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IEO Marketing Agency

Wether you’re looking to launch Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in the upcoming months, or you’re crypto exchange, who’s looking to supporting startups, listing on your IEO platform — FINPR ready to promote and make a buzz around your brand!

About Our IEO Agency

FINPR is a Dubai-based blockchain marketing agency, that for the past years helped with promotion of dozens IEOs on such exchanges like OKX, Gate.IO, Ascendex, MXC, etc. More often we work with startups directly to promote their IEO. Sometimes, we’re helped cryptocurrency exchanges with marketing of token sales, organized on their platform.
Typically, IEO projects are looking for blockchain PR, crypto influencer marketing services, as well as crypto shilling, content marketing services and at last but not least, marketing strategy creation.

IEO Marketing Services

Web3 PR

One of the most reliable ways to disseminate your IEO news is through a well-executed press release and article campaign. At FINPR Agency, we not only excel in this area, but it also constitutes our core strength. You can harness the potential of your IEO's PR in two ways

First, our world class team will create the perfect piece for your token launch. It can be a press release(s), sponsored article(s), organic article(s) or a combination of all. Each carrying its own benefits and unique outlook, all of our written pieces are geared towards attracting the maximum number of potential users and investors.

Second, you have a wide selection of media outlets to choose from. By utilizing a combination of crypto-specific and mainstream news platforms, FINPR Agency can ensure that your upcoming token offering reaches hundreds of thousands of readers. We have established partnerships with the most reputable outlets, adding authenticity to your project.

Break down the language barrier with FINPR Agency's outreach in 16 different languages. Our competitive pricing and modular approach allow you to choose the outlets that best suit your needs. Instead of adjusting your budget to fit packages, you can find the media options that align with your budget.

Crypto Influencer Marketing

If you are not leveraging influencers, you are missing out on a lot for your IEO. Crypto influencers provide the most direct connection to potential users. With their substantial fan base, these individuals serve as your front-line advocates in the industry.

With our extensive and robust team of prominent crypto influencers available on different platforms (Twitter, X, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.), FINPR Agency has the capability to promote your upcoming IEO to millions of individuals worldwide. Our meticulously chosen team of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are highly regarded in their respective domains. Each possesses a good track record in promoting cryptocurrency projects.

The most advantageous aspect is that you retain full control. You have the authority to choose KOLs and pinpoint the particular aspects of the IEO or project you wish to highlight. After you give your approval to the drafts, our crypto influencers craft their videos and publish them for their followers to view.

Ignite unparalleled excitement across all social media platforms with crypto influencers, ensuring a triumphant IEO today!

Crypto Shilling

In an unconventional industry like crypto, unconventional marketing strategies yield remarkable results. Crypto shilling stands as one of the most effective methods to propel your IEO forward. FINPR Agency can orchestrate multiple social media accounts endorsing your IEO, generating a surge of excitement. As these accounts incorporate mentions of your IEO into their messages and posts, the level of anticipation escalates.

Unlike other services that engage in dubious crypto shilling practices, FINPR Agency prioritizes ethical and regulatory compliance in all its endeavors. In contrast to mainstream influencers who have faced allegations and even legal actions for accepting compensation to unjustly endorse tokens and projects, our activities remain aboveboard and secure.

The FINPR shilling team can craft careful messages that we can insert in conversations, replies to posts and other methods to steer the conversation towards your IEO. With our ethical methodology that includes disclaimers such as DYOR (Do Your Own Research), no guarantees on returns and providing no misleading information, your IEO is safe from any negative fallout.

Optimize your crypto shilling strategy by utilizing FINPR Agency's shilling plans, which allow you to determine the number of positive comments you desire each day. Additionally, you have the flexibility to specify the platforms and social media channels where you would like us to promote your IEO on your behalf.

Crypto Banner Ads

Passive yet effective, banner ads serve as an economical approach to promote your IEO across major platforms and media outlets. Similar to their traditional physical counterparts, crypto banner ads can be strategically placed on various websites and platforms, attracting the attention of visitors. Thoughtfully crafted wording that generates excitement can entice viewers to explore your project's website directly, providing them with direct insights into your IEO.

FINPR can assist you in placing your banner ads on top crypto and mainstream outlets. With a greater number of higher quality and high-traffic websites compared to our competitors, FINPR's banner ad service offers substantial value for your investment!

FINPR Agency offers two crypto banner ad models, designed to cater to your diverse requirements. You can opt for the flat rate model, where banners are displayed for a predetermined duration, or the CPM model, which charges a specific price for every 1,000 views.

Of course, the FINPR Agency crypto banner ads service provides you with the choice of either utilizing our in-house team of creative experts to design the banner, or you can send us your own design if you prefer to have more control over the campaign's visual elements.

Our crypto banner ads service includes comprehensive reporting as a standard feature. This reporting provides you with essential metrics such as banner impressions, clicks, click-through rates (CTR), and other relevant statistics directly from the banner websites.

Community Management

Having communities with fan followings is one of the basics of any crypto project’s success. If you are gearing up for your IEO, it is about time you build your community. How important is a community? If you don’t have one, you miss out on potential clients and users. No future users mean no investors when you launch - it is THAT important.

The success of any crypto project, particularly when preparing for an IEO, hinges on constructing a robust and engaged community. Such a community lays the groundwork for support, credibility, and interest in your project.

However, overseeing a community or multiple communities presents its challenges. This is where FINPR Agency comes into play. We offer a solution that can transform the situation. Our expertise lies in aiding you to construct, sustain, and expand your communities. With our seasoned and well-trained community managers, you can alleviate concerns about handling potential users, allowing you to focus on gearing up for your IEO.

Whether it's on platforms like Telegram, Discord, or both, FINPR provides a versatile approach to community management. From disseminating announcements and engaging with potential investors to generating excitement and addressing inquiries, we harness the potential of community management to empower these endeavors.

Take advantage of our human and bot community managers that can help reduce response times, kick out the spammers and keep your community happy.

IEO Marketing Strategy

Not sure how to go about your overall marketing? FINPR Agency excels at creating marketing strategies. Our comprehensive analysis of your project, competitors, and the market landscape empowers us to formulate tactics and prioritize marketing channels.

FINPR Agency will collaborate with you to review all your documentation, delve into your vision and mission, and envision the project's future. Through this process, we'll identify essential components that contribute to constructing a strong brand identity.

Equipped with this information, we will conduct SWOT and other analyses to craft a tailored strategy. This marketing plan will not only enhance your project but also generate optimal momentum for your IEO, ensuring a highly successful launch.

Choose our Lite package for analysis or opt for the Full package, which encompasses a comprehensive range of marketing services including social media marketing, community management, influencer marketing, PR strategy, and much more!


Popular crypto exchange and IEO platform. FINPR regulalry help AscendEx with PR promotion of new coins, listed on their IEO exchange.
Crypto exchange from Top-40, according to CoinMarketCap. Probit also provide serivces of IEO and secondary listing and FINPR from time to time help with promotion of IEOs on these platform.
HollaEx is crypto exchange from Singapoure. They provide listing services, but previously they held IEO for themself and FINPR helped with it's promotion.

Check What Our Clients Say!

  • David Cullinan
    CMO of EQIFI
    UK 🇬🇧
    FINPR supported us with publications within a project. The communication and processing was very professional and smooth. We would be happy to work with them again!
  • Diksha Sharma
    Head of Comms at
    Hong Kong 🇭🇰
    We worked with FINPR for a project and had an amazing experience. Their execution speed was fantastic and helped us get the desired results at the right time. Really recommend them for fast, reliable PR services to take your project to the moon.
  • Deepansh Singh
    COO Polkadex
    India 🇮🇳
    FINPR agency is our "Go-To" agency when it comes down to time-critical announcements, pushing articles to various PR outlets, etc. We have been working with them from the very start of Polkadex. The most remarkable part is you will end up choosing their suggested / recommended services which will turn out to be the best one for you!
What is IEO marketing?
IEO marketing practically is a set of promotional activities aimed to help with crypto/Web3 fundraising via Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on one or several cryptocurrency exchanges, held simultaneously or one by one.
How mush does IEO marketing cost?
Usually, IEO marketing campaign should be started 3-5 months before the token sale and could include:

  • PR publications in top crypto, tech media;
  • Influencer marketing: Ads in the format of positive reviews with call to action to participate in token sale done by popular YouTube, Twitter, etc. blockchain influencers;
  • Crypto advertising, which can include crypto banner ads, etc.;
  • Crypto shilling on popular social media platforms, blockchain forums, with huger presence of crypto community;
  • Airdrop, giveaways, and bounty campaigns conducting.

All these will help you with constant community building, which will be ready to invest in you, once you’ll launch an IEO.

Typically, all of these activities above take at least $5,000 per month. So if you’re looking for 4 month promotion, it’s at least $20,000.

The costs don’t include other important things in IEO development like whitepaper creation, community management costs, etc.

In crypto industry in some cases, blockchain projects, who’s looking for IOE, also include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in their digital marketing campaigns. We usually don’t recommend using SEO in marketing efforts, because SEO results comes slow, and probably already after IEO.
What’s most common mistake in regards to promotion of IEO?
The most common miscalculation of IEO projects is when they pay high amount for IEO listing to one or several exchanges and think “That’s it, I can relax now!”. They think, that exchange will do everything for them, will take care of crypto marketing, including promotion to their community, etc.

The truth is that it’s not enough. You should create some buzz, media presence about your project, so that when exchange’s community see you, start googling you, they will find some positive content about your IEO launch. Otherwise, there is a huge risk of fundraising fail and that costs on IEO listing will not be covered.
What is the difference between IEO, ICO, IDO and STO?
Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) means token sale made on a crypto exchange like Binance, OKX, Huobi, and other exchange platforms.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) mean token sale is done on your projects’ landing page, including payments acquiring, etc. In 2017-2018 ICOs were the most popular form of token sale, but now IEOs and IDOs are more popular.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is almost the same as IEO, except that token sale is held on decentralize exchange.

Security Token Offering (STO) means token sale done in accordance to securities rules of specific country or region (some times it include more strict KYC rules as well). STO projects try to legalize token sales as much as it possible.