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Top 25 Best Crypto Influencers on Twitter

Top 25 Twitter Crypto Influencers to follow in 2023
Top 25 Twitter Crypto Influencers to follow in 2024
In recent years, cryptocurrency has experienced a significant boom, attracting a growing number of individuals to participate in this profitable and captivating industry. Consequently, there has been a corresponding rise in the number of people who present themselves as crypto experts and influencers on social media platforms such as Twitter. Within the last quarter of 2022, Twitter daily active users hit over 237 million, making it a good resource for information.

Although having diverse viewpoints and outlooks can be advantageous, it can also be challenging to sift through the information overload and identify valuable perspectives. That's where this list comes in handy - we have assembled a roster of the 25 most influential crypto personalities on Twitter to follow in 2024.

These persons are esteemed authorities in cryptocurrency, having demonstrated their competence and expertise through their past achievements and thorough comprehension of the industry's intricacies. They possess a vast array of insights, know-how, and distinct viewpoints that can aid you in navigating the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency and making well-informed judgments regarding your investments.

Our list encompasses a broad spectrum of individuals, from experienced investors and traders to blockchain technology developers and intellectual trailblazers. Each of them possesses their particular fields of proficiency, and all are dedicated to promoting the acceptance and comprehension of cryptocurrency in their capacities.

Indeed, our list can only be partially inclusive, and numerous other accomplished individuals in the crypto arena are undoubtedly worth following. Nevertheless, we are convinced that the people on this list epitomize some of the finest and most influential voices in the industry, and we urge you to follow them for your own good in the crypto space.

Top 25 Crypto Tweeps of 2024

25. Mason Versluis

Mason Versluis is recognized as one of the foremost crypto influencers on Twitter. He is appreciated for his profound comprehension of the cryptocurrency sector and his talent for imparting helpful knowledge and evaluation to his adherents.

Describing himself as a "crypto enthusiast," Versluis has actively participated in the industry for several years and has established himself as a reliable authority in the domain. He routinely imparts his musings and viewpoints on different cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, presenting technical assessments and his distinctive stances on the market.

Followers: 153,736
Following: 2,124
Likes: 8,987
Tweets: 10,512
User Created: 2018
Mason Versluis

24. CryptoJack

Cryptojack is a well-known crypto influencer on Twitter, appreciated for their adeptness in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They have been active in the crypto world for several years and have established a reputation as a dependable source of information for their supporters.

A crucial domain where Cryptojack offers valuable insights is the realm of altcoins. They regularly scrutinize and communicate their opinions on less familiar cryptocurrencies that may not attract the attention of conventional investors. By doing so, Cryptojack presents their followers with opportunities to explore potentially valuable investment prospects that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Followers: 186,696
Following: 594
Likes: 715
Tweets: 6728
User Created: 2021

23. Symdroid

SymDroid is a software development firm that creates blockchain-based solutions and decentralized applications (dApps) for various industries.

Concerning their influence in the crypto sphere on Twitter, SymDroid's tweets have garnered a positive response from their supporters and the wider crypto community. Their content encompasses various topics, from blockchain technology and digital currencies to decentralized finance (DeFi) and smart contracts. SymDroid's tweets are frequently informative and insightful, contributing to enhanced visibility and credibility in crypto. SymDroid's active involvement on Twitter has fostered awareness and acceptance of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Followers: 173,953
Following: 1,284
Likes: 2,169
Tweets: 878
User Created: 2020

22. CryptoFinally

CryptoFinally has earned extensive recognition from the crypto community for her crypto influencing on Twitter, attracting a substantial following. Her tweets are frequently captivating and enlightening, imparting her followers with valuable observations and outlooks on various crypto-related subjects. Furthermore, she engages with her followers on Twitter, responding to their inquiries and giving direction on crypto investing and trading. CryptoFinally has assumed a critical function in stimulating consciousness and acceptance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology through her active involvement on Twitter.

Followers: 190,775
Following: 2,110
Likes: 129,099
Tweets: 74,228
User Created: 2018

21. Crypto General

With a Twitter follower count of over 221,000, CryptoGeneral primarily provides market analysis and insights into the crypto industry. They frequently tweet about various cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH, NFTs, and offer their followers technical analysis and trading recommendations.

CryptoGeneral's tweets often contain charts and graphs to support their analysis and visually represent market trends.

Followers: 221,068
Following: 4,524
Likes: 7,166
Tweets: 7,695
User Created: 2020
Crypto General

20. Girl Gone Crypto

Lea Thompson, popularly known as Girl Gone Crypto, has emerged as a prominent crypto influencer on Twitter. She is well-regarded for engaging and informative content centered on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Thompson entered the crypto industry in 2017 and has since amassed a considerable Twitter following of over 224,000 followers.

Followers: 224,158
Following: 3,202
Likes: 47,981
Tweets: 18,846
User Created: 2019
Girl Gone Crypto

19. Crypto Tony

Tony Sheng, also known as Crypto Tony, is a renowned Twitter influencer in the crypto community. With over 279,000 followers, he has established himself as a trusted source of information in the industry. Sheng has been an active participant in the crypto space for several years and is known for his astute analysis of the market and his insightful commentary on the broader industry.

Followers: 279,074
Following: 632
Likes: 170,648
Tweets: 70,817
User Created: 2017
Crypto Tony

18. Sheldon Evans

Sheldon Evans is a well-known crypto influencer on Twitter, renowned for his astute analysis and cryptocurrency market predictions. With a following of over 293,000 users, Evans has established himself as an expert in the industry, particularly in technical analysis. He is also the presenter of the Crypto Class Podcast, where he conducts in-depth discussions on diverse crypto-related topics.

Followers: 293,593
Following: 1,049
Likes: 3,957
Tweets: 3,069
User Created: 2009
Sheldon Evans

17. Wendy O

Wendy O, or Crypto Wendy, is a popular crypto influencer on Twitter who has gained a sizable following of over 329,000 users. She has earned a reputation as a reliable source of information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Wendy O is recognized for her astute analysis of the market and her talent for simplifying complex concepts for her followers.

Wendy O's tweets cover various topics, including news updates, market analysis, and her views on the crypto industry. In addition to her social media influence, she is a co-founder of the Women in Blockchain Foundation, which aims to promote inclusivity and diversity in the crypto space.

Followers: 329,738
Following: 983
Likes: 183,282
Tweets: 15,075
User Created: 2017
Wendy O

16. Travladd Crypto

Travladd Crypto, aka Travis Ruppert, is a well-liked crypto influencer on Twitter with more than 328,000 followers. He is recognized for producing informative content about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Ruppert has several years of experience in the crypto sector, and his academic background is in computer science and finance.

In addition, Ruppert is the creator of the Crypto Room Discord community, which serves as a forum for crypto enthusiasts to communicate and exchange knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Followers: 328,821
Following: 9,742
Likes: 88,176
Tweets: 17,563
User Created: 2019
Travladd Crypto

15. Jameson Lopp

Jameson Lopp is a well-known and respected personality in the world of cryptocurrencies who has a significant following on Twitter, with more than 434,000 followers. He is recognized for his deep knowledge of the crypto industry, having been involved since 2012, and is also the co-founder of Casa, a crypto custody solution.

Lopp's Twitter content is diverse, including technical analysis, market trends, and personal experiences within the industry. Additionally, he is a vocal advocate for the significance of privacy and security when using cryptocurrencies. His opinions and endorsements are highly regarded in the crypto community and often influence market trends.

Followers: 434,653
Following: 278
Likes: 21,113
Tweets: 40,291
User Created: 2009
Jameson Lopp

14. Sheldon The Sniper

Sheldon The Sniper, is a prominent crypto influencer on Twitter with over 436,000 followers. He is known for his technical analysis of the crypto market and his ability to predict market trends. Sniper is also the host of a YouTube channel known as Crypto Banter, where he provides in-depth discussions on various topics related to cryptocurrencies.

Followers: 436,157
Following: 635
Likes: 1,620
Tweets: 4,094
User Created: 2021
Sheldon The Sniper

13. DonAlt

DonAlt is a popular crypto influencer on Twitter, boasting a following of over 469,000 users. He has established a reputation as an expert in technical analysis and charting, with a talent for breaking complicated crypto market concepts into easily digestible terms. DonAlt has been active in the industry for several years and brings with him a background in finance.

Followers: 469,874
Following: 453
Likes: 27,028
Tweets: 28,442
User Created: 2017

12. Cred

Cred, a popular crypto influencer on Twitter, has gained popularity among over 549,000 followers for his expertise in technical analysis and trading strategies in the crypto market. With a background in computer science and several years of experience in the industry, he is a respected figure in the crypto community. Cred's tweets cover diverse topics, including market trends, new NFT, tech analysis, and his personal opinions on the industry. He is praised for simplifying complicated concepts and providing honest insights on various cryptocurrencies.

Followers: 549,425
Following: 1,010
Likes: 94,900
Tweets: 24,988
User Created: 2017


Kaleo is a well-known crypto influencer on Twitter, with a following of over 569,000 users. He has a strong reputation for his technical analysis, market insights, and trend identification skills in the crypto industry. With his experience in finance and years of involvement in the crypto industry, Kaleo is considered an expert in the field.

Followers: 569,840
Following: 1,038
Likes: 57,861
Tweets: 49,235
User Created: 2017

10. BSCDaily

BSCDaily is a Twitter influencer who has gained popularity with over 597,000 followers for providing timely news, insightful analysis, and valuable perspectives on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and its various decentralized applications (dApps). Moreover, the account serves as the official Twitter handle for BSC.news, a platform that provides in-depth coverage of the BSC ecosystem.

The topics covered in BSCDaily's tweets include new dApps, technical analysis of the BNB token, and exclusive interviews with leading personalities in the industry (for example, Coinbase CEO, Vitalik Buterin, etc.)

Followers: 597,856
Following: 57
Likes: 2,338
Tweets: 15,634
User Created: 2021

9. Eric Voorhees

Erik Voorhees is a renowned personality in the crypto industry and a popular Twitter influencer with over 659,000 followers. He is the creator and chief executive officer of ShapeShift, a cryptocurrency trading platform, and has been an active participant in the industry for numerous years.

Voorhees' tweets cover a wide range of topics, including his viewpoints on the present state of the crypto market, predictions for the future, and talks on the regulatory framework. His candidness and his capacity to express complicated concepts in a manner that is easily understandable to a broad audience have made him popular in the community.

Followers: 659,084
Following: 4,073
Likes: 11,282
Tweets: 26,777
User Created: 2009
Eric Voorhees

8. The Wolf Of All Streets

Scott Melker, also known as The Wolf Of All Streets, is a well-known crypto influencer on Twitter with over 883,000 followers. He has a crypto trading, investing, and education background and has been an active participant in the crypto industry for several years. Melker is famous for his expertise in providing technical analysis, trading insights, and views on the crypto market's state.

Followers: 883,886
Following: 1,227
Likes: 95,413
Tweets: 111,695
User Created: 2008
The Wolf Of All Streets

7. Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is a renowned personality in the crypto space and a highly followed influencer on Twitter with over a million followers. He is the inventor of Litecoin, a popular cryptocurrency often referred to as the "digital silver" to Bitcoin's "digital gold." With years of experience in the crypto industry, Lee is known for his technical proficiency and market insights.

Followers: 1,058,980
Following: 512
Likes: 14,515
Tweets: 16,798
User Created: 2008
Charlie Lee

6. Lark Davis

Lark Davis is a well-known Twitter crypto influencer, boasting over a million follower count. He has gained significant popularity through his informative and entertaining videos on YouTube, where he covers various topics related to the crypto industry, such as market analysis, investment strategies, and news updates. Davis has been an active crypto community member for several years and has a finance background.

Followers: 1,096,890
Following: 378
Likes: 62,369
Tweets: 48,028
User Created: 2009
Lark Davis

5. Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong (@bitboy_crypto), with over 1,000,000 followers on Twitter, is a notable crypto influencer. He is recognized for his YouTube videos that offer insightful and captivating discussions on various topics related to the crypto market. These topics include market analysis, investment strategies, and news updates. Armstrong has been involved in the industry for several years and has a computer science background. He could be names as one of the top crypto influencers (not only in Twitter, but also YouTube, Facebook and so on).

Followers: 1,046,164
Following: 1,002
Likes: 39,827
Tweets: 30,758
User Created: 2018
Ben Armstrong

4. Carl From The Moon

With over 1,200,000 followers on Twitter, Carl From The Moon is a well-known crypto influencer, recognized for his proficiency in technical analysis and his capability to predict market trends. Carl's Twitter feed encompasses various subjects relating to the crypto industry, from Bitcoin and Ethereum updates to market status reviews. Both beginners and advanced traders appreciate his straightforward analysis, and he has a reputation for of content creator who provides clear insights.

Followers: 1,295,193
Following: 696
Likes: 16,130
Tweets: 21,771
User Created: 2018
Carl From The Moon

3. Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily, a prominent crypto influencer on Twitter with over 1,300,000 followers, is well-known for their engaging and informative videos on YouTube. They cover various topics related to the crypto industry, such as market analysis, investment strategies, and news updates. Altcoin Daily has been an active member of the industry for several years and is highly regarded for their impartial analysis and insightful content.

Their tweets provide a wide range of information about the crypto industry, including updates on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, as well as analysis of the market trends and general crypto news. Altcoin Daily is also known for simplifying complex topics and making them understandable for novice and experienced traders.

Followers: 1,346,528
Following: 896
Likes: 59,799
Tweets: 22,104
User Created: 2018
Altcoin Daily

2. Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor is a notable figure in the crypto space and a renowned influencer on Twitter with over 2 million followers. He leads MicroStrategy, a publicly traded startup (or better to say, fund) that has invested significantly in Bitcoin. Saylor is recognized for his optimistic stance on Bitcoin and his conviction that it is the most exceptional store of value globally.

Saylor's tweets span a wide range of topics concerning Bitcoin, latest news in the crypto industry, such as the latest developments on MicroStrategy's Bitcoin reserves, his views on market trends, digital assets, and his predictions about the industry's future.

Followers: 2,971,516
Following: 605
Likes: 3470
Tweets: 4,233
User Created: 2011
Michael Saylor

1. H.E Justin Sun

H.E. Justin Sun is a popular crypto influencer on Twitter with over 3 million followers. He founded TRON, a blockchain platform that aims to decentralize the internet. Sun is widely recognized for his optimistic view of the crypto industry and his belief that blockchain technology will transform the way we live, work, and interact.

Sun's tweets address a diverse range of topics related to the crypto industry, including updates on TRON's latest developments, market news, and projections for the industry's future. He is highly regarded for his entrepreneurial drive and talent for cultivating a strong community around his projects.

Followers: 3,444,709
Following: 2,416
Likes: 7,535
Tweets: 16,076
User Created: 2017
H.E Justin Sun


In summary, the crypto industry is becoming more popular and attracting interest from various groups of people. It's essential to follow reliable sources for updates and insights. The 25 crypto influencers mentioned in this article have established themselves as experts thought leaders, and trusted voices in the industry. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new, following these influencers can provide valuable information, analysis, and perspectives.


We’ve decided to add in the list only those crypto Twitter influencers, who earn money mainly because of their popularity in social media channels. That’s why we haven’t included some top cryptocurrency exchange and crypto wallets CEOs (who have lots of Twitter followers, like CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao @cz_binance, founders of Coinbase - Brian Armstrong, Kraken, etc.), as well as famous people from traditional non-crypto business, who like to comment on crypto topics (for example, CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk, Anthony Pompliano @APompliano or Andreas Antonopoulos @aantonop, Ripple CEO and Roger Ver @rogerkver). Also we haven’t added some popular, but still anonymous memes related Twitter accounts.


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