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Best Crypto Blogs: Top Blogs About Blockchain, NFT & Metaverse

In the last decade, interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain has grown exponentially. This unprecedented growth and the introduction of numerous blockchain-based trends such as NFTs, Metaverse, GameFi, etc., has created the need for reliable and accurate news media coverage. Over the years, hundreds of these media outlets and blogs have been launched to provide developers and users with helpful information about these emerging markets.

In line with the influx of blogs, this piece will, albeit in a segmented style, list some of the top blockchain blogs, NFT blogs, metaverse blogs, and top people in the crypto hemisphere.

Leading Cryptocurrency Blogs in 2023

Here are the leading cryptocurrency news media sites ranked by highest monthly traffic, as reported by SimilarWeb. This segment contains blockchain blogs with monthly traffic of over one million, writing about latest news on blockchain market and in crypto world overall.


Monthly Traffic: 9.5 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., UK, Canada

CoinDesk is the most popular cryptocurrency blog whose feature pieces are constantly referenced by other mainstream finance and tech media outlets. With a whopping 9.5 million visitors monthly, CoinDesk publishes over 200 pieces of content weekly, some of which include videos and podcasts. The top cryptocurrency and blockchain blog hosts live broadcast events to reach more readers.


Monthly Traffic: 8.4 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., UK, Japan

Launched in 2013, a few years after Bitcoin’s legendary launch, CoinTelegraph provides unbiased, relevant, well-researched pieces about blockchain, Bitcoin, and other digital assets. In addition, CoinTelegraph offers in-depth crypto market analysis, trends, and insights. And with authors located everywhere, this crypto media site is always on top of every crypto news.
CoinTelegraph publishes over 187 articles weekly and has a Cryptopedia section for first-time readers.


Monthly Traffic: 3.9 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., India, U.K.

Decrypt seeks to simplify the decentralized web space. Launched in 2018 and funded by ConsenSys, Decrypt regularly publishes content to help the average reader understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Committed to informing the general public, Decrypt offers free articles and publishes over 13 informative and factual pieces weekly.

AMB Crypto

Monthly Traffic: 3.3 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., Venezuela, Brazil

AMB Crypto is an independent news site that offers readers valuable information about the crypto and financial sectors. Since its launch, AMB Crypto has evolved from covering price-specific updates to covering more opinionated features, such as leadership insights in the industry. This independent media outlet and its team of authors continue to expand with the dynamic blockchain space, offering readers instant coverage of all the latest developments.


Monthly Traffic: 3.1 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., India, U.K.
U.Today prides itself as a media organization that provides real-time, valuable, and accurate information about technology and its future. Thriving on journalistic tenets of accuracy, independence, and transparency, U.Today informs and educates readers about emerging technologies and how they can become essential users.


Monthly Traffic: 3 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., India, U.K.

Bitcoin.com is a crypto news media site that publishes real-time news feeds about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This news site also offers learning resources, well-analyzed tips, and other valuable information about the premier crypto, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin.com publishes over 11 articles daily, covering latest cryptocurrency market developments, including Bitcoin related news.


Monthly Traffic: 2.9 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., Russia, France

BeInCrypto is a premium crypto/ blockchain blog that covers recent developments in the space. Unlike other top crypto blogs, BeInCrypto is divided into several sections, making it easier for first-time readers to grasp. It covers opinions from industry experts, press releases from crypto projects, price analysis, news, and a learn more section for new crypto enthusiasts.

The Block

Monthly Traffic: 2.5 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., Germany, UK

The Block sees cryptocurrencies and blockchain as an integral part of the future and has made it a mission to empower the average user with immensely important information about the industry. The Block does not only cover crypto news, the team works closely with hundreds of professionals in the tech and finance industries to enable them to provide in-depth, unbiased, and accurate features and pieces.

The Block recently launched “The Block Pro,” a research, data, and news section for readers.


Monthly Traffic: 2.2 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., Germany, France

CryptoNews is a comprehensive crypto blog that offers exclusive news, videos, guides, podcasts, live events, and market cap estimates. The crypto news site assembles a team of tech and finance industry professionals to regularly create and post well-researched, unbiased, and accurate opinionated pieces, market analyses, and feature articles.

The Daily Hodl

Monthly Traffic: 2.1 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., UK, Netherlands

“News and insight for the digital economy,” The Daily Hodl is a reputable and open crypto blog that provides 24/7 updates and features about blockchain technology and digital assets. As an open platform, The Daily Hodl allows readers with ample knowledge of cryptocurrencies to guest-write posts and have them posted on the blog. It also incorporates a “Beginner” section where readers with little to no knowledge of digital assets can learn more about these new technologies.


Monthly Traffic: 2 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., India, Germany

Hackernoon is a prominent and globally read crypto blog with over 35,000 contributors. It is the ideal platform for everything relating to technology, blockchain, and digital assets. Hackernoon’s commitment to covering all the latest developments and reporting back to readers in the most unbiased manner is why the website isn't concealed by numerous pop-ups and paywalls. It is a free site for everyone—no login or subscription is required.


Monthly Traffic: 1.6 million
Main Countries by Traffic: India, U.S., Russia

At the vanguard of serving the crypto community with timely updates on digital assets and blockchain, CoinGape promotes extensive coverage of all developments in the crypto space. CoinGape hosts a team of industry experts with years of experience in the emerging space, and through this team, continues to deliver in-depth, factual, and unbiased stories about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. And how they affect various communities globally.

CoinGape provides high-quality content for a diverse audience.


Monthly Traffic: 1.5 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., UK, France

CoinCodex is a reputable crypto analytics and news site. Split into numerous categories, CoinCodex offers readers in-depth market analysis, market trends, and price movements as they seek to make informed trading decisions. It is a comprehensive crypto blog that covers even the most minute aspect of the evolving digital assets market.


Monthly Traffic: 1.4 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., UK, India

Cryptopolitan is a well-grounded top crypto blog that thrives on the tenets of journalism—accuracy, independence, and transparency. Cryptopolitan covers the latest crypto developments, shares market insights, and identifies scam projects. The media house is committed to delivering fresh, valuable, and accurate information to over 1.4 million monthly readers.

Crypto Slate

Monthly Traffic: 1.2 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., UK, Vietnam

Crypto Slate is an informational blog that provides essential and timely updates on digital assets, blockchain products, blockchain companies, and blockchain events. Crypto Slate filters information about assets not only by their market performance but also by their core facets, such as consensus mechanism, token supply, level of community involvement, etc. The media site provides a holistic view of cryptocurrencies, DeFi, web 3, etc.


Monthly Traffic: 1.1 million
Main Countries by Traffic: Argentina, Mexico, Colombia

Cryptonoticias is a non-English-based top crypto blog that offers extensive analysis, reports, and information about Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and their underlying technology, blockchain. The non-English-based blog also provides guides, tutorials, price insights, and special market analysis for millions of readers.


Monthly Traffic: 1.1 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., UK, India

Launched in 2013, Bitcoinist delivers groundbreaking news to the ever-growing crypto community. The team is committed to providing unbiased, well-researched, and accurate articles that give their 1.1 million monthly readers a bit of perspective about the markets and concomitant events shaping the industry. Bitcoinist informs and educates readers about these new technologies.
Bitcoinist publishes over 80 articles weekly.

Top NFT Blogs

This section will discuss the top blogs for all things NFTs.


Monthly Traffic: 386 thousand
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., UK, India

NFT Now is an NFT-dedicated blog that aims at redefining how creators and community members share in the value they create. This top blog believes in NFTs as a trend capable of changing the incumbent economic model and is committed to providing enthusiasts with fresh, accurate, and well-grounded information and statistics about NFTs.

NFT News Today

Monthly Traffic: 57 thousand
Main Countries by Traffic: Philippines, U.S., India

As an NFT-dedicated blog, NFT News Today is focused primarily on documenting and sharing the adoption of NFTs. Although based in the United Kingdom, NFT News Today has a team of professionals from around the globe, all charged with delivering unbiased, helpful content and insight about these non-fungible tokens.


Monthly Traffic: 11 thousand
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., India, Kenya

NFT LATELY is a prestigious NFT blog that regularly shares market insights and recent developments in the space. This top blog constantly analyzes the market for readers, delivering everything they need to know about the market. It is an ideal NFT blog for prospective NFT owners looking to get into the industry.


Monthly Traffic: 39 thousand
Main Countries by Traffic: Germany, India, Canada

A group of developers and blockchain enthusiasts, NFTCALLY is passionate about NFTs and how this new technology can impact several industries. NFTCALLY tells the NFT story in an unbiased, friendly, and demystified manner, simplifying the process for the average reader.

NFT Plazas

Monthly Traffic: 47 thousand
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., UK, Switzerland

Launched in 2018, NFT Plazas is excited about NFTs and how they can change the world. The NFT blog is devoted to growing the NFT and metaverse spaces through undiluted, accurate, and necessary content. NFT Plazas is spreading the word about NFTs and is working to dispel entry barriers to this new market.

NFT Evening

Monthly Traffic: 187 thousand
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., UK, Romania

With over a million monthly visitors, per the website, NFT Evening is a dedicated blog for the NFT ecosystem. This blog hopes to keep creating fun, exciting, and engaging content while building a go-to platform for artists, collectors, investors, and general NFT enthusiasts to interact and collaborate on their foray into the world of digital collectibles.

NFT and GameFi

Monthly Traffic: 17 thousand
Main Countries by Traffic: Germany, Russia, India

NFT and GameFi is an ideal platform for NFT, metaverse, and GameFi content. This blog is passionate about sharing information about NFTs and the billion-dollar gaming industry. NFT and GameFi also share decentralized finance content as it aims to keep readers abreast with all that is happening in the blockchain, NFT, metaverse, and GameFi spaces.

Top Metaverse Blogs

In addition to crypto and NFT blogs, we've also seen an influx of metaverse-based blogs. This section will cover the top metaverse blogs.

Metaverse Insider

Monthly Traffic: 103 thousand
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., India, Canada

Metaverse Insider is one of the leading providers of news, feature articles, and general content about the metaverse. This top blog also covers news about new technologies like AR, VR, and the current buzzword, web 3. Metaverse Insider allows guest contributors and has hundreds of them.

Metaverse Post

Monthly Traffic: 2,2 million
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., India, Brazil

Metaverse Post is a tech and metaverse dedicated blog passionate about offering readers valuable information about various emerging technologies. Divided into multiple sections, one of which includes AI, Metaverse Post is committed to sharing stories about these technologies and how they can reshape the future.

Geek Metaverse

Monthly Traffic: 11 thousand
Main Countries by Traffic: U.S., Canada, Uganda

Geek Metaverse is an all-inclusive blockchain, NFT, crypto, and Metaverse news blog that offers fresh content on these new technologies. The team delivers well-researched, properly analyzed, and extensive articles, features, and relevant content about the metaverse and how its integration can challenge the status quo.

Metaverse News

Monthly Traffic: no data
Main Countries by Traffic: no data

This is a devoted metaverse news and recent development coverage blog that aims at providing readers with fresh daily updates. In addition to metaverse news, this top blog focuses on AI, business, and finance, offering visitors a clearer, unbiased, and well-grounded perspective of these new technologies and their role in the future.

Into The Meta

Monthly Traffic: no data
Main Countries by Traffic: no data

With a firm belief in the power of humanity for a change, Into The Meta is a top metaverse blog that shares metaverse news and insights from a team of forward-thinking individuals.

Top People in Crypto

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian developer and founder of the revolutionary platform, Ethereum.

Changpeng Zhao

Otherwise known as CZ, Changpeng Zhao is a Chinese-Canadian businessman and founder of Binance, the leading crypto exchange.

Brian Armstrong

Brian is an American businessman and CEO of the renowned crypto platform Coinbase.

Michael J. Saylor

Michael is an American businessman and CEO of Microstrategy, a business intelligence, cloud computing, and mobile software service company.

Gavin Wood

Gavin Wood is a computer scientist, creator of Polkadot, and also the founder of Ethereum.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is an investor, and CEO of Twitter, SpaceX, and Tesla. He is an influential personality in the crypto space.

Anatoly Yarkovenko

Anatoly Yarkovenko is a Russian-born business, crypto enthusiast, and founder of Solana, one of the most scalable, efficient, and cheaper blockchain networks.

Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert is the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group (DCG), a corporation of over five crypto-focused companies.

Ben Zhou

Ben Zhou is the CEO of Bybit, a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore.

Sandeep Nailwal

Sandeep Nailwal is an energetic, forward-thinking crypto enthusiast and CEO of Polygon, a blockchain-based network.

Juan Benet

Juan Benet is the founder and CEO of Protocol Labs, an open-source R&D lab.

Jihan Wu

Jihan Wu is a Chinese investor, billionaire, and co-founder of Bitmain, arguably the world's largest computer chip for all forms of Bitcoin mining.

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is an American computer scientist and founder of one of the top crypto projects, Litecoin.

Top Crypto Influencers

Coin Bureau

Subscribers; 2,23 million
Average Views; 160K

This is your go-to informational portal to the world of cryptocurrencies. The team takes viewers on an epic journey through the crypto-verse.

Meet Kevin

Subscribers; 1.85 million
Average Views; 70K

Meet Kevin is a renowned crypto analyst who researches the market extensively, determines trends, and shares insightful, valuable, and timely market analysis with over 1.8 million subscribers.

BitBoy Crypto

Subscribers; 1.450 million
Average Views; 40K

BitBoy Crypto is a dedicated digital assets channel where viewers get unbiased, well-researched, and latest crypto news, project reviews, and market analysis.

Altcoin Daily

Subscribers; 1.29 million
Average Views; 70K

Altcoin Daily covers every crypto, metaverse, web 3, and NFT news development. The top crypto influencer also offers trading advice, helping viewers make informed decisions.

Brian Jung

Subscribers; 1.26 million
Average Views; 30K

Brian Jung is an independent crypto investor and analyst who is constantly educating millions about these new technologies.


Subscribers; 895K
Average Views; 50K

Alexandrus is dedicated to informing viewers about cryptocurrencies as well as other emerging projects.

Whiteboard Crypto

Subscribers; 851K
Average Views; 20K

Whiteboard Crypto is committed to educating the general public about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Using analogies, illustrations, and engaging stories.