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How To Promote NFTs on Twitter

How To Promote NFTs on Twitter

How To Promote NFTs on Twitter
So, you have finally decided to create an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collection and jump on the bandwagon. Good for you!
But like all projects involving the sale of products (even digital ones like NFTs), you need a really good marketing campaign to achieve your targets.
If you are heavily into cryptos and NFT industry, what we are about to tell you will make a lot of sense. On the other hand, if this is your first foray into the unique digital asset world, you will need to read this blog very, very carefully.
Even if you are a business and/or marketing expert, but you are new to the blockchain world, we can assure you that most of your experiences and skills have little use here. The crypto target market is completely different from your regular traditional one.

Twitter, Not TV

Unlike the general public, crypto and NFT users prefer a more digital source of entertainment and information. For them, a Netflix is probably as close as a TV.
Then, where do they get their news and information from, you may ask. The answer is social media. From forming communities to building a peer-powered network through followers and influencers, the modern NFT target market is more reliant on online connectivity with a two-way communication mode.
Out of the different online mediums, one social media platform has stood out as the most important for them: Twitter. Discord, especially lots of cryptocurrency-related Discord servers probably also worth of our attention, but we’ll talk that social media in another post.
Twitter, the microblogging platform, is now an unofficial de facto medium to talk about and promote any NFT thanks to huge outreach to NFT community. In fact, if you don’t have a presence on it, your project’s failure rate will jump exponentially. This is not only because you will miss out on a major chunk of your target market, but also because not having a Twitter presence is seen as a caution, even suspiciously - which we know can have an adverse impact on your project’s success.

Different Ways to Promote Your NFT Project on Twitter

So now that we have established that Twitter is one of the most effective for NFT promotion, the next part is to understand how to promote your NFT project.
It is not easy to simply start posting about who you are and what your project is bringing in. The game is to create content that not only creates a hype but also engages your potential users. Experts break down posts into five categories (in order of priority):
  1. Entertainment
  2. Inspirational
  3. Educational
  4. Storytelling
  5. Sales
Notice that educational posts, the ones that will tell the world about your NFT collection, are pretty low on the list. Sales, the one that will allow you to talk about the value, price tags, and discounts, is at the lowest position!

How To Engage and Market on Twitter

Content is king, even on Twitter. With limited characters that you can use in a post, it is essential to make the best of the digital real estate.
You can use some of the following tactics to maximize followership and engagements so that when you do launch your NFT collection, it is grabbed up fast:

Call to Action

One of the most effective methods to bring in engagement is to - well - engage the community. This is mostly done through a campaign or a task that ends with a CTA (Call to Action).
But remember, simply telling your followers to perform a task is not going to push them to engage on your CTA unless you provide some sort of winnings or gifts that they believe they can practically use.
Limited VIP access, physical merchandise (brand T-Shirts or other clothing), free giveaways (something out of your NFT collection), or a cryptocurrency prize are just a few examples. In each case, your project’s followers gain something out of their efforts.
You can use some of popular hashtags to get more traction to your campaign. For example, check what hashtags are already trending in crypto and use it (at least, use #nftgiveaway, if you’re looking to attract new followers and potential buyers using giveaway).
Just don’t forget to check out their guidelines on contests.

Become a Follower For Followers

Followership is one big metric and your NFT project’s Twitter handle should have as much as possible.
Creating followers through CTA by including this as one of the steps in the task is one way to increase the numbers. But in the end, most of the followers gained this way may just be doing it for the task’s winning and then may have little engagement.
The best way to create organic and loyal followers is to become a follower yourself. Follow similar projects, NFT influencers (KOLs, Key Opinion Leaders), NFT artists and popular NFT creators, as well as others NFT space specialists. Like, comment, and engage with your project’s official Twitter account to be seen on Twitter. Sometimes partnership with NFT influencers could be very good marketing tool for you.

Showcase Your Collection

One step you shouldn’t miss out on after creating the initial hype and momentum is to showcase your collection.
Once you have people following your NFT account and engaging with you, you can let them know what your NFT collection is going to be like.
A picture is worth a thousand words. The saying holds true on Twitter too. Use this to your advantage. Rather than drone on about the NFTs, why not show them to your followers? Yes, things like the total quantity of the collection, any sales phases, rarity, and what benefits holding on to the NFTs are important and can only be said with words. But showing the NFTs will let your followers know what to expect in the images.
It is up to you to give teasers by showcasing only a few NFTs, partial or complete collection.

Thank Your Followers

Be humble. That’s the best advice we can give. Thank your followers for their support and input.
This gives them a sense of being wanted and appreciated. The more happy they are, the more they will engage and your sales conversion chances jump up.
There are several ways you can thank them. The most basic is an appreciation post, full of energy and emotions. But you can get up close and personal through AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions. These will not only let you chat up directly with your NFT followers but answer their most pressing questions.
While you are at it, take it up a notch with Twitter Spaces with a live audio session.

Twitter Promotion Is Not Easy As It Sounds

The above means to engage your followers and create loyalty sounds good on paper. But the truth is that as the Twitter arena is evolving, the platform’s guidelines are also changing and Twitter algorithms are constantly changing. The platform even has guidelines on what to do and what not to do that can have positive and negative effects on your project’s visibility.
Even things like engaging influencers are becoming a bit troublesome as regulatory bodies and Twitter take serious note of shilling and promotional tweets for NFT and crypto-related projects.
If you have not dived into the rules set up by Twitter, there is a high chance that your NFT project’s account will end up on the platform’s radar. This is something that you definitely don’t want.
Then, what should you do in this case? The long way is to first go through ALL of the Twitter rules to make sure you are not on the wrong side of the fence.
Even if you are very careful about it all, there is also the quality of the content you produce. You probably have a team working towards developing your NFT project (weather its some digital art, or new Opensea, i.e. platform for NFT collectors and new NFTs buyers). Each person in your team has an assigned role, taking into account their expertise and specialty. By the way, sternly recommend to check our other blog post on how to promote your NFT on OpenSae
The same is true for a Twitter marketing specialist. These people (or teams) of experts have an insight into the algorithms and rules of the micro-blogging social media platform. From creating engaging content that hits the followers’ hearts to leveraging influencers' retweets, these experts are your project’s best friend.
In short, the best option is to leave it to the professionals. Let them do what they do best, so you can do what you do best for your NFT project (the same recommendation works for you if you have metaverse or other Web3 product as well).

Looking for NFT Marketing, FINPR Has Your Back!

When looking for dedicated NFT Twitter marketing experts, you know you are in good hands when it comes to FINPR. We offer some of the most robust Twitter campaigns. Our team of professional Twitter marketers will sit with you and design the perfect campaign that will get your project traction on Twitter and create a hype.
At FINPR, we offer 5 different kinds of tweets that you can leverage for your NFT art.
With a signal tweet, an influencer can help build the craze by recommending your project to his followers as positive prospects in NFT demand growth.
The influencers can also give their followers an overview of your project, allowing them to get a better idea of what your NFT collection is all about and how it can be a good investment early on.
But if you are more into having your words shared, but still leverage our influencer network, you can always have your posts retweeted (with a couple of sentences of the influencer added to make it more organic, of course).
If you want something original and not influencer based, you can always have FINPR create a giveaway or competition announcement. As discussed earlier, entertainment and engaging activities are some of the best ways to attract followers and users.
Of course, you can always go for a sponsored tweet. This is where influencers declare publicly that they are doing a paid promotion. While it does give an impression of being too promotional, it is one of the safest bets to avoid regulatory litigation by being open about it.

What Kind of Influencers Do You Have?

Good question!
At FINPR, crypto influencer marketing agency, we engage two different kinds of Twitter influencers. Macro ones are like crypto generalists who cover a variety of different crypto projects, including NFTs. Micro-segmented influencers usually concentrate on one specific area. For you, these would be NFT-dedicated influencers.
Both have their advantages and drawbacks. The biggest being the influence within the niche and the followership. Micro-influencers have a higher command in their field as people interested in NFTs only follow them. On the other hand, macro influencers, though having a smaller influence per follower, have a larger and broader strength of followers, making their tweets reach out far more than their micro counterparts.
With our pay-to-play setup, you can select your desired influencers from our list. Each influencer’s stats such as their followership, influence, and price are listed. You can select the ones you want to promote the project and leave the rest to us.
Still mulling over how to promote your NFT project on Twitter? Contact us today and our Twitter marketing team will sit with you to draft and execute the perfect campaign to put your NFT collection on the crypto map! Besides Twitter we help you with promotion on other social media platforms like Telegram, as well as other marketing tools, like SEO, crypto banner ads, etc. which might help you with your NFT sales and growing strong community of your target audience.