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Gaming Influencer Marketing Agency

Gaming has become a cultural phenomenon in a constantly evolving world of digital entertainment with a global reach. Within this dynamic landscape, gaming influence has become the driving force behind the industry's marketing strategies.

Why Gaming Influencers

The gaming community is just getting started. Influencers are becoming leading ambassadors for games and GameFi projects. Just one collaboration can bring a whole new segment of a new audience. Partnering gaming projects with Influencers can be a profitable strategic move. Why is that so?
Audience expansion
Influencers usually have large and loyal audiences. Partnering with them allows gaming projects to attract the attention of new users.
Trust and credibility
Their opinions can have a big impact because of the close relationships they create with their subscribers. If an Influencer recommends a game, it can increase the credibility of the project and convince people to try the game.
Engaging content presentation.
Influencers can clearly show what the game consists of, and what are the pros and cons - a visual video tutorial can help the audience decide to participate.
Feedback and product improvement
They can provide valuable feedback and ideas for improving the gameplay or functionality of the game based on their experience and the opinions of their community.
Building a community around the game
Influencers can help build and maintain an active community around the game, which can make the project more sustainable and successful in the long run.

How FINPR Can Help

Unlock the full potential of gaming influencer marketing with FINPR agency. We specialize in connecting your brand with gamers across various social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.
We match you with the right influencers and handle everything from negotiations to performance tracking, ensuring a seamless partnership. Our team creates personalized influencer marketing campaigns that align with your brand's identity and resonate with gamers. We measure campaign success with advanced analytics, ensuring you get the best return on investment in the gaming world.

What Is the Process

At FINPR, our process is designed to simplify the world of gaming influencer marketing for you. Here's how it works:
  • 1
    Discuss Your Game and Goals
    First, you share the details of your game and your marketing campaign goals with us. This information helps us understand your brand and objectives.
  • 2
    Influencer Selection
    You get to choose the influencers you want to collaborate with, specifying the format and quantity of the cooperation. Whether it's a YouTube review, a Twitch livestream, a TikTok challenge, or any other format, it's your choice.
  • 3
    Influencer Availability
    We reach out to the selected influencers to check their availability and willingness to work on your project. We ensure that they align with your brand and are ready to promote your game.
  • 4
    Content Input
    You provide us with the key information and messages you want to highlight on the influencers' channels. This ensures that your brand's messaging is effectively conveyed to its audience.
  • 5
    Content Draft
    We initiate collaboration with the influencers, and as soon as they are ready, we send you a draft of the content for your approval. If necessary (for non-live formats), you can request edits to ensure the content meets your expectations.
  • 6
    Enjoy the Results
    Once the content goes live, you can sit back and enjoy the surge in traffic and engagement with your target audience. Our carefully crafted influencer marketing campaigns are designed to maximize your brand's exposure and impact within the gaming community.

FINPR P2E Clients

Gala Games
Medieval Empires
Oval3 Game
Ninja Warrior


What Is Gaming Influencer Marketing?
Game influencer marketing is a strategy where companies collaborate with influencers in the GameFi world to promote their projects and brands. Gaming Influencers have a wide audience on social media, and streaming platforms (e.g. Twitch or YouTube, TikTok).
Influencers create content that attracts the attention of the audience by providing reviews of projects, games, and new features, the influencer gives recommendations and tells his impression about the project. GameFi is one of the most popular areas where an Influencer's opinion is crucial for the audience.
Game influencer marketing promotes a more direct and genuine interaction between companies and their target audience, as well as establishing a more trusting relationship with customers.
What Is a Gaming Influencer Marketing Agency?
A gaming influencer marketing agency is a specialized firm that focuses on connecting brands with influential personalities in the gaming community to promote products, services, or events. This type of agency leverages the popularity and reach of gaming influencers - individuals who have significant followings on social media platforms to create impactful marketing campaigns.
The agency understands the nuances of the gaming world and how to effectively communicate with its audience. It works to create authentic and engaging content that aligns with both the brand's goals and the interests of the gaming community. Services often include influencer matchmaking, campaign strategy and execution, content creation, analytics, and ongoing support to ensure the success of marketing endeavors in the gaming sphere.
What Are the Success Elements in Gaming Influencer Marketing?
  1. Choosing a niche and an Influencer. Before you start, you need to do research and study all areas of gamification and the role of Influencers in them. Not every KOL will fit the project, so to get effective results, you need to study the approach of the Influencer to work, his audience and their interests, suitable formats to natively insert the advertising of the project in the content, to study the sphere of gaming in general and what you want to associate yourself with.
  2. Native ad format. This means freedom of action for the Influencer (within reasonable limits). It's important that engagement with gaming Influencers is natural and in line with their usual content. The public is quick to recognize fakery, so it's important to maintain interest. Contrary to the established reading of scripts on advertising, offer the influencer to improvise, to think how best to present the advertisement natively - an interesting approach will be beneficial for both parties.
  3. Long-term collaboration. A single video or integration can have a small effect on a project. We recommend considering long-term cooperation with an Influencer - several video reviews, play-by-play, integrations, and constant mentioning of the project in the Influencer's social networks. This format will convince the audience that the Influencer himself is interested in the project and will show the project from different sides in all details.