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Crypto SEO Agency

Get organic traffic from Google right to your crypto website, using FINPR expertise and SEO tactics, developed since 2017

About Cryptocurrency SEO Services

If you intend to stay in the crypto market for years to come, SEO is one of the most effective traffic generation tools in terms of Cost-per-click (CPC). Finding the right people to handle it is the main obstacle. In the past few years, we have done SEO for lots of blockchain companies as well as crypto media, including LumiWallet, NearPay, U.Today, etc.
FINPR provides high-quality and cost-effective SEO services to increase organic traffic and awareness about your project. SEO helps to build brand awareness and lets your website rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The higher you rank, the more likelihood that you will have visitors organic traffic and therefore, user signups.
Choose from our flexible packages that range from basic SEO audit to fine-tune your website and blog or deep dive with our advanced SEO packages. Rank higher on Google with the right keywords, titles and meta tags. Utilize FINPR SEO services with media publications and campaigns to achieve the best result possible.
Select from our wide range of different crypto SEO packages to suit your need. Make use of our expertise to beat the noise and be visible online.

Crypto SEO Packages

Blockchain SEO Audit Package
  • Let our team of SEO experts help you figure out the general status of your website optimization for future SEO works.
  • The audit also extends to help figuring out what should be done to speed up the loading of your website (an important factor for Google search ranking).

  • Besides internal SEO optimization, our team will help on how things are going on with your site external SEO optimization, such as what backlinks do you have and which are creating brand values and which not.

  • The basic SEO Audit Package also includes analysis of your top 10 competitors to help you understand what they are doing better and beat that!

Starter SEO Package
  • Take the basic SEO Audit Package to the next level. The Starter SEO Package has everything the former does, but includes a 100 keyword research to help you hit your SEO goals, reach your Target Audience and build a better marketing campaign and increase lead generation goals. Even you have only 20-30 target keywords, we’ll do research and and will add relevant keywords to hit 100 mark.
  • Content optimization on key pages, including on-page title + meta tags on up to 20 pages. Experience the result and get indexed higher on Google search results in less than two months (subject to global keyword competition).

Lite SEO Package
  • In the online world, especially in crypto, SEO content is king. With FINPR’s Lite SEO Package, enjoy the benefits of Starter SEO and then some more! Our SEO team will build a 3 month plan consisting of 24 briefs for a 2 posts per week publication.
  • Lite SEO Package includes internal link building (called “cross linking” in the SEO world). Have your most important web pages linked in the smartest way possible.
  • Take advantage of our allied services like copywriting to craft articles and blogs using the blog post plan. Our copywriters will build the lore, while the SEO team will make sure your articles are ranked (billed separately).
  • Want to take it a bit further? Add on our PR services to get media coverage on the top crypto, tech and business media platforms!
Standard SEO Package
  • Increase your marketing efficiency and lead generation with more keywords (500 vs 100). Our SEO team will also do a more universal competitor research (not just limited to top 10).
  • Kick start our off-site link building. FINPR can help you grow your Domain Authority, Target Pages Authority and others. Google loves authoritative websites and it should love yours too! Rank your website better to climb the search results.
  • Improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) with enhanced descriptions of snippets with integration. The integration will help maintain structured data of your website such as microdata, RDFa and others. Sounds complex? Don’t worry. At FINPR, we will take care of the boring stuff to let your website information display better on SERPs.
  • Monthly subscription available for recurring SEO updates and tweaks to constantly rank higher.
Advanced SEO Package
  • With no holds barred, FINPR’s Advanced SEO Package is the ultimate in your website visibility. The premium package consists of all of our previous SEO packages, and then some more!
  • Advanced auditing and optimization for Google’s My Business for better local search ranking.
  • In depth offsite link building (includes PBN, drops, etc.).
  • Comprehensive content blog plan for 9 months.
  • Deeper keyword research with up to 1,000 keywords.
  • Monthly strategy development for fine-tuning tactics.
  • Monthly subscription available for recurring SEO updates and tweaks to constantly rank higher.

Industries We Help With SEO


F.A.Q. about Blockchain SEO

How does crypto SEO work?
Crypto uses traditionally accepted SEO techniques in combination with blockchain and cryptocurrency specific keywords, trends and other optimizations to achieve visibility for a project, product, service and its associated website.

While normal SEO methodologies do help, the crypto sphere is such a highly niche area that special strategies have to be developed and utilized to maximize exposure. At FINPR, our crypto SEO specialists understand this need to deliver what your project really needs to stand out from the rest.
Why is SEO important for crypto?
With tens of thousands of projects already launched (and more to come), it is necessary to have strategies that help attract potential users and investors. A proper cryptocurrency SEO strategy is one of the most cost effective tools to get organic traffic to your website and project for years to come.

A good crypto SEO campaign means your website is ranked better on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), gives authority to you and your project and helps position your crypto project as a premium brand.
Does crypto SEO work in 2023?
Of course! With restrictions set on crypto advertisements on major social media platforms like Facebook and even on Google, you need alternative means to market your crypto project. With a proper crypto SEO, people who search for cryptocurrency industry related news, articles, blogs and forums can find your project and its name mentioned.

Even a little thing as your project being on the top of a search can help you attract users and investors - all possible with the help of doing a thorough and proper SEO.
How can you help me achieve my project’s goals with SEO?
Once you select your desired package, our crypto SEO team will have a meeting with you to determine what exactly are your short and long term goals. Based on the input you give, including the features of your project, our experts will devise the best way to optimize your website so that you are ranked higher on search engines.
How long will it take for me to notice SEO effectiveness?
You never know! It can be as little as a few days after the complete crypto SEO strategy is implemented. But normally it takes around a month or two before you will notice a sustained increase in website traffic.
What kind of crypto projects do you work with for SEO?
At FINPR, we believe in the power of crypto, as long as it is for good! We have worked with a variety of crypto and other fintech projects, including NFT, blockchain, metaverse, DeFi and much more.
Which cryptocurrency SEO package is the best for my project?
Only you can tell that. If you are not sure, the best way is to contact us and our team will discuss with you to understand what are your goals. Based on your input, we can suggest to you the optimum package that can help you achieve your targets with the best results.
Can you show your case studies?
While some clients want to keep quite and signed-up with us non-disclosure agreement, we do have some companies we’ve worked with that we can show-up you. Among them are such crypto companies with crypto websites like LumiWallet, NearPay, U.Today. Write us to or use contact form on our site, and we’ll send you case studies.
We have an ICO. Do you recommend use your cryptocurrency SEO service?
Depends on your expectation from SEO and on what you plan to do after ICO. If you’ll have Initial Coin Offering (or IEO, IDO, etc.) in 2-3 month from now, SEO likely will not have enough room to be effective, since it’s pretty slow traffic generation tool. But if you plan long-term and getting organic traffic from Google using SEO, content marketing is a part of your 1-year marketing strategy, then yes, FINPR is a good partner to work this in these direction!
What is your minimum monthly subscription for the Standard or Advanced SEO package?
While most SEO or marketing agencies ask to sign a contract for at least for 3 or 6 months, with FINPR there is no such commitment. If needed, we can finish work after the 1st month.

Though we have had cases when clients saw increased traffic within the first month, these are rare and mostly because they already had lots of blog posts and only SEO optimization was needed to get Google traffic to rise. We should point out that Search Engine Optimization is a very slow process and it takes a couple of months before you notice any spike of traffic from Google.
Do you help with both Off-page SEO and On-page SEO?
While first SEO packages (“Audit” and “Starter” plans) that FINPR offers, are based on one-time payment when at the end of the day you’ll get the report, audit, etc., other SEO packages “Lite”, “Standard” and “Advanced” plans does include on-site (i.e. technical SEO, website content optimization) as well as off-site SEO services.
Can you guarantee certain amount of leads from SEO?
Nope, and we’ll recommend to run from those “agencies” who’ll guaranteed you specific number of leads per month from organic traffic because of SEO marketing efforts. The reason is that Google and it’s algorithms and highly unpredictable, also there are too much factors that does influence ranking of a cryptocurrency website.

Also, while we do help with technical SEO and off-page SEO (link-building), we don’t provide web design services as well as pages optimization to raise conversion rate from organic traffic to leads.
Why are there different budgets for link building in package pricing?
At first glance, this may seem the case, but there is more to it. It all boils down to your budget vs speed. The bigger the budget - the less time needed to reach your goals from SEO / Top-3 or Top-10 positions by targeted keywords.

It’s also important to understand how competitive your keywords are. “Buy Bitcoin” is probably one of the hardest and most competitive keywords, while “buy bitcoin with a credit card in the UK” is much easier to get traffic from (if your product is a wallet, of course ☺).
What other things can I do besides crypto SEO to boost my project?
A proper crypto SEO is a gold mine when it comes to attracting users and investors in your project. Yet to get the best result, you can select from several of our other services that can tie in perfectly with your marketing campaign.
What other crypto marketing services do you offer?
At FINPR, we can also help you in crafting and publishing press releases, editorials, branding, content creation, copywriting, influencer marketing and public relations for all kinds of blockchain and fintech oriented projects and even assist in listing your tokens on different exchanges.
Where are your crypto SEO packages prices listed?
All you have to do is to get in touch with us and we will send you the complete details. Select the one that you need and our team will take care of the rest.
Why should I choose your services?
FINPR have been in the crypto digital marketing space since 2017 and have worked with some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry, like GATE.IO, BestChange, Xsolla, Digifinex, Digitext, and other crypto businesses and startups. Besides SEO, FINPR provides other cryptocurrency marketing services, like PR, influencer marketing, and other tool that can grow your online presence and brand recognition. Still FINPR is the most recognized in crypto industry like PR publications provider for Web3 and other companies who work with blockchain technology.
What countries or regions do you cover?
While we have a focus on Asia, Europe, Russia, China, Turkey and Arab regions, the crypto SEO services are independent as it is English language focused and the outreach is at a global level.
How do I get in touch with you?
Contact us via this form, email or type in Telegram: @finpr_agency and ask for the details regarding crypto SEO services.
Where are your crypto SEO packages prices listed?
All you have to do is to get in touch with us and we will send you the complete details. Select the one that you need and our team will take care of the rest.