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Web3 PR Services

Skyrocket your Web3 company brand awareness and recognition with the help of FINPR's public relations solutions. Get publications in top crypto, tech, finance and business media, and use influencer marketing tools of Web3 PR agency to create a buzz around your start-up.

About Our Web3 PR Agency

FINPR has more than six years of experience in marketing blockchain, NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, and other digital businesses. Since 2017, we have helped 500+ cryptocurrency projects get funding and attract customers to their brands.
Our core product is media placements. FINPR has the largest list on the market of Web3 media (300+ outlets) in 16 languages with almost 700 advertising formats.
We can also help your brand with content creation for your blog for SEO promotion, social media for SMM, and with influencer marketing on YouTube, X (Twitter), TikTok, Instagram, and Telegram.

Market Recognition

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Benefits of Web3 PR


Grow brand visibility

The Web 3.0 market is rising. Every month, hundreds of new blockchain and NFT projects are created. It’s important to stand out from the crowd, properly position your company with the right messaging, and increase your brand awareness.
Build reputation and trust
Media relations and publications in top crypto, business, and tech media help a lot with brand building and reputation growth. Placing such articles on the home page in the "We are featured in" section can boost the loyalty of your site visitors.

Build your Google presence
PR mainly helps you mainly with conversion rates from traffic to your website and potential customers to people who become your clients or investors. Decision-makers may search your brand first before becoming your clients, and what appears in the Google search results can make a difference.
Increase Organic Traffic
PR typically doesn’t generate massive traffic. But with FINPR, the media placements we will conduct for you will typically include links to your website, which will be beneficial to your site's SEO.

Book a Consultation to Learn More About Our Web3 PR Services

Our expert team is here to guide you through the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized technologies. Gain insights into how our tailored public relations solutions can elevate your project's visibility, connect you with your target audience, and build the credibility you need in this dynamic sector. Discover the difference strategic public relations can make for your business.

Our Clients

How to Start Work With Us?

Initial Contact
We quickly respond to your inquiry to gather preliminary information about your goals.
Free Consultation
We’ll dive into your brand's needs and the specific challenges you face in the industry.
Strategy Development and Approval
Based on the consultation, we'll recommend a suite of related services and send you the list of all PR packages and media lists, where we can do native placements and press release distributions for you.
Once you have selected the media, the next step is to send us a deposit.
Initial Campaign: Media Placement and Promotion
Leveraging our extensive network of over 300 specialized media outlets, we'll secure organic publications and execute influencer marketing campaigns to generate a buzz around your project. Before any content is published, it undergoes a review process where you have the opportunity to provide feedback and approve the final drafts.

Who needs Web3 PR Services?

Decentralized Finance apps and products are now one of the cores of the Web3 PR movement. Over the past few years, we have assisted over 20 DeFi start-ups with PR.
Crypto start-ups
Whether it’s an exchange, Layer 1 or Layer 2 protocol, or wallet, FINPR is happy to promote it in the Web 3.0 community using connections with niche journalists and top niche influencers.
FINPR is one of the pioneers in the rapidly growing AI PR market. With the launch of ChatGPT, we have marketed more than 10 AI startups, demonstrating our expertise in this area.
When Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, announced in October 2021 that he was going to develop the Metaverse and rename its holding company to Meta, the Metaverse segment had a significant development impact. Since then, we have helped 10+ Metaverse projects.
There are different types of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): from art collections and GameFi (Play-To-Earn, P2E) products to NFT marketplaces. FINPR has a solid background in NFT marketing. We’ve worked with all types of NFTs and have a huge number of NFT-focused media where we can do publications for you.

Latest Case Studies

Blockchain transaction security

We managed to show Lossless and its greatest and useful products and features to the world. All of which was warmly accepted.

  • 1st campaign with FINPR had 3500+ views and 100+ clicks
  • 2nd earned 5000+ unique views on AMB Crypto
  • The interview with the project's CEO has garnered 8000+ views, while the YouTube reviews of the Lossless project have amassed around 100,000 views.
Open-source public blockchain

We managed to raise the brand awareness and trust of the project, further boosting Klaytn's reputation in the blockchain space and helping to maintain an overall positive image for the company.

  • 1400+ unique views and 50+ clicks on Cointelegraph
  • 5000+ views on Crypto Daily
Crypto exchange

FINPR prepared a strategy that combines influence marketing and PR publications for user attraction (key client’s target) and brand awareness growth (strategic client’s target). Also we’ve distributed press releases on the program launch to one of the most reputable business and crypto media.

  • Reached out to an audience of 23 influencers on YouTube, Instagram
  • 200,000+ views of the video reviews on YouTube, 400,000+ reach of stories on Instagram
  • 10+ media outlets were covered by PR campaign (including, Yahoo, etc)
  • 300+ people have participated in program because of our campaign within 1 week

Related Services

Search Engine Optimization is a great tool if you want to attract customers to your brand at a relatively low price. Naturally, traffic doesn't start flowing in on day one like it does with Google Ads. Even so, if SEO is done correctly, the cost per click will be considerably lower than what you’ll pay Google directly. FINPR understands how to make SEO work well and has assisted 6+ Web3 companies with it.
FINPR provides different types of community management services, from Telegram to Discord communities with moderation varying from 8 hours per day to 24/7. We use our Telegram bot to track community activity, detect spam, and monitor moderators' team activity. As a result, we are able to ensure that our moderators' response time is less than 10 minutes. Additionally, if you need assistance with community building, our digital marketing agency provides consulting services.
Without an effective marketing strategy, companies risk wasting resources. In order to differentiate themselves, create awareness, and attract potential customers and/or investors, FINPR creates customized marketing strategies.


Community management

Marketing & Public Relations Strategy Creation

Since 2017, popular social media platforms have been unfriendly to cryptocurrency, making it difficult to promote such projects. Nonetheless, FINPR experts can assist you in this regard. We have experience with ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and other platforms.
We offer banner ads on 30+ popular blockchain media outlets like Cointelegraph and BeInCrypto, as well as 30+ popular Web3 PR related portals like decentralized listings CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and the Ethereum explorer - Etherscan.

Social media ads

Banner ads

Our Clients Feedback

  • S.M. Raza Hussain
    Marketing Lead, Medieval Empires
    UAE 🇦🇪
    Working with FINPR for our Press Release dissemination, media buying and influencer campaigns in MENA region has been a breeze. The team is quick, responsive and flexible to work with, which makes for a productive collaboration. Much recommended!
  • Vedran Vukman
    CEO of Revuto
    Estonia 🇪🇪
    We asked FINPR to cover our seed round for equity by pushing announcements toward the most popular crypto and non-crypto media. We were short on time but the agency was very responsive and managed to publish everything we agreed upon in just a few days.
  • Gianluca Sibilia
    Digital Marketing Specialist at Over the Reality
    Italy 🇮🇹
    Working with FINPR has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism and seamless communication made our project a success. We couldn't be happier with the results and would gladly collaborate with them again!
What is Web3?
To put it simply, Web3 is an open-source and decentralized application built with smart contracts technology. It is the new wave of internet development. Web1 was a simple HTML protocol. The results of Web2 are social media platforms like Facebook, and X (Twitter). The most significant results of Web3 wave have yet to be seen, but still there are some examples such as Ethereum, Decentraland, OpenSea, etc.
Is Web3 the same as crypto?
No, cryptocurrency is different and, like NFTs (special tokens that can't be exchanged for one another) or DAOs (decentralized organizations), it's a part of Web3.
Is Web3 PR the same as blockchain PR?
PR for Web3 and blockchain projects have almost no differences in approaches and principles.

As of June 2023, there are no popular Web3-related media outlets because all target audiences already exist on blockchain media sites and their social media channels.
What is Web3 PR?
This PR is a combination of public relations and marketing communication activities aimed at promoting Web3 products or companies. By saying "we need PR," these companies usually mean that they are looking for media coverage in popular tech, and business media. For pricing and case studies, please contact FINPR agency.
What is a Web3 PR agency?
It is a PR company that specializes in providing solutions to digital start-ups. It is unique in its structure and is expertly tailored to the needs of tech companies operating in this industry.
How much does working with a PR firm cost?
It depends on what you’re looking for. Prices range starting from $290. If you have some certain requirements, then a campaign can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. We are not limited in the budget.

An average PR campaign can cost about $3,000-4,000. For this price, the client gets a well-organized package of publications, including well-known media outlets. We can also prepare any custom package in accordance with the client's needs and budget.
How long does it typically take to see results from promotion efforts?
The time required to get results depends on various factors, such as the scope of the campaign, the marketing channels you decided to use to reach your target audience and new users, market conditions, etc. Generally, it takes time to build brand awareness and establish a strong presence. Our team will work closely with you to set realistic expectations and provide ongoing updates on the progress of your marketing efforts.
How do I choose the best PR agency?
Here are some things to think about when deciding which agency to hire:

  • Company’s portfolio. If you want to promote, for example, an NFT, you should work with a marketing firm that has promoted at least 10–20 other NFTs.
  • Prices. You should compare them with other agencies to know for sure that you’re not overpaying for the same result.
  • Company’s popularity. If you’re good at PR, you’ll do great public relations for yourself, won't you? If a firm claims to be "the leading digital marketing agency", but there is no mention of their brand in the media, it’s a red flag.
Can public relations services help my company establish partnerships within the Web3 ecosystem?
FINPR's marketing services help you promote your brand and increase brand awareness, which affects how potential Web3 partners perceive you. However, we aren’t aiming for establishing partnerships.
How does a Web3 PR agency differ from a traditional PR agency?
Apart from a traditional PR firm, a Web3 PR firm focuses on the unique requirements of new smart contracts niche start-ups. It takes a tailored approach to the industry and understands the trends and technologies that are crucial to the success of these companies.
How important is transparency for digital start-ups?
Transparency is decisive for such start-ups, as it fosters consumer trust and credibility. Niche marketing agencies understand the importance of transparent communication and can help you effectively communicate your company's values, objectives, and updates within the crypto community.
How can a PR agency help my start-up during a crisis?
Specialized firms can help your start-up during a crisis by implementing crisis management tactics that effectively address the situation and protect your company's reputation. They have the expertise to navigate through challenging circumstances and communicate with stakeholders in a transparent and timely manner.
Can FINPR assist with content creation?
Yes, sure, we have a pool of 10+ copywriters who have written for many of our crypto and blockchain clients, since the establishment of our agency in 2017.

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