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Telegram & Discord Crypto Community Management

An active community is the key to success. With FINPR assistance, you can not only moderate your Telegram and Discord channels but also engage users, answer their queries, and let them know what you are up to.

About Our Agency

FINPR, a Dubai-based crypto marketing agency, has been in the cryptocurrency space since 2017 with a global client base. Our team has helped promote 600+ projects ranging from blockchain projects to DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and other fintech start-ups. Offering holistic blockchain promotional services, FINPR helps you reach out to your users to engage them and let them know about your project updates.
FINPR covers both Telegram and Discord communities, so you can maximize your social presence. Let people connect and share their enthusiasm and excitement about your project, all in one place. Run Telegram and Discord individually or together with our market-competitive packages. If you don’t have communities running yet, we will even help you set up and grow them!
Sentiments and numbers go hand in hand. With FINPR, you will not only gain loyalty, but we will also provide metrics and reports to show growth and progress. Pair your community management with our integrated services, such as PR distribution, influencer marketing, crypto social media marketing solutions, listings, and others, to maximize engagements across different media channels.

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Telegram Crypto Community Management

Have our team of expert moderators engage with your Telegram audience for the interval needed - 8 hours per day or 24/7. No matter which plan you select, you’ll get:
Weekly FAQ Sheet
To help moderators cater to queries from your community, we will work with you to create a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). The managers will refer to it for effective and prompt answers posed by your community. The sheet will also be updated weekly to ensure we are on top of things.
Announcement Creation
FINPR will craft the perfect announcements to keep your community aware. If you have a dedicated announcement channel, we can push messages there. If you are using a simple chatroom, we can also post it there with the perfect timing.
Frequent Engagements
Let our team talk with the community to keep it active and healthy. From answering queries to creating polls and other activities, we can keep your audience happy and satisfied.
Moderation At Its Best
Using a combination of real human managers and bots, we can help identify inappropriate messages, ban abusive members, and divert discussions towards positivity.
Low Response Time
Using our bots for moderation, we can track users’ activity, detect spambots and take appropriate actions within time. Our standard response time is less than 10 minutes!
Growth Advisory
Apart from supporting your project through different campaigns you have planned, FINPR also offers suggestions and strategies that can attract more users and still remain aligned with your objectives (for example, crypto shilling on forums, same-topic online communities, and TG groups, conducting AMAs to get an interested and engaged audience, SEO, offline meetups, ads on social media channels (TG, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and other digital marketing tools).
Weekly and Monthly Reports
Let us use the power of numbers to provide regular metrics to show you how your audience has grown. From active members, messages sent, engagement, and much more.

Discord Crypto Community Management

With our round-the-clock Discord Crypto Community Management plan, you can be at ease knowing that your users are in good hands.
  • Custom Bots:
    We create custom bots that make your users feel welcome. From greetings to verifications to AI-based chat support, we can do just about anything for you.
  • 24/7 Coverage:
    While most repetitive tasks are automated through bots, your audience will also be manned by our very human managers: 4 moderators and 1 tech support.
  • Below 10 Minutes Response Time:
    With 24/7 coverage of your servers, our team requires no more than 10 minutes to answer any user queries.
  • Synchronized Announcements:
    Client posts in one social network can be published in others. All announcements will be synchronized by our managers across the different social media.
  • Full Server Boost:
    Our services include server upgrades to give your users a complete and holistic experience through premium perks and benefits.
  • FAQ Updates:
    With new questions arising from users, we will do weekly updates to your FAQs to include the most common questions and answers.
  • Weekly and Monthly Reports:
    All VoIP social platform server monitoring will be converted into analytical numbers once a week for you to review and compare growth.

Book a Consultation to Learn More About Our Crypto Community Management Services

Discover how you can elevate your project's presence in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency through specialized services. FINPR offers expertise in engaging and expanding your audience, fostering meaningful interactions, and building a loyal community around your brand. Learn more about how our solutions can achieve your objectives in the cryptocurrency space.

How to Start Work With Us?

Contact Us
We will discuss your requirements, including the social media needed for moderation of the community.
Explore Pricing Plans
We will share the pricing plans for all Web3 users’ management, and you can select your desired package.
Provide Public Documentation for Customized Strategies
Share all your public documentation (website, white paper, pitch deck, etc.). Our team will build FAQs and strategies for these.
Review & Refine
We will share the FAQs and community strategies with you so you can discuss and fine-tune them with our team.
Launch & Manage
Once approved, we start building and managing your community!

Latest Case Studies

Blockchain transaction security

We managed to show Lossless and its greatest and useful products and features to the world. All of which was warmly accepted.

  • 1st campaign with FINPR had 3500+ views and 100+ clicks
  • 2nd earned 5000+ unique views on AMB Crypto
  • The interview with the project's CEO has garnered 8000+ views, while the YouTube reviews of the Lossless project have amassed around 100,000 views.
Open-source public blockchain

We managed to raise brand awareness and trust in the project, further boosting Klaytn's reputation in the blockchain space and helping to maintain an overall positive image for the company.

  • 1400+ unique views and 50+ clicks on Cointelegraph
  • 5000+ views on Crypto Daily
Crypto exchange

FINPR prepared a strategy that combines influence marketing and PR publications for user attraction (key client’s target) and brand awareness growth (strategic client’s target). Also, we’ve distributed press releases on the program launch to one of the most reputable business and crypto media.

  • Reached out to an audience of 23 influencers on YouTube, Instagram
  • 200,000+ views of the video reviews on YouTube, 400,000+ reach of stories on Instagram
  • 10+ media outlets were covered by the PR campaign (including, Yahoo, etc)
  • 300+ people have participated in the program because of our campaign within 1 week

Our Clients Feedback

  • S.M. Raza Hussain
    Marketing Lead, Medieval Empires
    UAE 🇦🇪
    Working with FINPR for our Press Release dissemination, media buying and influencer campaigns in MENA region has been a breeze. The team is quick, responsive and flexible to work with, which makes for a productive collaboration. Much recommended!
  • Vedran Vukman
    CEO of Revuto
    Estonia 🇪🇪
    We asked FINPR to cover our seed round for equity by pushing announcements toward the most popular crypto and non-crypto media. We were short on time but the agency was very responsive and managed to publish everything we agreed upon in just a few days.
  • Gianluca Sibilia
    Digital Marketing Specialist at Over the Reality
    Italy 🇮🇹
    Working with FINPR has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism and seamless communication made our project a success. We couldn't be happier with the results and would gladly collaborate with them again!
What is Web3 community management?
The digital world of today has led to consumers and users banding together to help and support each other. Crypto community management involves building and implementing strategies that can help attract users. Professional solutions by FINPR can help you not only engage but grow it to reach your targets (successful product launch, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), or attracting customers, investors, or potential partnerships.
Why is it better to have a cryptocurrency community for my project?
A lot of crypto users rely on direct and faster communications with their desired projects to know what is going on or to have their issues resolved. Communities also help users to meet like-minded people and interact to get others’ perspectives. As a crypto project team, a properly run community can help build trust with your users as you help them navigate any complexities and issues they may face.
Where is it better to engage with the audience?
Wherever it is and wherever you want it to be! Typical social media platforms used by crypto enthusiasts include Telegram and Discord. Our professional social media management can help you build your communities in all three.
Do I need a professional Web3 management service?
We help you take the load off of you. Let FINPR help you professionally with our managers so that you and your team can have more time doing what you are good at: building your project, developing customer support, managing strategy, etc. With our vast range of management tools, we are the best at it!
How long do I need to engage FINPR for my management?
While building and handling communities is a lifelong process, there is no long term commitment required by us. You can engage FINPR for as little as a month and see the results for yourself. Should you wish to choose, we can continue the arrangement as long as you like.
What are the different metrics that you use to determine the growth and effectiveness of a cryptocurrency community?
We employ different statistics, such as the number of users, messages sent, queries raised and answered, reactions to announcements, and overall general sentiment. The metrics are updated weekly and monthly to reflect how much the user base has increased and how much they are interacting with our team and amongst themselves.
I already have a community running. Do I need to create a new one for you to work with?
Why build another one when there is already one running? We can go over the current state of your existing community and work from there to devise the best FAQs and best crypto space strategies to grow and attract new members.
If I want to use other FINPR services along with community management, will I need separate campaigns for each?
We can integrate all solutions so that not only are they synchronized, but all announcements and updates happen together for maximum user outreach. For example, achieving a milestone on your roadmap can be announced in your communities and in the news media as articles or press releases at the same time.
What are the common marketing strategy tips to grow the community?
Growing a community can be a challenging task, but there are a few strategies you can use to help increase your following. Here are some tips:

  1. Define your purpose and target audience: Before you start inviting people to marketing channels and groups, you should define the purpose of the community and who you are targeting. This will help you create content that appeals to your target audience and attracts people who are interested in your community's topic.
  2. Engage with your audience: Engage by responding to users’ messages, questions, and comments. This will help you build trust with your followers and establish a strong relationship with them.
  3. Share valuable content: Share valuable content related to your community's topic, such as news articles, analysis, and opinion pieces. This will help you establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry and attract new followers.
  4. Promote your group for community building: Promote your TG or Discord group on social media platforms and relevant forums to attract new members.
  5. Host events and giveaways: Host events, such as AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with industry experts and giveaways, to attract new members and reward your existing followers.
  6. Collaborate with other communities: Collaborate with other cryptocurrency communities to expand your reach and attract new members who may be interested in your community's topic.
  7. Provide value to your members: Finally, make sure to provide value to your members by offering exclusive content, early access to products, and other perks. This will help you retain your existing followers and attract new ones.
Should I hire community manager or agency?
It depends on your crypto company targets as well as budget. Here are some things to consider while making a decision:

  • Size of your audience. The bigger the number of members you have, the more time is needed to manage it, block spammers, etc. For example, if there are only 100-300 people in your group, then hiring one manager is enough. But if your community is larger and multinational (so there might be some discussions at night), then it is better to hire an agency.
  • Expertise. Since agencies (like FINPR) can have lots of clients for community management service, they might have more experience than the average community manager. Also, they might have the best tips for successful user base growth, including options with social media marketing to get new members from Facebook, TG, and other platforms.
  • Budget. If, in terms of moderation, you need to cover 24 hours 7 days per week, you need at least 3 people. If you want to hire them full-time, it might not be so cost-efficient since agencies can provide the same number of managers for a lower price.
What is the role of a cryptocurrency community management firm?
Such agencies help to build, nurture, and grow your active audience. They focus on building a vibrant and loyal user base around your project and provide marketing and support services tailored to your community's needs.
How can a Web3 community management company help my project?
It can help your project in various ways. They can assist with the creation of engaging content, manage your community moderators, provide ongoing support, and help with marketing and paid media to attract more users to your project. They also foster the community's growth and help surpass your project's goals.
Why is having a well-run community important?
A well-run community is important because it helps to enhance your project's reputation, increase user engagement, and attract new investors. It also creates a positive image for your project within the audience, leading to better partnerships and opportunities for growth.
What are the benefits of hiring a leading Web3 community management agency?
Hiring a leading agency has several benefits. They have the expertise and experience to effectively manage your audience and provide the best crypto marketing solutions. They can save you time and resources by taking care of community-related tasks, allowing you to focus on building and growing your project.
How can a cryptocurrency community management agency engage my community?
Such agencies can create and share interesting and relevant content, host competitions and events, organize AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, and facilitate discussions and interactions among members. These activities help to keep the audience engaged and foster a sense of belonging.

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