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STO Marketing Agency

Grow your company brand awareness and attract potential investors with the help of FINPR blockchain marketing solutions.

About Our Web3 Agency

Security Token Offerings (STO) are less popular among crypto/Web3 projects owners in comparison to ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Still, FINPR have a huge track record of marketing campaigns that were targeted to promote STO of many startups.
Typically, companies launching STOs are looking for growing brand awareness and attracting potential investors. FINPR have over 300+ business and cryptocurrency media outlets, like Forbes, Cointelegraph,, where we can do publications for you on a guaranteed basis. We also offer 500+ crypto influencers to work with to promote your brand.

STO Marketing Services

Crypto PR Services

Crypto PR involves creating and maintaining a start-up or project's brand image, increasing visibility, improving engagements, and setting the tone for future expansion. FINPR, by deploying dozens of Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube crypto influencers, will improve a project’s security token offering. And the aim is to increase visibility and engagement across social media channels substantially.

FINPR currently has the largest media lists in the industry and can guarantee media publication on top crypto news blogs such as CoinTelegraph, Bloomberg, CoinDesk, etc. Since 2017, the top crypto PR agency has made over 1500+ unique publications for 250+ web3, NFT, and crypto projects. Article could be done in different formats, like press release, interview, organic publication, etc. STO projects will benefit from the immense media sites affiliated with FINPR to improve the chances of their token offering reaching the target audience.

To guarantee a successful STO, FINPR considers expressly the asset that is being tokenized, the regulatory framework surrounding the project, the corporate structure, KYC/AML regulations, and the tokenization platform. The agency guides start-ups right from the preparation phase to the post-STO stage. Therefore, enabling them to achieve all predetermined goals.

Crypto Influencer Marketing

Crypto influencer marketing has become one of the most fundamental aspects of a project’s success. However, the influx of hundreds across tons of social media platforms has made it harder for emerging start-ups and project founders to choose from the best, hence the need for a reliable, reputable PR agency. As one such, FINPR understands the market, and armed with that information, the team employs the best influencers for all of your STO needs.

Influencers help to improve the engagement and visibility of your scheduled token offering. How? They create and post promotional yet informative content about your project or start-up to their thousands of followers. Therefore, subconsciously encouraging them to check and participate in the STO. Additionally, crypto influencers share valuable details in a fun and interactive manner, breaking down complex crypto and blockchain terms into simple, understandable words for the average user. This singular feature will guarantee that your STO launch reaches the specified target audience.

By integrating influencer marketing into STOs, FINPR will deliver exceptional promotion across platforms while enabling start-ups and projects to reach and exceed outlined goals.

Crypto Advertising

While there have been remarkable improvements in the crypto advertising industry, a few problems still linger. The complex nature of existing tools and the inability to get started oftentimes as a result of the absence of resources has impaired usage and accessibility. FINPR, over the years, has helped emerging and existing brands in the crypto and blockchain industries overcome these difficulties.

Albeit there is no guarantee that they can launch ad campaigns on all social media platforms and for all campaign kinds, they have stupendously mastered the art of creating adverts for start-ups and projects. They understand the sticking points and have assembled a team of experts committed to eliminating problems and delivering solutions. For potential STO launches, this top PR agency will leverage the team’s expertise to undertake successful social media, crypto banner, and search engine ads. Additionally, each ad is A/B tested and optimized to elicit the right reaction from prospective token buyers.

Custom-built and targeted ads are also a part of the FINPR STO marketing services. Projects will benefit from the long list of ads to be executed on multiple platforms and will appreciate the “Lookalike Audience” feature. It allows ads to reach groups of people that may show interest in your project but do not fit into the right demographics. The agency also curates a series of FAQs that offer timely information about crypto advertising as a marketing service for your upcoming STO. These questions have been tailored to meet your fundraising needs, and like the other services, provide you with a better path to meeting your target.

Community Management

A community is the foundation of a project’s success in the crypto industry. These communities comprise primarily like-minded individuals with an interest in the start-up and its deliverables. The absence of a community translates to no investors or clients, resulting in exponential failure.

The importance of these communities cannot be overemphasized. They are the bedrock for success, hence the need for efficient and well-tailored management. As a top reputable crypto PR agency, FINPR offers a variety of services for projects. For security token offerings, community management will help to build, nurture, and grow your project’s community on Discord and Telegram.

For a successful STO, FINPR offers Telegram community management services such as weekly FAQ sheet updates, assistance with Telegram communication, monthly community metrics statements, fast response time, and community growth advisory. The agency also provides Discord community management services some of which include a custom bot, 24/7 management, fast response time, weekly sheets, etc.

These services will benefit your STOs greatly by commingling like-minded people, sharing timely information, answering potential token holders’ questions, and encouraging more people to participate in the token offering round. Our community activities could also be synchronized with your social media marketing campaigns.

Marketing Strategy Creation Services

A solid marketing strategy is an underrated aspect of crypto promotion and visibility. The absence of this overly important concept results in avoidable waste of resources, manpower, and time. While the effect of this may be felt a little later for emerging crypto projects or start-ups, for STOs, it is felt immediately.

A well-detailed marketing strategy content will comprise essential items and ideas such as thorough market research conducted by a reputable team, regular review of incumbent communication channels, engagement, and aligning goals with the project’s vision. Unlike for projects where the aim is oftentimes vague, STO objectives are clear. Therefore meaning that an instant and thoroughly examined marketing strategy must be employed to achieve set goals.

FINPR blends advanced marketing strategies with traditional ones to achieve and exceed targets for STOs. They include PR ideas to enhance social media presence, community management strategies, design concepts, brand positioning, and a regular review of existing marketing campaigns. To get started, FINPR conducts a holistic analysis of the STO—the tokenization platform, the fundraising target, the project vision, and regulatory frameworks. Competitive market research to identify current trends ensues. In-depth interviews to gain more insight into the STO and well-tailored marketing strategies that are in harmony with the start-up’s goal and core mission follows subsequently.

Crypto Exchange Listing

Exchange listings are one of the many ways to promote a project. When listing on some of the top exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Poloniex, etc., these trading platforms tend to release official statements across channels. For an STO to succeed, there needs to be a certain level of hype and visibility. Hence the need for listings on the top crypto exchanges.

FINPR currently has 45+ selected exchange listings as well as many securities exchanges for all of your STO needs. Choosing this reputable agency will guarantee lower costs for STOs as the team has formed great relationships with top exchanges. Faster processing and handling compliance checks in a timely fashion is another key reason to choose FINPR. The agency will also guarantee easier approval for exchange listings and will foster a smooth transition.

Exchange listing after a successful STO phase can be quite tricky, this top agency handles all of that allowing the development team to focus on other pertinent aspects of the project. Additionally, the agency will enable start-up and project founders to understand the concept of listing on exchange as well as offer consultancy services on the best platform to list, the best time, and the right steps to take to ensure success.


  • David Cullinan
    CMO of EQIFI
    UK 🇬🇧
    FINPR supported us with publications within a project. The communication and processing was very professional and smooth. We would be happy to work with them again!
  • Diksha Sharma
    Head of Comms at
    Hong Kong 🇭🇰
    We worked with FINPR for a project and had an amazing experience. Their execution speed was fantastic and helped us get the desired results at the right time. Really recommend them for fast, reliable PR services to take your project to the moon.
  • Deepansh Singh
    COO Polkadex
    India 🇮🇳
    FINPR agency is our "Go-To" agency when it comes down to time-critical announcements, pushing articles to various PR outlets, etc. We have been working with them from the very start of Polkadex. The most remarkable part is you will end up choosing their suggested / recommended services which will turn out to be the best one for you!

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a security token offering?
Security token offering or STO is a form of fundraising via selling security token. In comparison to ICO, IEO or IDO, STO is more focus on legal aspect of fundraising so that token sale process will fully or at least partially comply with securities-related laws of specific country, region or jurisdiction, where is STO is held.

Sometimes, by STO people mean selling security tokens on special STO platforms. Sometimes, by STO people mean selling tokens privately to funds and/or institutional investors. In both cases, it’s totally correct meaning.
How security token sale marketing differ from crypto marketing?
There is now huge difference between STO marketing and blockchain marketing, except that security token marketing usually don’t include too aggressive marketing tools (for example, crypto shilling), plus there is more focus on ad texts wording from legal side of the team, to make sure, all was done properly and there is no illegal misinformation.
How much STO marketing costs?
It depends on what you mean by STO and how you gonna make it.

If you’re looking for private security token sale, when coins will be bought mainly by funds and institutional investors, that’s first option. Second option — launch STO on special STO platforms. Also, your project jurisdiction also influence on STO marketing budget size, because in some countries rules are super strict, so you’ll be limited in marketing techniques and tools.

In general, STO marketing budget could be anywhere from $15,000 to 50,000 per whole token sale campaign, which should be typically 3-4 months.
How to choose STO marketing company?
If you’re looking to hire digital marketing agency, who’ll take care of your STO promotion, you shouldn't focus only on search STO related agencies. The reason is that even we had 400+ crypto/Web3 clients, only 2-3 of them were STOs. Security token offerings are pretty rare. There was some spike in STOs popular back in 2020, but now they are not so popular.

Taking into the account said above, plus the fact, that there is no huge difference between general crypto marketing and STO marketing, while searching agency to hire, better pay attention to crypto marketing firms, instead of agencies focus only on STO promotion.

While deciding which agency to hire, pay attention to their portfolio (the bigger clients they worked with — the better), marketing team, and clients testimonials.
What marketing tools you don’t recommend to use in STO promotion?
Here is the list of things you’d better not include in your STO marketing plan:

  1. Search Engine Optimization. SEO is good lead generation tool for lots of crypto and Web3 startups, but it’s not perfect tool for STO, since token sale marketing campaign usually isn’t more than 3-4 months, which is not enough time to get bold results from SEO.
  2. Email marketing. Even if you have a huge list of emails of private crypto investors or blockchain VC funds, since you’re gonna make STO, you should pay attention to legal side of the question. Sometimes it’s strictly illegal to use mass email sending (what’s also could be considered as a spam) with a financial advice to buy your security tokens.
  3. Airdrop and bounty. It’s risky to launch such campaigns because of the legal side.
  4. Shilling on crypto forums and social media with crypto community. Again, risky from the legal side.