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5 methods on how to choose a targeted country for ICO marketing

5 methods on how to choose a targeted country for ICO marketing
Targeting countries determine crowd sale success. We're talking here about ICO, neither IEO (when targeted countries have to match with the geography of exchanges' userbase).

The first thing to pay attention to is how much the topic of ICO is popular in a particular country. The second thing is where the maximum ICO fees are. It's clear that "the most is raized in Asia," but where exactly?

Here are five ways to find out the hottest countries:
▶️ To google

Despite all the confidentiality, some ICO discloses the countries where they attracted the most money after collecting them. Bankex, Lympo are among them.

▶️ To ask around some people inside this industry

Someone will ask for money, but there will be those who will leak the info for free.

▶️ Look at the mining map

The idea is that where more is mined, more liquidity and people are willing to invest in ICO.

▶️ To define the traffic to the ICO website

The idea is to track the transitions to the website of any ICO through SimilarWeb on the first day of the token sale. The shares of collections and traffic countries coincide.

▶️ View trading volumes

It follows from the previous paragraph's logic. Here is, for example, not the best but and not so bad infographics for your help below.