Telegram & Discord Crypto Community Management

A happy community is the key to success. With FINPR Agency, you can have us not only moderate your Telegram and Discord community but engage users, answer their queries and let them know what you are up to.

About Crypto Community Management Services

Dubai-based crypto marketing agency FINPR has been in the cryptocurrency space since 2017 with a global client base. Our team has helped promote 500+ projects ranging from blockchain projects, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and other fintech startups. Offering holistic blockchain promotional services, FINPR helps you reach out to your users to engage them, and let them know about your project updates.
FINPR covers both Telegram and Discord communities so you can maximize your social presence. Let people connect, and share their enthusiasm and excitement about your project, all in one place. Select to run Telegram and Discord individually, or together with our market competitive packages. Don’t have communities running yet? We will even help you set up and grow your communities!
Sentiments and numbers go hand in hand. With FINPR Community Management, you will not only gain loyalty, but we will also provide metrics and reports to show growth and progress. Pair your community management with our integrated services such as PR distribution, influencers, Twitter marketing, listings, and others to maximize engagements across different media channels.
Have our team of expert moderators engage with your Telegram community at the time of your choice (8 hours per day or 24/7). No matter which plans you select, you get:

Telegram Community Management

Weekly FAQ Sheet
To help moderators cater to queries by your community, we will work with you to create a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). The moderators will refer to it for effective and prompt answers posed by your community. The sheet will also be updated weekly to ensure we are on top of things.
Announcement Creation
FINPR will craft the perfect announcements to keep your community aware. If you have a dedicated announcement channel, we can push messages there. If you are simply using a simple chatroom, we can also post it there with the perfect timing.
Frequent Community Engagements
Let our moderators talk with the community to keep it active and healthy. From answering queries to creating polls and other activities, we can keep your community happy and satisfied.
Moderation At Its Best
Using a combination of real human moderators and bots, we can help identify inappropriate messages, ban abusive members and divert discussions towards positivity.
Low Response Time
Using our Telegram Bot for moderation, we can track community activity and even detect spam bots and take appropriate actions within time. Our standard response time is less than 10 minutes!
Growth Advisory
Apart from supporting your project through different campaigns you have planned, FINPR also offers suggestions and strategies that can attract more users and still remain aligned with your objectives (for example, crypto shilling on forums, same-topic online communities and Telegram groups, conducting AMAs to get interested and engaged community, SEO, offline meetups, ads on social media channels (Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and other digital marketing tools).
Weekly and Monthly Reports
Let us use the power of numbers to provide regular metrics to show you how your community has grown. From active members, messages sent, engagement, and much more.
With our round-the-clock Discord Community Management program, you can be at ease knowing that your community is in good hands.

Discord Community Management

  • Custom Bots:
    We create custom bots for your community that make your users feel welcomed. From greetings to verifications to AI-based chat support, we can do just about anything for you.
  • 24/7 Human Moderators:
    While most repetitive tasks are automated through Discord bots, your community will also be manned with our very human moderators - 4 moderators and 1 tech support.
  • Below 10 Minutes Response Time:
    With 24/7 moderators manning your Discord servers, our moderators require no more than 10 minutes to answer any user queries.
  • Synchronized Announcements:
    Pairing our Telegram and Twitter services with Discord? All announcements will be synchronized across the different social media.
  • Full Server Boost:
    Our services include Discord server upgrades to give your users a complete and holistic experience through premium perks and benefits.
  • FAQ Updates:
    With new questions arising from users, we will do weekly updates to your FAQs to include the most common questions and answers.
  • Weekly and Monthly Reports:
    All Discord server monitoring will be converted into analytical numbers once a week for you to review and compare growth.

How To Start With Crypto Community Management?

Contact us and give us the complete details of your requirements, including if you want only Telegram, Discord, or both.
We will share the pricing plans for all crypto community management and you can select your desired package.
Share all your public documentation (website, whitepaper, pitch deck, etc. Our moderators will build FAQs and strategies for these.
We will share the FAQs and community strategies with you so you can discuss and fine-tune them with our team.
Once approved, we start building and managing your Telegram and Discord communities!

Frequently Asked Questions