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Crypto Exchange Listing Agency

Whether you're looking for IEO/IDO or secondary listing on a crypto exchange, FINPR can assist you with it

Types Of Crypto Exchange Listings FINPR Help With

Initial Exchange Offering is a token sale format that rocketed starting from 2019. IEOs are considered to be a better version of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) since the token sale is made by a proven crypto exchange with an existing crypto audience
Initial Dex Offering is when a project launches a token sale on one or several decentralized liquidity exchanges like Uniswap, Polkasterter, Binance DEX, etc. Such a process is recognized as more transparent than IEO
Secondary listing
By secondary listing, we call cases when the project already made the token sale and now wants its coin traded on some crypto exchange. Besides, a secondary listing is when your coin is already listed on one exchange, and now you're looking to list it on other exchanges

Exchanges To Choose From

Why Choose Crypto Exchange Listings In FINPR?

Lower costs
Save money with us since our prices are lower than official thanks to our direct relationships with owners or C-level persons on leading crypto exchanges
Faster process
Save your time since our services help you to avoid the risk of delays and increase the overall speed of the multiple exchange approval process. That's especially important when you plan to list your token simultaneously on different exchanges
Easier approvals
Thanks to established relationships with exchanges starting FINPR inception in 2017, we know what info is needed to get approval on listing from top crypto exchanges asap

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How To Start Listing Crypto Exchange With Us

Contact us to discuss your listing needs via Telegram/WhatsApp chat or Zoom call
Get the list of recommended crypto exchanges to make IEO/IDO or secondary listing, depending on what you're looking for
Provide key details regarding your startup to submit it to exchange
Once we got approval from the exchange to list your coin, coordinate directly with the exchange time frame for listing, marketing activities, and technical issues
Get listed on the exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

What crypto exchange listing really is?
Listing on crypto exchange is when some project has passed the compliance process of a particular exchange, and its token/coin is listed as a trading pair with the most popular crypto, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Trezor. The bigger the exchange is - the more audience got access to these trading pairs.

There are at least three most popular types of listing on exchanges:

  1. IEO (when an exchange is centralized, like Binance);
  2. IDO (when an exchange is decentralized, like Binance DEX);
  3. Secondary listing (when you list your coin on a new platform without a fundraising process).
Why is listing on crypto exchanges needed in general?
There are several common reasons to list token on exchange:

  1. Grow liquidity of the token in benefit for the project customers or project's team looking to sell some of the tokens.
  2. Outreach to new audiences in targeted regions. For example, you might have a listing on some European exchange, and once you decide to focus on the Asian market - it's time to get a presence on some local exchange.
  3. Grow the user base of your token.
What are the reasons to launch IDO or IEO?
  1. Raise capital is still the #1 reason to launch Initial Exchange Offering or Initial Decentralized Offering. However, starting 2017 when it was the first crypto market boom, the average targeted funds' size that crypto projects aim to rise (Hard Cap) has decreased from eight figures to six figures.
  2. Outreach to new audiences to grow customer and user-base. Because in most cases, crypto exchanges tend to promote new token sales on its platform via different types of marketing activities, sometimes IEO is one of the most efficient ways to reach targeted audiences in specific regions.
  3. Listing of tokens for free. Some exchanges charge for both services - IDO and listing, but others can add your token on their platform for free.
Can you guarantee we got listed on a certain exchange?
We can guarantee you that you'll be listed on a specific exchange in most cases since we know owners of C-level managers of these exchanges. Plus, we make initial due diligence of any client to ensure it will comply with targeted exchange requirements for listing.
Can you guarantee that our project will fundraise a certain amount of money?
Sure, no. Furthermore, if an agency guarantees that you'll fundraise a particular amount of money, odds on that this might be a scam or at least not true.

Nevertheless, starting 2017 we helped with PR and marketing 200+ crypto projects to know how to help you raise chances to reach Hard Cap.
Why should I work with you instead of contacting the exchanges directly?
You can save your time with us because leading exchanges can respond to you for a long time. Once the listing is approved, there might still be some queue before your token is listed or IDO/IEO launched. We list our clients without a queue and aim to give prices lower than exchanges officially have.
Can you help with listing on CoinMarketCap or Coingecko?
Sure, we do have such a service as well. Please get in touch with us via filling this form or writing to us on Telegram.