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Crypto Social Media Management Services

Make a lasting impact on the crypto sphere by having a robust social media presence. It doesn’t matter if you are still in the development phase or have just launched. At FINPR Agency, we can help your voice be heard across all social media.

About Our Crypto Social Media Management Services

Social media today is one of the strongest marketing methods for any crypto project to attract users and investors. Using the power of communities, your crypto project can transcend physical boundaries and attract people from all corners of the world. With FINPR Agency, you can achieve this dream with ease. Our expert social media managers are always here to assist you.
Do not worry if you have trouble handling the social media aspect of your crypto project. At FINPR Agency, we can offer you an end-to-end crypto social media marketing service. This includes plan development, brand voice creation, visuals, and text. Our social media experts can elevate your crypto project’s following through bespoke media posts that will create a hype amongst your target audience.
Make the best of it with our extensive and detailed crypto social media management services. Our services can take the load off of your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on the more crucial aspects of the project development. With FINPR Agency, your social media is in safe hands!

Crypto Social Media Management Services Packages

FINPR Agency offers two levels of crypto social media services packages. While both are very similar in nature, there are subtle changes.
Basic Plan
The base plan comes with all the bells and whistles that you need to kick-start your crypto project’s social media presence. The Base Plan is perfect for crypto projects in their developmental phase who don’t have any socials ready as yet. Let FINPR Agency handle it all for you!
Just Launched Plan
So your landing page is up and running and people are visiting it. Congrats! But the game has only started. With your visuals, tone, and branding already developed, FINPR Agency social media experts will take these as the foundation and develop a complete SMM strategy so that your voice is consistent across all channels.

What Do You Get With FINPR Social Media Management Packages

Content Plan Development

Our team will create a whole social media post content outline, defining what needs to be emphasized and when. This includes any events in your roadmap like presales, competitions, etc.
Unique Content
Each social media post (roughly 20 per month), will be created from scratch. This will give your audience new things to consume, keeping them hungry for more. The content will be based on the previous plan, ensuring all posts are in line with your project strategy.


Your social media posts will not only have custom-crafted texts but will also be accompanied by suitable visuals (when needed). The visuals can vary from custom design to using existing branding or even infographics.

Social Media Management

Depending on the need and discussions, FINRP Agency offers management for up to 5 different SM platforms. Our team of social media experts and moderators will not only post on agreed channels (from your handles, of course), but monitor all engagements for maximum effectiveness.

Subscribers’ Boosting

Using years of social media management experience, FINPR Agency SM experts will help boost your posts in the trending list, along with extensive community management. The more people engage and their questions answered in a friendly and timely manner, the more your posts are going to be visible.

Social Media Channel Creation

If you don’t have any social media channels and handles created, FINPR Agency can help you with this too (only for Just Launched Project Plan). Our team will ensure all channels, including their visuals, are in line with your branding.

FINPR Agency’s Social Media Management Flow

FINPR Agency makes it as simple as possible. While you still have control over your social media policy, we make sure we do all the work with minimum disturbance to you.
  • 1
    Our team sits with you to understand your project, mission, and vision, along with your preferred angles or promotion.
  • 2
    Based on the above information, our team develops a content plan and layout. You can make suggestions for it at this stage.
  • 3
    With the plan finalized, our copywriting team gets busy creating the text, while the graphics team starts building banners, graphs, and other visuals.
  • 4
    For crypto platforms selecting the Just Launched Project Plan, our creative team will work overtime to build lores, branding, and designs.
  • 5
    Each project will also get custom options and suggestions to grow their subscribers and engagement percentage.

Crypto Social Media Management F.A.Q.s

Which social media platform should my project be on?
The best answer is all of them. Though we do understand that this can be a bit taxing. In the end, it all depends on your target market and your marketing strategy. The most effective method is to choose the platforms that will bring in the best results.
Which social media platforms does FINPR Agency cover?
FINPR Agency offers a range of social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We even offer community management services on Telegram and Discord.
Why should I choose FINPR Agency over other marketing firms?
FINPR Agency has been in the crypto social media management business since 2017. Our team consists of experts in the field who have an acute understanding of the ever-evolving rules and regulations different SM platforms enforce from time to time.
With other firms, your project social media marketing may hit a snag and in the world of today, this is something you cannot afford to have.
How quickly can you guarantee results?
Our Social media marketing services are custom-made. With each project, we have to take into account different aspects. This can include the exact nature of the business model, potential market size, any regulations, and even things like market sentiment and conditions for overall crypto.
This means that there is no hard and fast timeline for results. It may take a few weeks, or it may take a few months, depending on the situation.
What do you need from my side for the social media marketing to kick off?
We would require whatever documentation you can furnish for us. This includes whitepaper, website, any ideas that you already have, etc.
Once our team has gone through these, we will sit with your project members and discuss different ideas that we have come up with. We will move forward only when everything is locked and agreed on. The more you communicate with us, the more clarity our team has.