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AI PR Agency

We help Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies with media coverage in top business and tech media on a guaranteed basis.

AI PR Expertise

The AI market is one of the fastest growing in the tech industry, especially after the ChatGPT release. That’s why, if you have an AI product, it’s so important to stand out from the others. Public relations (PR) is one of the tools to do it!

Since 2017 FINPR worked with companies from the most innovative fast growing industries like Web3, NFT and AI. Specifically, we helped with PR 10+ AI companies and products, as well as generative AI creators, making FINPR one of the leading AI PR agencies.

Our AI PR services are to make you publications in top tech and business on a guaranteed basis. It means that you get organic coverage and publications in online media outlets (like Forbes, TechCrunch, TechTimes, etc.) that you’ll choose on your own!

AI PR Services

AI PR Services

Media Placements

We have the list of 400+ media tech, web3, business, finance and news media outlets where we are ready to make media placements for you. Contact us to see the full list and have the opportunity to decide on your own which outlets you’d like to write reviews about your AI product, cover your recent announcement or make an interview with you.

Press Release Distribution

Besides traditional business media, there are a bunch of tech-related media ready to publish a press-release about your recent AI company developments. Reach out to a maximum number of AI enthusiasts, geeks and other target audience by publishing releases in top IT media. Reach out to us to get quotations!

Thoughtful Leadership

Looking to promote not only your AI product but your CEO or executive team as well? We can do it! We can integrate your comments in AI-related articles, plus make interviews with your founders or C-level team members to position them as thought leaders in the AI, startup and tech industries overall.

Content Creation

No matter what is needed - to create a simple press-release, generate engaging content for your social media management (SMM) or write SEO optimised content to your blog post to grow organic traffic - FINPR can handle any or all of these. We have large pool of English-language native copywriters ready to prepare content to promote your AI.


If you come to Artificial Intelligence marketing at least for years and want to develop your AI product by attracting potential users, Search Engine Optimization is one of the tools to reach this goal. We have a number of SEO packages tailored to different SEO targets and budgets - from on-site and backlinks audit to link building, technical on-site SEO optimization, keywords research and so on.

Benefits of PR for AI Companies

Increase Brand Awareness
Building brand awareness is crucial for AI companies. FINPR helps position your AI company as an industry leader through media placements in popular IT, news and business media.
Improve Reputation
Reputation helps you to stand out among competitors. Even with a relatively small PR budget you will be able to make a “Press about us” section on your website home page and it will positively influence your brand in the eyes of your site visitors.
Enhance Google Search Results
It’s hard to pretend that you have a successful and famous AI product or company if in Google search results by your brand there are only your website and social media pages. We help to fix it, and media publications done by FINPR are well googled.
Grow Organic Traffic
In 95% cases we can place the link to your website in media outlet publication, so it can give you some traffic and SEO value to your site. FINPR also provides AI SEO services, helping startups optimise their site, generate content and grow organic traffic.

Our Clients Have Been Featured In

Yahoo! news
Analytics Isight

FINPR AI Clients

NeurochainAI infrastructure is revolutionising the way AI empowers businesses and communities. The company also launched NeuroGPT, a large language model with 90% GPT-3 performance.
DOJO positions itself as the ultimate marketplace for all things artificial intelligence, powered by innovative technology and revolutionary Web3 language automation models.
AI Solution for safely investing and managing your DeFi portfolio. FlourishingAI aims at becoming the leading AI tools provider in decentralised finance and fintech industries.
The company promotes itself as AI powered DeFi. SingularityDAO research team is made up of world class AI scientists, data engineers and quant strategists to develop AI based trading signals.
AI based conversational platform. JAICP is a full-stack environment for building chat and voice-based projects of any complexity: virtual assistants, voice skills, AI-powered calls and bots - thanks to AI and machine learning.
Made the integration of AI-scoring technology with its SingSing app, allowing automatic scoring of singer performances.


What is PR for AI companies?
Publish Relations (PR) for AI companies refers to the strategic communication efforts aimed at establishing and maintaining a positive publish view of these companies. There is no big difference between AI PR or startup tech PR, except that with Artificial Intelligence the focus is shifted to outreach and making PR campaigns of those media or journalists who cover the AI topic.

PR for AI companies involves making publications in media outlets, organising influencer marketing and online events, creating thought leadership content, and managing social media presence (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to effectively reach and engage target audiences.

Since the AI market is relatively young, the AI PR industry is also at the very beginning of its development and there are not so many public relations agencies who have experience promoting AI.
What makes FINPR differ from other AI PR agencies?
Unlike other Tech PR or AI PR agencies we don’t charge monthly retainer, because we work on a Pay-as-you-go model.

Besides, while classical PR agencies charge for the process of pitching journalists, we do charge for the results - with us each publication in media, depending on the article format, has its price and you pick certain media placement that you want.

Our marketing agency, FINPR, is a team of PR professionals, ready to push and promote your AI startup becoming the next ChatGPT!
How to start working with FINPR?
Write to us and we’ll send you the list of PR packages as well as on-demand options - full list of media, where we can do publications for you.