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SaaS SEO Agency

Looking for your SaaS platform to grow? Let FINPR Agency aid you in this quest by augmenting your presence online with our SaaS SEO services.

About Our SaaS SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven method to increase online visibility and platform traffic. Our SaaS SEO services are tuned towards bringing your platform to the forefront of any search engine like Google and Bing. FINPR Agency is composed of experienced and professional SEO specialists who excel at using the latest SEO tools.
FINPR Agency’s SaaS SEO services use the latest methodologies to make your platform come up higher in Search Engine Page Results (SERPs). Ranking higher is a crucial digital marketing aspect that should not be ignored. A higher ranking means more chances of potential clients clicking on your SaaS website link. In short, we help bring future users to your doorstep!
With varying SaaS SEO packages, there is always something that you can benefit from. If you are looking to simply boost your presence, FINPR Agency can do that. If you want to overhaul your platform from an SEO perspective, we do it! FINPR Agency even offers other services like blogs, press releases, and articles that can make your SaaS platform pop out more.

SaaS SEO Campaign Packages

Select from one of our five different SaaS SEO packages. Each one offers more than the previous one. Not sure which one is best for you? Contact us and we can help you decide!

SaaS SEO Audit Package

The most basic of our packages, SaaS SEO Audit is the one you want to do if you are not sure what kind of depth your SaaS platform requires. Our SEO experts will go through your existing web pages and create a comprehensive report on what aspects of SEO are missing.
Our technical team will also do your website loading analysis. Website loading speed is an important factor. A slow website leads to a higher percentage of potential (and existing) users leaving. Even search engines like Google take website loading speed into account to rank them.
The SaaS Audit will look at your external linking. FINPR Agency’s team will analyze all backlinks and furnish a report that will enable you to see which external linking is helping you in SEO and which is not.
Finally, the SaaS SEO Audit will rank your website against your top 10 competitors. The audit will compare your current standing in SEO and theirs’ so you get an idea of what you are lagging in.

Starter SaaS SEO Package

The Starter SaaS SEO package has all the bells and whistles of the Audit but with the added benefit of 100 SEO keywords. With a long list of these keywords, you can insert them in your landing pages, blogs, and other text so that your website is more visible in SERPs. Even if your current situation covers most of the industry-related keywords, FINPR Agency will go a step further and find other relevant ones as well.
The Starter SaaS SEO package also offers website content optimization. Search engines also look at things like metadata, page titles, URLs, and other backend aspects. FINPR Agency will help you optimize these as well.

Lite SaaS SEO Package

When it comes to content, having the right keywords is one thing, but creating relatable content is another game. This is where the Lite SaaS SEO package comes in handy. Our SaaS writers will design a 24-blog campaign for you, with briefs for each piece. With 2 blog briefs per week, you will have enough material to generate SEO-optimized blogs for 3 months.
If you are struggling with the actual blog content, you can always outsource the writing to us (billed separately). Our writers have been creating content for top-notch SaaS platforms since 2017 and you can leverage that to your advantage. Our team will ensure that the blogs match your branding too.
And of course, with the Lite SaaS SEO package, you get all the services of the previous ones!

Standard SaaS SEO Package

What’s better than 100 keywords? 500! Gain an upper hand in the SaaS industry. Let your SEO power be unleashed and search engines find you easily. Dominate your competition with a better SEO strategy. FINPR Agency also does more than just the top 10 competitor analysis, helping you beat the competition with ease.
The Standard SaaS SEO package also offers authority building for your platform. Google and other search engines love authoritative websites. With domain authority, you also get the additional advantage of other websites and SaaS platforms backlinking to you, creating a cycle where they link to you to rank higher, but inversely boost your authority.
You also get integration, which can significantly boost your Click Through Rates (CTRs), helping in increasing traffic to your website. With integration, your website will have better microdata, RDFa, and other text embedded, letting search engines find you better.
We understand that this sounds too complicated. You need not worry about it. Our SaaS SEO team will take care of all the integration and implementation while you relax.

Advanced SaaS SEO Package

The ultimate in SEO, our Advanced package is the premium service that has everything your SaaS platform will ever need. This package has everything of all our packages combined into one. But we go beyond that with additional material like:

  • 1,000 Keywords: Always have your SaaS website visible. The large amount of keywords will ensure you are amongst the highest in SERPs.
  • 72 Blog Outlines: Have more than enough ideas and briefs to cover your blogs for 9 months (at 2 blog outlines per week).
  • Regular Meetings: Once a month the FINPR Agency team will sit down and discuss ongoing SEO strategies for consistent visibility in the ever-changing SaaS environment.
  • Ongoing Subscription: We will update your SEO keywords, backlinking, and other aspects for ranking higher than before.
  • Google’s My Business Integration: If you have any location-specific services, we will integrate them with Google My Business for better ranking.

SaaS SEO F.A.Q.s

Do SaaS business needs SaaS SEO services?
Unless you have an in-house SEO team that understands the SaaS market, you will need one. While things like keywords and insertion are doable by generic technical SEO professionals, there is a lot more to SEO than that. Things like microdata, authority building, etc. will go a long way in building your SEO, which not everyone can do.
With FINPR Agency, SaaS companies will get a visibility boost like never before. The higher your website scores, the better it will rank. Ultimately, this will increase your Click Through Rate and increase user signup.
How fast are your SaaS SEO results?
Though some of our past clients have seen major results in around a month, it varies with each B2B SaaS SEO platform. There are several factors like competition, competitor’s SEO strength, available content, and existing domain authority that can affect the time taken.
Then there are other factors that are not in our control, like your SEO marketing channels and content marketing strategy, opportunities in the industry, etc.
Do I need recurring SaaS SEO services to rank higher?
While you have the option of selecting any of the packages for a month, we do suggest a subscription. SEO visibility takes time and in the SaaS industry, things can change dramatically in months, even weeks. A recurring service enables FINRP digital marketing agency to remain on top of the changes and fine-tune your SEO and internal linking as things develop.
I am not sure which SaaS SEO package is the best for me.
No worries! You can always select our best SaaS SEO Audit package and we can analyze things for you. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will set up a meeting to look over your requirements. With that information, we will suggest a package that offers the best value for money.
Is your SaaS SEO like any other SEO service?
On the surface, any SEO and content strategy can be applied across different industries and sectors. However, these are just the basic SEO. For you to gain the maximum, it is always advisable to go for a firm like FINPR Agency that has experience in the SaaS industry, with a SaaS SEO consultant marketing team that is acutely tuned to create strategies and methodologies for SaaS.
How quickly can you provide me with SEO updates?
FINPR's SaaS SEO experts pride on quality and speed of service. However, our delivery times vary as each client we take on is different, requiring in-depth research at our end.
However, we will always furnish a suitable timeline (and stick to it!).