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Top 8 Metaverse Influencers to Follow in 2024

Top 8 Metaverse Influencers to Follow in 2024

Top 8 Metaverse Influencers to Follow in 2024
The Metaverse is a vast virtual world where digital and physical realities merge. It's a fully immersive environment where people can interact, work, play, and create. First imagined in Neal Stephenson's 1992 novel "Snow Crash," this concept has come to life thanks to advancements in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and blockchain technology.
The Metaverse is transforming modern technology and culture. It changes how we experience the internet, turning traditional digital interactions into rich, interactive experiences. It offers new business opportunities and connects creators with audiences in unique ways.
Following Metaverse influencers keeps you updated on the latest trends and technologies. They offer valuable insights and tutorials, enhancing your virtual experience whether you're a gamer, creator, or curious explorer.

Rise of Metaverse Influencers

What is a Metaverse Influencer?

A Metaverse influencer is a content creator who has built a substantial following within the Metaverse by consistently producing engaging, informative, and entertaining content. These influencers navigate virtual worlds, share their experiences, offer insights, and influence trends within the Metaverse. They operate across various platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and emerging virtual environments, bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds.

The Role and Impact of Influencers in the Metaverse

They act as pioneers, exploring new territories within virtual worlds, testing the latest technologies, and setting trends. Their influence extends to brand collaborations, where they help introduce new products and services to their audience, driving engagement and adoption. Influencers also foster vibrant communities, bringing together like-minded individuals and providing a sense of belonging in the vast digital expanse.
They also provide entertainment and foster a sense of community, making the Metaverse more accessible and enjoyable. Engaging with these influencers helps you understand this evolving space and be part of the digital future.

Profiles of Top Metaverse Influencers

1. Lil Miquela

Lil Miquela
Lil Miquela, also known as Miquela Sousa, is one of the most renowned metaverse influencers. She made her debut on Instagram in 2016 and has since amassed millions of followers. Created by the Los Angeles-based startup Brud, Miquela presents herself as a Brazilian-Spanish musician and model. She has been named one of TIME magazine’s “25 Most Influential People on the Internet” and has collaborated with major brands like Calvin Klein and Prada. Miquela's influence extends beyond fashion and music; she is also a vocal advocate for social issues, including the Black Lives Matter movement.
Her fame skyrocketed when she appeared in a controversial Calvin Klein advertisement where she shared a virtual kiss with supermodel Bella Hadid. This blend of virtual and real-world interactions showcases the unique position Miquela holds in bridging digital and physical realms. Her compelling narrative and relatable persona make her a standout figure in the metaverse influencer space.
What attracts her audience:
  • Cutting-edge fashion collaborations
  • Advocacy for social issues
  • Interactive and immersive content

2. Kizuna A.I.

Kizuna A.I.
Kizuna A.I. is a pioneering virtual influencer from Japan, known for her anime-style appearance and engaging personality. She started her journey on YouTube and quickly gained a massive following. Kizuna A.I. has since expanded her presence to TV shows, commercials, and even the music industry. Her TikTok account boasts millions of followers, where she frequently engages with the latest trends and showcases her dance skills.
Kizuna's appeal lies in her versatility and the ability to blend entertainment with cutting-edge technology. Her anime aesthetic and engaging content make her a unique and captivating figure in the metaverse. She represents the potential for virtual influencers to transcend traditional boundaries and become multifaceted entertainment personalities.
What attracts her audience:
  • Unique anime-style persona
  • Versatile content across multiple platforms
  • High-quality dance and music videos

3. Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl
Cathy Hackl is a tech futurist and business leader who has made significant contributions to the metaverse. She has worked with major companies like HTC VIVE, Magic Leap, and Amazon Web Services. Hackl founded the Futures Intelligence Group, which consults on metaverse strategies, NFTs, and virtual brand expansions. She is a prominent speaker, author, and media personality, frequently contributing to Forbes and appearing on platforms like Bloomberg and 60 Minutes+.
Hackl is known for her deep insights into the commercial potential of the metaverse. She is working on a book about the metaverse's business opportunities, which underscores her role as a thought leader in this space. Her expertise makes her a key influencer for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of the metaverse.
What attracts her audience:
  • Expertise in tech and business strategies
  • High-profile consulting and speaking engagements
  • In-depth analysis and insights into the metaverse

4. Rozy Oh

Rozy Oh
Rozy Oh, created by South Korean media company Sidus Studio X, is a leading virtual influencer in Asia. She is known for her collaboration with high-profile brands like Calvin Klein and her engagement with various Korean celebrities and athletes. Rozy also advocates for civic engagement, encouraging her followers to participate in democratic processes.
Rozy's unique appeal comes from her "expression expert" reputation, showcasing a wide range of facial expressions and poses that captivate her audience. Her blend of fashion, entertainment, and social advocacy positions her as a powerful influence in the virtual space.
What attracts her audience:
  • Strong presence in the Asian market
  • High-quality, relatable content
  • Collaboration with top fashion brands

5. David Baszucki

David Baszucki
David Baszucki, the founder and CEO of Roblox, has been instrumental in integrating the game business into the metaverse. Roblox, launched in 2004, now boasts over 20 million active users and collaborates with well-known brands like Gucci to create immersive experiences. Baszucki's vision for Roblox has transformed it into a platform where users can create, interact, and explore vast virtual worlds.
Baszucki's influence extends through his initiatives like the "Roblox Tech Talks" podcast, which delves into metaverse-related topics. His commitment to expanding the possibilities within the metaverse makes him a significant figure in the industry.
What attracts his audience:
  • Visionary leadership in the gaming industry
  • Educational and insightful podcast series
  • Engaging in virtual community experiences

6. Jake Browatzke

Jake Browatzke
Jake Browatzke is the creator behind "On Chain Gaming," a YouTube channel dedicated to all things metaverse, crypto, and NFTs. Jake provides in-depth tutorials on the latest metaverse games, reviews of gaming assets, and updates on crypto news. His content helps gamers understand the intricacies of metaverse gaming, emphasizing real ownership of in-game assets. Jake’s insights into the blockchain gaming ecosystem make his channel a valuable resource for both new and experienced gamers looking to explore the metaverse.
Jake’s engaging and informative style has made him a prominent figure in the metaverse community. He regularly shares his opinions on the latest trends, helping his audience stay informed and ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving digital space.
What attracts his audience:
  • In-depth tutorials on metaverse games
  • Expert reviews on gaming and crypto assets
  • Regular updates on metaverse trends

7. Imma

Imma is Japan’s first virtual human, created by Aww Inc., and she has quickly become a digital fashion icon. With her distinctive pink bob and vibrant personality, Imma has amassed a significant following on Instagram and TikTok. She collaborates with top fashion brands, shares behind-the-scenes content, and posts travel and lifestyle updates. Imma’s ability to blend humor and relatability with high-fashion content has made her a beloved figure in the virtual influencer space.
Imma’s engaging personality and trendsetting fashion sense make her stand out. She effectively bridges the gap between virtual and real-world fashion, making her a sought-after collaborator for brands looking to innovate in their Metaverse marketing strategies.
What attracts her audience:
  • Unique and trendy fashion content
  • Relatable and humorous personality
  • Engaging travel and lifestyle posts

8. Guggimon

Guggimon, a creation of Superplastic, is a virtual influencer with a love for horror and fashion. Described as a "fashion horror artist & mixtape producer," Guggimon has a distinctive persona that combines elements of pop culture and high fashion. He has collaborated with various artists and brands, including joining Steve Aoki on his Color of Noise tour. Guggimon’s content is a blend of dark humor, designer toys, and fashion, appealing to a niche but dedicated audience.
Guggimon's unique style and quirky persona attract fans who appreciate his edgy, unconventional approach to digital influence. His presence in the virtual space showcases the diverse potential of virtual influencers in different niches.
What attracts his audience:
  • Unique blend of horror and fashion
  • Collaborations with high-profile artists
  • Designer toy features and collectibles

How to Engage with Metaverse Influencers

Finding the Right Influencers

To engage effectively with Metaverse, Web3, or NFT influencers, start by identifying those who align with your personal interests and preferences. Whether you're passionate about gaming, virtual reality art, tech reviews, or digital fashion, there's likely an influencer who shares your enthusiasm. Use keywords and hashtags relevant to your interests when searching on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok. Explore Metaverse-specific forums and communities, where enthusiasts often share their favorite influencers and content creators.

Building Relationships

Active engagement is key to building a relationship with Metaverse influencers. Leave thoughtful comments on their posts and videos, share their content with your network, and participate in discussions. Attend virtual events, webinars, and live streams they host, and engage actively by asking questions, providing feedback, and joining in the conversation. This not only helps you connect with the influencer but also shows that you value their content.
If you're interested in collaborating with a Metaverse influencer, approach them with a clear, respectful, and well-thought-out proposal. Highlight mutual benefits and be specific about your collaboration ideas. Whether you’re a brand seeking promotion or an individual looking to create content together, ensure your pitch is professional and aligns with the influencer’s style and audience. Be patient and understanding, as influencers receive numerous requests and may take time to respond.

Staying Informed

Stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the Metaverse by following top influencers closely. Subscribe to their channels, turn on notifications for new content, and regularly check their social media updates. Influencers often share insights on emerging technologies, new platforms, and significant changes within the Metaverse. Keeping up with these updates will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Concluding Thoughts

Metaverse influencers are pivotal in shaping the digital landscape of the Metaverse, providing valuable insights, entertainment, and community engagement. They have emerged as significant figures in the virtual world, driving trends, and fostering innovation.
The future of influencer culture in the Metaverse is bright and full of potential. As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more immersive and interactive experiences. Influencers will play a crucial role in this evolution, leading the way with innovative content and pioneering new ways to connect and engage with audiences. Emerging trends such as virtual commerce, NFT integration, and more sophisticated virtual reality environments will further enhance the role of influencers in the Metaverse.