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NFT PR Agency

The NFT promotional company might be the most effective instrument for promoting your Non-Fungible Tokens to the appropriate audience. FINPR, as a PR firm, can preserve your brand's image and increase public awareness of your non-fungible token initiative. While it seems that practically everyone wants to be a part of the NFT environment, very few know how to effectively communicate their ideas. Our marketing strategies may be the solution.

Effective NFT Public Relations For Your Project

PR is an extremely useful tool for NFT marketing strategy. PR promotes new projects, builds credibility, and raises audience awareness of new digital projects. Increasing brand recognition and revenue helps existing businesses thrive as well. PR and influencer marketing will protect your reputation and provide insider information and expert advice to increase your chances of long-term success.

The Importance of PR For NFT Projects

PR aids in establishing your company's reputation and visibility. With NFT PR from a marketing agency, you can deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, improving your ROI. You can reach the NFT and cryptocurrency communities by distributing content to specialized media websites. More people become interested in your digital assets when you post great content and use NFT PR specialized marketing services. When you approach your target consumers at various points of their buyer's journey, PR may affect potential customers' attitudes toward your company. PR helps to outline your company's unique selling points. It may recruit, nurture, and draw the target audience into a sales funnel.

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NFT PR Services From FINPR

PR services offered by FINPR may be tailored to match your requirements. To meet your specific marketing and communication needs, we can customize our crypto PR packages.

Media Relations

One of the key PR strategies for NFT that enhance brand awareness and reputation is press and media publishing. Your news can be published on Cointelegraph, Yahoo Finance, and 400+ other sites depending on the outlets you choose. Learn more about how we can help with media coverage on the NFT PR Distribution page.

YouTube Influencers

The YouTube influencers we work with will do their utmost to promote your NFT concept to their audience. They are able to persuade crypto community members, as well as blockchain fans and investors, that the proposed solution is at the forefront of NFT PR news and market trends.

X (Twitter) Influencers

As a part of our promotional services, we offer X (Twitter) influencers who can review your digital art or project. X (Twitter) influencers tell their followers to keep an eye on your NFT's growth potential. X (Twitter) promotions may include sponsored posts, giveaway announcements, and quote retweets (influencers repost your content and comment on it).

Telegram Influencers

Telegram crypto influencers will post useful and relevant information about your NFT on their channels with thousands of followers. Some make posts on other social networks where they run accounts. We have the option of post+telegram post and vice versa.

Community Management

Having an active community for a crypto project has become trendy lately. Why? Because they are your most devoted followers, consumers, enthusiasts, investors, and developers, and they care the most about your company’s success. We can help you manage your Telegram and Discord community 24/7 in English. This is an important aspect of NFT PR.

Benefits Of Working With Us

FINPR is a public relations and marketing company that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives. This includes NFT PR and influencer marketing services for NFTs, ICOs, crypto enterprises, and a variety of other firms. Below, you’ll find major reasons why you should choose us:
We Are Experts
The members of our team have a wealth of knowledge. Therefore, you will be collaborating with a seasoned marketer who has extensive experience working on NFT projects. As a result, you will receive assistance from PR professionals to ensure that your project remains robust and consistently achieves the best possible value.
Top Media Resources
We offer a broad blockchain media network. NFT PR from a marketing agency is about the creation of high-quality content in order to attract targeted organic visitors. All the way from 2017 we've managed to build relationships with top crypto media outlets and top influencers.
Convenient and Fast Process
Thanks to our established processes for engaging with opinion leaders and transparent client communication, we tailor our suite of services to each project individually, allowing us to streamline its implementation while achieving your goals.

Meet Our Clients

How to Start Work With Us?

Are you ready to take the stage in front of your target investors, consumers, and thought leaders? Then our public relations services are at your disposal.
Provide Information About Your NFT
First, we get acquainted with your project's concept and features in order to understand what it means to you. We study all available information about your project to recommend media outlets and services that will be the best fit for you. If you are looking for influencers, we'll provide you with a list of related key opinion leaders (KOLs).
Get Solutions for Your Goals
Depending on the type and goals of your project, you may need different services. In addition to our extensive network of KOLs for Influencer PR campaigns, we also provide content creation and publication in relevant media, as well as assistance with community management.
Check the draft
Once our copywriters have developed a proper text covering the required topics, we'll show you the draft of the text so that you can comment and edit it. The same goes for influencers. Whether it's crypto YouTube influencers or X (Twitter) influencers, you'll see the final draft (a video or post) first prior to publication.
Get guaranteed results
What's great about PR campaigns made with us is that you know exactly what you'll receive and at what cost. Once the drafts of the texts, videos, and ad content are approved, they are submitted to the media outlet or influencer and published.

Our Team Is Ready To Help! Promote Your NFT Now!

Do you want to attract traders to your project? With the help of our highly-trained PR professionals, you can quickly and easily gain visibility for your NFTs. Come forward with your ventures, and we will spread the word about them to bring you prosperity! Let’s take your company to the next level!

Latest Case Studies

Blockchain transaction security

We managed to show Lossless and its greatest and useful products and features to the world. All of which was warmly accepted.

  • 1st campaign with FINPR had 3500+ views and 100+ clicks
  • 2nd earned 5000+ unique views on AMB Crypto
  • The interview with the project's CEO has garnered 8000+ views, while the YouTube reviews of the Lossless project have amassed around 100,000 views.
Open-source public blockchain

We managed to raise brand awareness and trust in the project, further boosting Klaytn's reputation in the blockchain space and helping to maintain an overall positive image for the company.

  • 1400+ unique views and 50+ clicks on Cointelegraph
  • 5000+ views on Crypto Daily
Crypto exchange

FINPR prepared a strategy that combines influence marketing and PR publications for user attraction (key client’s target) and brand awareness growth (strategic client’s target). Also, we’ve distributed press releases on the program launch to one of the most reputable business and crypto media.

  • Reached out to an audience of 23 influencers on YouTube, Instagram
  • 200,000+ views of the video reviews on YouTube, 400,000+ reach of stories on Instagram
  • 10+ media outlets were covered by the PR campaign (including, Yahoo, etc)
  • 300+ people have participated in the program because of our campaign within 1 week

Our Clients Feedback

  • Wonsuk Wayne Lee
    CEO Baekdu Technologies
    South Korea 🇰🇷
    FINPR was swift and precise with our first global PR. We were able to reach out to new customers that we previously were not familiar with, thanks to FINPR's great consultations. We recommend them as a reliable PR service agency.
  • Mehdi Radi
    CEO & Co-Founder Egg.Fi
    France 🇫🇷
    While working with FINPR, I found the flow easy, well explained and the price is worth it.
  • Myriam Tsen-Kung
    Marketing Manager LuxFi
    Hong Kong 🇭🇰
    FINPR has been accomodating, quick to respond and the process always went smoothly. We would like to thank the whole team for their services and professionnalism.


What Are NFT Public Relations Services?
NFT PR services are specialized marketing and communication strategies designed to promote Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Effective PR and marketing strategies ensure your project gains visibility, credibility, and interest amongst a wide audience. At FINPR, we leverage our expertise and networks to create a buzz, foster community engagement, and drive sales.
How Can PR Services Benefit My Project?
PR services can elevate your project by increasing its visibility in a crowded market, connecting you with potential buyers and collectors, and establishing your company as a reputable and desirable investment. Effective PR strategies can also foster community engagement, enhance your project's narrative, and build lasting relationships with key stakeholders in the NFT ecosystem.
What PR Services Does FINPR Provide for NFTs?
FINPR offers a wide range of services, including PR, influencer marketing like YouTube, X (Twitter), Telegram and other social media platform influencers, and community management
Why Choose FINPR NFT Marketing Agency?
We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the non-fungible token ecosystem, our creative approach to storytelling, and our proven track record of successful campaigns. Our team stays ahead of market trends, enabling us to offer strategic advice and innovative solutions tailored to your project's needs.

FINPR’s extensive network of media contacts, influencers, and community leaders ensures your company gains significant exposure.
Are Digital PR Services Suitable for All Types of NFT Projects?
While most non-fungible token projects can benefit from PR services, our strategies are tailored to the project's specific goals, audience, and stage of development. Whether it's a launch, a special event, or an ongoing effort to build brand awareness, PR services can be adapted accordingly.
How Long Does a PR Campaign Last?
The duration of a PR campaign can vary, ranging from a one-off project surrounding a specific launch or event to ongoing PR efforts aimed at building and maintaining long-term brand awareness. The ideal length of your campaign will depend on your project's goals, timeline, and budget.
How To Launch PR With FINPR?
Simply contact us, provide the details of your project, and follow our expert advice to get guaranteed results.

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