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IBTimes Sg: Get Your Story Featured

IBTimes Sg: Get Your Story Featured

IBTimes Sg: Get Your Story Featured
IBTimes SG (International Business Times Singapore) is a major player in the world of news and media. It's a hub for the latest in finance and business. Imagine the impact it could have on your business if you got a feature there. Big, right?
Why should you aim to be featured in top-tier media outlets like IBTimes.SG? It's simple. These platforms have a wide reach and credibility that can skyrocket your brand's visibility and reputation.
Whether you're a startup founder or a seasoned CEO, this article helps you understand the actions needed to get featured on this media outlet. Find out why you should check out this resource and how you can get guaranteed to publish there.

Advantage of Being Featured on IBTimes SG

Getting featured on IBTimes Singapore involves a few key steps and understanding of their platform and content preferences. IBTimes SG is part of the International Business Times, a growing global outlet delivering business news to millions of people worldwide through its network of digital platforms. The platform covers many topics, including fintech, sports, entertainment, science, and lifestyle​​.
IBTimes SG site
What will publishing on this site get you? By getting your story on IBTimes SG, you get instant access to a broad audience. This audience eager to hear what you've got to say. This exposure can skyrocket your brand's recognition and position you as a thought leader. It's a game changer for your business growth. A feature can also provide an SEO boost if the article includes backlinks to your site or business.

How to Get Featured on IBTimes SG

Steps to Get Featured on IBTimes SG

There are a number of actions you can do specifically to get yourself on the pages of IBTimes SG:
  • Understand the Content and Audience: IBTimes SG provides comprehensive content around important economic, and political news, as well as niche areas of interest to a global audience. It's essential to understand the type of their content and tailor your pitch accordingly.
  • Create a Compelling Story or Article: Your content should be engaging, well-researched, and relevant to IBTimes SG's readership. It could be a news article, an opinion piece, or an analysis of a current trend.
  • Contact the Publication: Reach out to IBTimes SG through their official contact channels. You can find their contact information on their website. Be concise in your communication.
  • Consider Using PR Services: Some PR services offer to get your business or story featured on platforms like IBTimes SG. They provide services including writing a featured article, ensuring it aligns with the guidelines, and handling the submission process. However, these services come with a cost​​.
  • Adhere to Editorial Guidelines: If you're writing the content yourself or through a PR service, ensure it meets IBTimes SG's editorial standards. This includes quality of writing and relevance to their audience.
  • Follow Up: After submitting your content or pitch, follow up if you haven't received a response. However, try to avoid excessive communication.
  • Leverage Social Media: Engaging with IBTimes SG on social media platforms and sharing your content can also increase your chances of getting noticed and featured.

Things to Keep in Mind

In addition, you need to understand the following things:
  • Publication Duration: It typically takes 3-7 business days for an article to be published once it's accepted.
  • Quality and Relevance: The content should be of high quality and relevant to IBTimes SG's readership.
  • Editorial Policies: Be aware of and adhere to the publication's editorial policies and guidelines.
The key to getting featured is to offer content that is both valuable to IBTimes SG's audience and aligns with their editorial focus.

Leveraging Specialized Support for the Fastest Result

If you are targeting audience in the South East Asia, IBTimes Singapore is definitely the right choice. Work with FINPR agency can really turbocharge your journey to getting featured on IBTimes SG. We know the shortcuts and the secret passages to get your story out there, fast and effectively. FINPR team is equipped with tools and tactics that are custom-fit for your unique story and business goals. Yes, we can help with both the preparation of text and the procedure for publishing it on the outlet.
Our experts understand the ins and outs of what makes content compelling for IBTimes SG. Thus, teaming up with FINPR is your secret weapon in the quest to get featured on IBTimes SG. Besides, FINPR can help with publications on the global IBTimes domain as well as other regional ones such as IBTimes India, IBTimes UK, IBTimes Australia.