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Make your startup recognized by the leading YouTube crypto influencers. Get traffic and raise brand recognition using influence marketing with FINPR

How To Start Work With YouTube Crypto Influencers

You choose YouTube influencers from our list with whom you want to run the promotion
You send us prepayment and key points about what influencers should focus on in their reviews, integrations, etc
We send you private links on draft videos to get your feedback
Once we get from you the green light, videos are published

What Does YouTube Crypto Influencers Marketing Give?

Improvement of Google search results, when at the top of the search results page appears positive reviews of your product/startup
Brand recognition for standing out from the other market participants
Search results
Influencers can attract a targeted audience to your website and bring subscribers and/or people motivated to perform targeted by you actions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What crypto is YouTube influence marketing?
Crypto influence marketing is when you identify crypto influencers or individuals with marketing channels with your targeted audience, and you buy ads to reach that target audience.

In the crypto market, the most effective channel of influence marketing is YouTube (followed by Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram).

So blockchain YouTube influencer marketing is when you make different types of ads published on YouTube channels of crypto influencers.
Is it guaranteed service? Can influencers refuse to promote our project?
The more popular the influencer is, the more complex it is to advertise on his YouTube channel. That's why in most cases, we tend to offer the clients not the most popular (and sometimes over-priced) influencers but more focused on Tier-2 and Tier-3 key opinion leaders (KOLs). Such influencers can help you increase brand awareness recognition and Google search results by your project brand.

These groups of KOLs are more agreeable, and the refusal rate is not more than 10%. If the case of refusal - we'll offer you alternatives.
What countries and regions do you cover?
We primarily focus on English-language influencers. Besides, we support Russia, China, Turkey, Arab, and other key opinion leaders.
What formats of crypto ads on YouTube do you offer?
There are there key formats of promotions possible to make with crypto influencers in YouTube:

  1. Review video when all the footage dedicates to your startup, product, or announcement. It's the most common format of ad for Tier-3 influencers.
  2. 1-2 minutes integration when key opinion leader, for example, record market news video, and at the beginning, middle, or end (the worst option) make ad integration about your project. Some influencers could be 2-3 minutes; others will try to sell you even 30 seconds promotion.
  3. Interview with the client's CEO or one of the key team members. Usually, such an ad format is done when the influencer is not eager to promote the client's project heavily but ok to give airtime to allow the client to promote himself to the channel audience.
FINPR focuses on making review videos for its clients.
Why should I work with you and not just go directly to influencers?
We help you to save time by communicating with all influencers you'll select, which is especially valuable when you're ordering 30-50 reviews at once.

Also, FINPR works only with already checked influencers whom we know so that you're safe from different types of scams and frauds since there are 1,000+ crypto influencers on YouTube, and not all of them are good guys.
Where can I see the list of YouTube influencers you work with?
Contact us via this form, email or type in Telegram: @finpr_agency and ask for the details regarding YouTube Influencers.

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