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Crowdfunding PR Agency

Modern crowdfunding has become a game changer for entrepreneurs, startups, and creatives. But let's be honest, navigating the ins and outs of crowdfunding campaigns can be a head-scratcher. That's where FINPR comes in. We can turn your crowdfunding dreams into concrete successes.

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About Crowdfunding PR Solutions

Crowdfunding offers a unique platform where passionate individuals can bring projects to life by harnessing the collective support of a global community. We understand the potential of these innovations. We help you transform your vision into a reality through the incredible world of crowdfunding public relations (PR).
The hard truth is the launch of a crowdfunding campaign is not enough by itself to warrant coverage. Journalists are overwhelmed with tips and emails daily about the next big thing. In order to stand out, you should think about what makes your product and journey as a startup newsworthy. Public relations is a great way to raise awareness about your product and campaign. Working with the media is complicated. You can't just send an email to a journalist and link to your campaign and expect them to write about you. You have to make them care.
Our mission is simple yet profound: bridge the gap between your groundbreaking ideas and the support they deserve. With seasoned experts, a track record of proven results, and a passion for innovation, we provide comprehensive PR services tailored to your needs.

Our Extensive Approach

FINPR’s success is directly tied to yours. We're here to work relentlessly to make your project shine in the bustling world. Your vision will be turned into a reality that captures the hearts of backers from every corner.
We find a personalized approach for everyone from startups to seasoned entrepreneurs to increase project visibility. It will help build a community of supporters who believe in your idea. Our expertise lies in developing customized PR strategies that resonate with your target audience and ensure your project exceeds its financial goals.

How We Differ From Others

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    Tailored Client Portfolio
    As a dedicated Crowdfunding PR Agency, we've got our finger on the market's pulse and know the power of a compelling story. What really sets us apart is our diverse and extensive portfolio of clients, including names like EQIFI,, Polkadex, and more. We are adept at adapting to different brands and their unique needs.
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    Proven Market Experience
     Our presence in the market isn't just about how long we've been around, but the impact we've made. Unlike many blockchain newcomers, we have weathered market fluctuations with consistency, proving our resilience and expertise. We get that crowdfunding is time-sensitive, and we make sure our PR services not only work but work on time.
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    Global Team with Local Insights
    The strength of the FINPR team lies in our geographical diversity. Whether you're targeting a specific region like the Middle East or a global audience, we ensure your crowdfunding campaign hits the right notes with your intended audience.
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    Competitive Pricing and Secure Financial Terms
    We offer transparent and competitive pricing, ensuring our clients receive the best value for their investments. Our financial dealings are secure, providing reliability in every transaction.

Our Crowdfunding PR Cases

1. Nickelytics

2. Vesta


What Is Crowdfunding PR?
Crowdfunding PR is all about strategically boosting the visibility, credibility, and overall success of your crowdfunding campaign. It aims to make your campaign stand out by using various media channels to attract potential supporters.
Why Do I Need Crowdfunding PR Services?
Crowdfunding platforms are jam-packed with projects, and standing out in that crowd can be a real challenge. This is where PR services can help you create a compelling story. This way, you can connect with your target audience and secure media coverage that will bring in more traffic. In fact, this greatly increases your chances of reaching your funding goals.
What Makes Crowdfunding PR Agency Different From Other PR Firms?
PR agencies’ job is to sell your media story on your behalf. They're basically emailing reporters. They're contacting reporters on various social media networks. They're leveraging their own connections that they've built up in the industry, maybe a specific industry or maybe just as a whole, and they're trying to get these reporters to write about you. They're pitching the merits of your story and why it is that your story is something that they should be paying attention to.
Our agency combines expertise in both crowdfunding dynamics and public relations. This dual focus enables us to craft tailored, impactful PR campaigns that resonate with both backers and the media. Plus, our passionate team is dedicated to the success of every campaign we take on.
How Can Crowdfunding PR Agency Help My Campaign Succeed?
We offer a range of services that are designed to enhance your campaign's visibility, credibility, and backer engagement. Our toolbox includes things like crafting a killer campaign strategy, reaching out to the media, handling your social media presence, partnering with influencers, and spreading the word with press releases. By combining these strategies, we give you the firepower to reach a broader audience and generate more interest in your project.
What Is a Press Release?
Press releases are basically sending out your story which is optimized to a network, and journalists can pick that up. They can call you. They can ask for quotes or comments if they're interested in writing about you or they can just decide they want to write about it, and they'll write about it. And press releases are relevant for every PR campaign. But you just have to keep in mind you need a well-written press release, a very well-thought-out story, and a great headline that's going to attract people's attention.
What Is the Typical Duration of a Crowdfunding PR Campaign?
That depends on your campaign's goals and timeline. Ideally, we recommend getting in touch with us at least a month before you launch your campaign. This lead time allows us to cook up a comprehensive PR strategy and kick off outreach efforts to build some serious anticipation before the big launch. But, we're flexible and can offer ongoing PR support throughout your campaign to keep that momentum going strong.