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ICO Marketing Agency

Ready to launch your token through Initial Coin Offering? FINPR Agency can help your project achieve its target through professional marketing. Get in touch today to enjoy the best ICO marketing services that you and your project deserve!

About Our ICO Marketing Agency

Dubai-based FINPR Agency has been assisting blockchain projects to take off by creating a well-planned ICO marketing services. Our plethora of different marketing channels and strategies can help ICOs achieve its initial sales targets. Using well-timed press releases, organic articles, and other means, your coin launch is in safe hands!
An ICO is the most common method for any new asset launch in crypto market. However, a lot of work goes behind it. From market surveys to planning and timely execution. In the midst of all this, a proper hype and trust needs to be developed for early investors to jump in. Using more than 300+ media outlets, FINPR digital marketing company can publish your ICO and project news to do just that!
Press releases and articles are only a part of your ICO marketing. Fan following and loyalty comes through other means such as influencer marketing, social media, KOLs, and other means. Use the vast ICO marketing options at FINPR Agency to attract potential users and build a brand following like none other.

ICO Marketing Services


Public relations is paramount for any crypto project, especially during the ICO phase. Building trust and creating branding that resonates with future investors and users is a tact most fail to understand. The most effective and time-tested method is to publish official news and press releases on reputable media outlets.
Our ICO marketing company is composed of not simple employees, but crypto afiandos. Each one is a crypto enthusiast who understands the ins and outs of the digital assets. This and the years of marketing experience means they have the unique combination to compose the perfect press release, featured, and organic articles that connect with your future clients. Once each piece is crafted, your team can scrutinize it to make any necessary changes. Leave the rest to us as we get your words published online to pre-agreed outlets.
FINPR Agency offers over 300 outlets for you to choose from. Unlike other ICO PR services that have pre-made packages, we offer the ability to simply select the ones that you want your press release or article published on. This flexibility means you can maximize the ICO marketing output against your set budget. Our carefully curated list of media outlets also includes crypto-specific platforms for the hardcore crypto fans to the largest and most influential mainstream ones, allowing you to capture even the most elusive of your potential users.
FINPR Agency also gives you the option to jump language gaps. We offer localization of your press releases and articles in more than 16 different languages. Don’t let the language barrier come in your way. Let your ICO’s news be heard across regions and languages you don’t even speak.

ICO Influencer Marketing

A disruptive industry requires a disruptive marketing strategy. This is where influencer marketing can do wonders for your ICO. Social media influencers, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and reputable bloggers can promote your ICO on their respective platforms.
We do understand that with so many platforms, websites, and social media outlets, it can be overwhelming to decide which will work best for your ICO. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry. FINPR Agency has active influencers on all major channels. We can help you find the best channels for promoting your ICO, followed by our recommended list of influencers to select from.
Our wordsmiths and the influencers will create the perfect draft. Each piece is specifically designed to be in alignment with your ICO and project direction, while still having the appeal of the influencer’s followers. Once you give the go-ahead, the influencers will create videos and publish them for their (and eventually yours!) followers.
This way, you can directly have your voice heard by people who are most likely to be interested in your ICO. Don’t let your voice get drowned - use our influencers to stand out from the crowd!

ICO Shilling

Don’t be wary of shilling. This marketing channel lets you get down to the grassroots, where the biggest prize lies! FINPR Agency can shill your ICO news through different social media accounts. Our carefully crafted messages and posts will talk about your ICO, what your project brings, and why the token launch is the perfect time to buy.
Our team of shillers will strategically insert your project and ICO mentions in different crypto conversations. This can be both steering conversation towards your ICO or guiding people wanting to look for the next gems.
FINPR Agency shilling methodology differs from the rest so you don’t have to worry about any repercussions. Our team makes sure each message is clear about the standard boilerplate DYOR (Do Your Own Research), the volatility of crypto, and other disclaimers. This makes sure your ICO is not affected by any negativity.
Another advantage of using FINPR Agency’s ICO shilling services is the different flexible plans on offer. Choose the platforms you want our team to promote your ICO and determine how many comments or suggestions should be done per week.
ICO and crypto shilling doesn’t get easier than this!

Community Management

In cryptos, communities are the foundation of any user base. Healthy communities can go a long way. This means you need to develop one even before you launch your ICO.
While building a community means attracting future users, it goes much deeper than that. A good community management not only means happy fans and followers, but the more satisfied they are, the more likely it is that they will spread the word about your project and the upcoming ICO. In short, your community can become your army!
True, handling online communities can be a challenge. Juggling multiple requests while making sure all conversations say positive things about your ICO can be tedious. Luckily, for FINPR Agency, it is just another day. Our ICO community managers are seasoned professionals who can aid you in building communities from scratch and handle all user queries - all at the same time steering conversations and discussions in the right direction.
FINPR Agency offers community management services for Telegram and Discord. With a combination of human interaction and bots, our ICO community management services are world-class!

ICO Banner Ads

Banner ads are another effective means of marketing your upcoming ICO. Mixing words and graphics, your ICO banner can stand out on different websites, grabbing the attention of their visitors. Our wordsmiths and banner designers can take your branding colors and tone to build several banners that are customized for each website we offer.
FINPR Agency prides itself on the platforms we use. While our competitors may offer a larger array of websites for banner ads, we prefer the number of visitors per site to the quantity of websites on offer. This way we can ensure more value for your money.
Another FINPR Agency advantage you will have is our dual ICO banner plan. You can either go for the standard CPM, where you are charged for every 1,000 ICO banner views. Alternatively, you can opt for a flat payment model, where your ICO banners will be put up for a predetermined period of time, regardless of clicks.
Each ICO banner campaign will come with a standard report that will contain in-depth information like impressions, CTRs (Click Through Rates), and other statistics so you know you are getting your money’s worth.

ICO Marketing Strategy

Feeling overwhelmed with the different marketing channels and strategies? Not sure which is the best way to market your ICO?
Just talk to us. In the ICO marketing business science 2017, FINPR Agency has experienced it all. Our marketing professionals know what channel or strategy works best. Our team will sit down with you and go over your mission, vision, and what your project will be bringing to the world.
We will also look at your competitors, both existing ones and those who have left the crypto arena. Using SWOT, we will determine what they failed to do and what worked for them. This will allow us to understand what is the best ICO marketing strategy for your project.
With a bespoke marketing strategy, FINPR Agency will have the most tuned-up methods to enhance your ICO visibility and attract the right investors, both whales, and retail. Our marketing strategies will also help develop a brand recognition and hype that will propel your ICO sales speed to the highest.
Working on a budget or not sure how much to invest for the best returns? We have got you covered! FINPR Agency offers different levels of ICO marketing strategy services. You can opt for the most basic one (Lite) that only analyzes the market and competitors, or go for the full-blown package where we will take over all of your marketing activities so you can concentrate on building your project and ICO.