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Exploring 6 Best NFT Communities in 2024

Exploring 6 Best NFT Communities in 2024
Exploring 6 Best NFT Communities in 2024
Nowadays, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), stored on blockchains, authenticate digital assets like never before.
But beyond the tech, lies vibrant communities driving the NFT landscape. NFTs have united creators, collectors, and enthusiasts passionate about digital art, gaming, and more. These communities foster creativity and innovation within the NFT world.
Inside this article we'll explore NFT communities in detail, examining what makes them thrive and showcasing the best of 2024.

Discovering 6 Top NFT Communities

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club collection
The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) continues to make waves in the NFT community, positioning itself as a leader in both innovation and community engagement in 2024. A standout moment for BAYC was its ApeFest 2024, a hallmark event that underscores the community's vibrant culture and collective decision-making. Furthering its commitment to community and innovation, BAYC has undergone a significant website overhaul to enhance user experience and engagement. The introduction of new features, such as a more interactive delegate process and a token-gated survey in partnership with BlockSurvey, empowers members to have a say in the club's direction.
In parallel, BAYC's expansion into the virtual realm through the Otherside metaverse further solidifies its position as a pioneering force in the NFT space. Powered by ApeCoin and in collaboration with technology giants like Improbable and Animoca Brands, Otherside is designed as an expansive, immersive virtual world offering digital plots of land and a rich ecosystem for users to explore. The platform supports large-scale interactions, natural voice chat, and accessibility across devices, promising a unique metaverse experience that leverages BAYC's iconic brand​​.
Where to keep an eye on the community:

2. r/NFT

r/NFT subreddit
r/NFT stands out as a pivotal hub within the NFT community landscape, particularly noteworthy for its expansive membership and diverse activities. Established in 2016, this subreddit serves as a comprehensive forum for crypto investors and NFT collectors​​. This vast community delves into discussions that range from the intricacies of NFTs and their role in the evolving digital landscape of media to their application across video games, blockchain domains, and more. The community's interest spans the broad spectrum of NFT applications, including the representation of physical assets and decentralized identities, reflecting the diverse interests of its members.
Further enriching the r/NFT experience is its associated Discord community. Their NFT Discord server is a dynamic extension of the subreddit, offering weekly AMAs with industry leaders, collection review voice chats, giveaways, and events designed to engage the community. They also spotlight "Artist of the Week" features, NFT Drops, and foster collaborations with leading NFT projects​​​​. The r/NFT Discord server, established in March 2021, underscores a commitment to maintaining a safe-for-work environment, ensuring discussions remain accessible and professional. Through these platforms, r/NFT has cultivated a rich ecosystem that supports artists, collectors, developers, and enthusiasts, contributing significantly to the vibrant and evolving NFT space.
Where to keep an eye on the community:

3. Doodles

Doodles nft collection
Doodles is one of the most vibrant and engaging NFT communities in 2024, thanks to its colorful and distinctive art style, coupled with a robust community-driven approach. Launched in October 2021 by Scott Martin (Burnt Toast), Evan Keast, and Jordan Castro, Doodles consists of 10,000 unique NFTs distinguished by playful characters in an array of animal costumes, bright jewelry, and more. This project leverages over 100 rarity traits to influence their popularity and value in the secondary market.
The Doodles community thrives on its inclusive and democratic framework, allowing holders to influence the project's direction via the Doodlebank. This community treasury enables holders to vote on proposals for experiences, activations, and campaigns, fostering a collaborative roadmap for the project's future. Moreover, the introduction of the Inkubator, a community launchpad, supports creative and entrepreneurial ideas from holders, distributing over $300K in grants to fund various events and commercial experiments. The Doodles ecosystem, inclusive of its sub-communities and the strategic involvement of big-name celebrities and influencers, not only enriches the NFT space but also positions Doodles as a leading figure in promoting engagement and innovation within the digital collectibles market​​.
Where to keep an eye on the community:

4. OG Crystal

OG Crystal site
OG Crystal stands out not only for its unique digital art collection but also for its innovative fusion of digital and physical realms. This community is built around the OG:CR (OG Crystal) collection, a collaboration between artists Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko. The collection consists of 10,301 unique 3D crystals that have dynamically evolved with each sale, reflecting the personal crypto wallet history of their owners. This approach not only personalizes each NFT but also brings a novel dimension to the concept of digital art ownership​​​​.
Beyond the unique digital collectibles, OG Crystal has ventured into the realm of physical art through its ambitious project, Crystal REEF. This project aims to materialize the digital collection into a massive physical sculpture, slated for exhibition in prestigious museums and galleries worldwide. This initiative blurs the lines between digital and physical art forms, offering a glimpse into the future of art exhibitions and the potential for NFTs to occupy physical spaces. Additionally, OG Crystal has contributed to various art and environmental initiatives, including collaborations with renowned artists and donations to marine life conservation, underscoring the community's commitment to supporting high-concept art and environmental sustainability​​​​.
Where to keep an eye on the community:

5. MekaVerse

MekaVerse logo
Today MekaVerse remains a big figure in the NFT community, celebrated for its collection of 8,888 algorithmically generated robot warriors. Drawing inspiration from Japanese mecha, these NFTs - known as Mekas - mirror the storied tradition of giant, war-machine robots, offering a rich tapestry of artistry and cultural homage. Each Meka is unique, generated by computer algorithms, and finalized with meticulous care by artists to ensure a cohesive yet diverse collection. Beyond their visual appeal, MekaVerse has fostered a deeply engaged community, which has been a driving force behind the project's direction and the valuation of its NFTs. The creators, Matthieu Braccini and his partner Mattey, have embarked on ambitious plans to expand the MekaVerse beyond its original NFT collection, exploring ventures such as apparel, 3D models, and short films to enrich its universe​​.
The MekaVerse's uniqueness also lies in its lore and factional division - Originals, Mirage, Gadians, and F-Nine - each with distinct aesthetic traits and a backstory involving a quest to open the "Great Gate." This lore, continuously evolved by its community, has propelled the project to become one of the most anticipated NFT drops of 2021. Its launch saw MekaVerse's Discord server swell to hundreds of thousands of members within days, demonstrating the project's massive appeal and the community's eagerness to participate in its narrative and expansion. The commitment of the MekaVerse team to grow the project and its community's active involvement highlight the potential limitless directions the MekaVerse can take​​.
Where to keep an eye on the community:

6. NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot logo
NBA Top Shot has emerged as a dynamic NFT community, captivating the interest of basketball enthusiasts and digital collectors alike. This platform, a collaboration between the NBA, the NBA Players Association, and Dapper Labs, leverages blockchain technology to offer fans a unique way to engage with their favorite sport. NBA Top Shot Moments, the platform's digital collectibles, span a variety of rarity levels, including Common, Fandom, Rare, and Legendary Moments, alongside an exclusive Ultimate category attainable only through auction. These Moments encapsulate significant plays and highlights from NBA games, encapsulated in video form and authenticated as NFTs on the blockchain, making them collectible items with potential financial value​​.
The appeal of NBA Top Shot extends beyond just collecting, as the platform incorporates mechanisms for acquiring, showcasing, and trading these digital assets in a secure environment. New users are welcomed with user-friendly signup processes and payment options that include both cryptocurrency and credit cards, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience. While the platform's reliance on the Flow blockchain offers advantages in terms of innovation and speed, it also presents limitations, such as the incompatibility with popular digital wallets like Metamask, confining NFTs to the platform's ecosystem​​​​.
Where to keep an eye on the community:

The Future of NFT Communities

As we look ahead, the trajectory of NFT communities appears to be one of continued growth, evolution, and innovation. NFT communities are poised for exponential growth as more individuals, organizations, and industries recognize the value and potential of digital ownership. With advancements in technology, such as improved scalability, interoperability, and user experience, NFT communities will attract a broader audience and diversify across new verticals and niches.
Despite their rapid ascent, NFT communities face a myriad of challenges, including:
  • Scalability issues
  • Regulatory uncertainties
  • Concerns about environmental impact.
However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation and collaboration. By addressing scalability through layer 2 solutions, navigating regulatory frameworks, and promoting sustainable practices, NFT communities can overcome obstacles and unlock new avenues for growth.
Community building will remain paramount in the NFT space, serving as a cornerstone for fostering trust, inclusivity, and collaboration. NFT communities that prioritize community engagement, transparency, and governance will thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape, attracting top talent, fostering meaningful connections, and driving long-term sustainability.
Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, several key trends are likely to shape the future of NFT communities:
  • Emergence of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) as governance models
  • Integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies for immersive experiences
  • Mainstream adoption of NFTs across industries such as fashion, sports, and entertainment.
Additionally, we anticipate the rise of niche communities tailored to specific interests (including marketing and public relations spheres) and demographics, further enriching the diversity and vibrancy of the NFT ecosystem.

On a Final Note

From art-focused platforms to gaming and collectibles communities, NFT communities have emerged as vibrant hubs of creativity, collaboration, and commerce. They provide a supportive environment for artists to showcase their work, collectors to discover unique treasures, and enthusiasts to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.
As they continue to evolve and innovate, these communities will play an increasingly influential role in shaping the trajectory of the NFT space. By fostering inclusivity, promoting sustainability, and embracing emerging technologies, NFT communities will pave the way for a more equitable and vibrant digital future.