boosts your FinTech establishment's prominence as a frontrunner.
Content Creation
Our team has a diverse background in creating content for effective marketing campaigns. Thanks to our comprehensive approach, you can be sure of filling your web pages with a variety of formats.

Why Your FinTech Company Needs a PR Strategy From Experts

Why Invest in Fintech PR

Fintech PR helps position you as an authority within your niche, builds trust and legitimacy, increases your exposure, increases website referral traffic. When should you start investing in tech PR? You should invest in PR as soon as possible. But let us explain why.

In the FinTech market, you have to get over what your competitive advantage is to stand out from the crowd. You can have the best product that there is on the marketplace, but if nobody knows about it and nobody is talking about it, then you're not going to make traction with it. So put PR up there as one of the most important things in the marketing mix.
If you're a fresh-faced startup, PR is probably going to be quite far down on your list of priorities. However, when used correctly, startup FinTech PR can have a big impact on your business.

What an Expert Team Can Help You With

As a fintech PR startup, you can no longer just rely on the quality of your product to break through the noise. If you're not seen as credible, investors won't take the risk, and customers won't part with their cash. And it's fintech PR that helps to build that trust. We know that it's tempting to leave PR until the product launch. However, this can result in a serious trust deficit as you'll be launching as an unknown with no media footprint.

More often than not, FinTech startups have two problems with tech PR: it's over complicated, or it's oversimplified. Both are untrue and stem from a lack of understanding of PR, not only at the traditional level, but also at the more specialized and more useful level of financial technological PR. That is why professional help from experts is needed. What does a fintech PR firm do? Aligns your media goals with your business goals. PR always serves a higher purpose, so we align your media goals with your business goals.


What Is FinTech PR?
Fintech public relations campaigns are complex in nature and involve navigating a media landscape that includes both the financial and technology industries. This sector is very competitive and changing quickly. PR services assist in distinguishing companies and managing regulatory intricacies.

The quickest and best way of getting the message across in a crafted way that works for you is via a very good PR strategy and also a PR plan and in a program that you roll out consistently over a number of months.
How Do FinTech PR Strategies Differ From Traditional PR Strategies?
The public relations industry is becoming more specialized and diverse, and FinTech PR is just another example of this. The biggest difference between traditional PR and FinTech PR is the audience. In traditional PR, your audience, while targeted, is likely to be quite broad, whereas FinTech PR is likely to target a more niche and technologically savvy audience.
Are Fintech PR Services Suitable for Startups?
Absolutely. Startups can benefit greatly from PR services to establish their brand, secure funding, and create credibility in a competitive market. Our services are customized to digital banking, payments, blockchain, insurance technology, or any other sector within FinTech.