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Crypto Web Design Agency

Launching a new Web3 product and need a website? FINPR offers website development and web design services

About Our Website Design Services

Have you noticed that Web3 design is much different from what you can see in traditional business and even when you see sites of FinTech, MarTech, SaaS and other IT startups? You've noticed right. Blockchain brands usually have pretty mush in common and they don't follow design trends from traditional sites.

That's why working with crypto design agency who made website for other blockchain projects is a way to go. FINPR have made sites for 10+ cryptocurrency startups or products, including Neironix, Web-Jobs, CellFrame, Lukky, EnzoPR, etc.

Besides crypto current website design services FINPR also helps with influencer marketing, public relations, SEO, crypto shilling services, etc. Since 2017 our Dubai-based firm helped with marketing 350+ Web 3.0 companies.

Web Design Creation Plans

  • 1
    Landing Page
    • Result: You'll get a 1-page site with up to 15 blocks on it.
    • Stack: Wordpress, Webflow or Tilda.
  • 2
    Multi-Page Site
    • Result: Multi-page website with up to 20 pages. Marketing structure for selling a group of services/goods, informational materials.
    • Stack: Wordpress, Webflow, Tilda, React or Bubble.
  • 3
    Special Projects
    • Result: Online stores, applications, etc.
    • Stack: Bubble, React, React native, Typescript, Electron, Node js, Redux, Mobx, Codepush.


Lukky - Bull is Running Let’s run with him
Mikhail Uspenskiy Expert legal assistance in the field of digital currencies
ENZO Public Relations
CellFrame Service oriented blockchain platform
Neironix -Mobile application for investing
Lukky - Smart solutions for crypto entities Get your unique marketing plan, designed especially for your project
Mikhail Uspenskiy has over 18 years of legal experience, and has been actively involved in the crypto industry for the recent 6 years. He has started his career in
PR publications in top media for startups and growing businesses: Blockchain & Fintech Startups
Build and manage quantum-safe blockchain solutions with the Cellframe SDK
The Neironix mobile application is a continuation of the Neironix blockchain project's strategy to minimize risks when investing in cryptocurrencies and provide objective, relevant and useful information to investors.
Learn more on their website
Learn more on their website
Learn more on their website
Learn more on their website
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How It Works


UX Design

  1. Working out the website marketing strategy
  2. Content collection and restructuring
  3. UX design of site functionality
  4. SEO analysis (page levels, cpu, cross-links)
  5. Development of interactive site prototype
  6. Approving the structure and functionality of site with client
Time need:
  • One-pager: 7 business days
  • Multi-pager Site: 21 business days
  1. Development and approval of up to 5 design concepts with client
  2. Design of key pages of the site according to the prototype and approved design concept
  3. Approval of the site design layout
  4. Development of UI-kit
Time need:
  • One-pager: 14 business days
  • Multi-pager Site: 24 business days
Website Layout
  1. Creation of Desktop version of the site
  2. Creation of adaptive version of the site (for mobile apps)
  3. Connection of CRM, analytics services, widgets, chats
  4. Domain connection, assistance in corporate mail setup
  5. Filling the site with primary content (services, articles, case studies)
Time need:
  • One-pager: 20 business days
  • Multi-pager Site: 30 business days
Launch & Testing
  1. Site performance testing
  2. UX usability testing
  3. Uploading the site to the domain, connection of SSL-certificate
  4. 1 month of free support after site transfer (8 hours of developer's work in total)
Time need:
  • One-pager, Multi-pager Site: 3 business days
What is crypto web design?
Its website design and site development done for crypto, Web3 companies. Overall visual identity, image and design of sites in crypto space is very specific, in comparison to Web2 startups and of course traditional business, that's why there are several dozens on cryptocurrency design creative studios and digital agencies (like FINPR team) who offers such services.
Which CMS system is the best?
Choosing right content management system (CMS) is an important question you have to deal with at the very beginning of site creation. Who will work with site, what are the site's purposes, how you want to get leads from your site — answers on all these questions effect on the CMS you choose.

FINPR offers site creation on the following CMSs (speaking of "Landing page" and "Multi-page Site" plans):

  1. WordPress. It's the most popular CMS in the world. If you want to build any type of website, from a blog to an eCommerce store, WordPress is a great option. There are 60,000+ different types of plugins for Wordpress and thousands of designs for any type of business.
  2. Webflow. They provide software as a service for website building and hosting. Their online visual editor platform allows users to design, build, and launch websites. According to W3Techs, Webflow is used by 0.7% of the top 10 million websites. If check startups, these percentage is much bigger.
  3. Tilda. It's a no-code website builder for creating all kinds of websites: online stores, landing pages, blogs, portfolios, membership websites, etc. According to stats from W3Techs, Tilda is used by 0.4% of the top 10 million websites, but again if check startups sites, the share could be larger.
It is on your site to decide what CMS works for you best. It doesn't effect price. Get in touch with us to get quotes.
How much time needed to get website done?
If you ordered both design development and site creation, the timing vary on the plan you have chosen.

If it was one-pager, then it took near 2 months (~44 business days). If multi-pages sites, then 3,5 months.

If it's special project (E-commerce, app, etc.) it's very hard to predict without knowing what you're looking for.
What if my company doesn’t meet the requirements for being in the Trending segment?
In this case we will discuss what are the possible options to promote your startup in any other way. FINPR offers various opportunities for any project to get visibility and credibility, so our team will suggest the best option that fits you.

FINPR Clients

What Our Clients Say

  • David Cullinan
    CMO of EQIFI
    UK 🇬🇧
    FINPR supported us with publications within a project. The communication and processing was very professional and smooth. We would be happy to work with them again!
  • Diksha Sharma
    Head of Comms at
    Hong Kong 🇭🇰
    We worked with FINPR for a project and had an amazing experience. Their execution speed was fantastic and helped us get the desired results at the right time. Really recommend them for fast, reliable PR services to take your project to the moon.
  • Deepansh Singh
    COO Polkadex
    India 🇮🇳
    FINPR agency is our "Go-To" agency when it comes down to time-critical announcements, pushing articles to various PR outlets, etc. We have been working with them from the very start of Polkadex. The most remarkable part is you will end up choosing their suggested / recommended services which will turn out to be the best one for you!