Crypto PR Firms: Rating of Top 20 Blockchain Public Relations Agencies

Crypto projects are back in action after months of industry turmoil. With 2023 presenting them with ever-new opportunities to grow, they are again realizing the importance of a good PR campaign and exposure.

What we present today is a list of the best blockchain PR agencies, rated according to their cryptocurrency services and dedication. The firms in the list contain both broader tech-related ones and as well as agencies who work with PR of companies, who solely use blockchain technology.

FINPR Agency

FINPR Agency, the six year old crypto PR agency solely caters to the fintech industry, particularly blockchain, FINPR Agency helps crypto firms get their message across to their users in an efficient manner.

Its portfolio speaks for itself. Since its inception, FINPR Agency has helped startups and established crypto-dedicated firms reach their potential. Clients include big names such as Wanchain and even (a top 10 global crypto exchange).

The advantage lies in FINPR Agency’s services. It has one of the most expansive lists of publication media. Its clients have the advantage of leveraging its 350+ media connections in the crypto, finance, and tech sector to have their articles, press releases, and other content published in over 15 languages.

FINPR Agency Overview

Headquartered In: Dubai
Team Strength: 12
Online Presence Since: July, 2017


If old-school PR is your need, but with a modern take on how to do it for your blockchain project, you should check out Wachsman. With seven offices spread across the USA, Europe, and Asia, Wachsman is extremely popular and can help pitch your news to journalists all over the world.

One of the largest blockchain marketing agencies on our list, Wachsman had already crossed the 100 employee mark before the first crypto winter (2018-2020). It covers a variety of industries but also covers blockchain, crypto, metaverse, and other decentralized technology applications - no matter what stage the project is in.

Wachsman Overview

Headquartered In: USA
Team Strength: 164
Online Presence Since: March, 1997

ENZO Public Relations

Boasting a 3 easy-step process, ENZO Public Relations is the youngest on our list, with its website launched a little over a year ago. But don’t let its age fool you. ENZO is growing rapidly as it has caught the attention of crypto projects because of its ability to deliver quality services.

Aiming solely at blockchain and fintech firms, ENZO’s impressive list of past clients includes GameFi and Web3 ones like Heroes of Arcan and METAFLUENCE. Services include conducting publications in such formats as featured articles (without the “sponsored” tag), organic industry articles with brand mention, opinions and quotes, as well as interviews by crypto journalists. Practically, Enzo Agency can help you with content marketing on your company site (to help with SEO optimization), as well as with media coverage and growing brand awareness.

ENZO Public Relations Overview

Headquartered In: N/A
Team Strength: N/A
Online Presence Since: January, 2022


If you think the name is very similar to Blonde 2.0, you are not wrong. Blonde2.0 was at one time one of the most famous PR agencies for crypto projects. Management differences between its founders Motti Peer and Ayelet Noff led to its split and one repurposed the name to ReBlonde.

Primarily a tech-focused PR agency, ReBlonde has a special affinity for crypto, Web3, and blockchain projects. Bringing in the years of experience from its former self, the agency offers more than just publications to outlets like Bloomberg, Times, and CNN.

ReBlonde also helps projects in media relations, influencer outreach, and even subtle, but effective reputation management.

ReBlonde Overview

Headquartered In: Israel
Team Strength: 15
Online Presence Since: February, 2022


On the other side of the Blonde 2.0 split, SlicedBrand has expanded its range of services to fill in many smaller PR services that even other major marketing agencies lack.

Like many other agencies on our list, SlicedBread is not a crypto-dedicated PR firm, but with a tech-oriented clientele, it does cater to the decentralized industry. With a multi-skilled team that delivers precise skilled strategies for marketing, Sliced Bread offers brand messaging, media relations, project team presence on different speaker platforms like podcasts and seminars, and even helping in token launch campaigns.

SlicedBread’s diverse services, though a lot different from what one would expect for a tech industry-related PR agency, is what gives it an edge.

SlicedBread Overview

Headquartered In: Israel
Team Strength: 12
Online Presence Since: September, 2019

Venture PR

Working on similar lines as SlicedBread, Venture PR has worked with some of the biggest organizations in the world, including IBM, Disney, and even Microsoft. The US-based PR firm covers a wide range of industries and sectors, including VR, and AI. With the trends of metaverse and AI use on the rise in the blockchain industry, Venture PR clients in these categories are at an advantage due to the firm’s experiences.

With nearly 10 distinct PR services, Venture PR helps crypto and tech firms create custom PR strategies, communication strategies, marketing campaigns for product launches, increasing presence in conferences, and making general announcements on different media platforms.

Venture PR Overview

Headquartered In: USA
Team Strength: 13
Online Presence Since: February, 2018


You know there has to be something special about a PR firm that has been around since 1999. SparkPR’s origins lie in the early days of the internet boom, helping build and grow brands in the (then) technological Wild West.

Today, SparkPR has evolved with time, entering new realms as the online revolution still keeps evolving. From Web1.0 to Web3.0, SparkPR seems to keep up with the times and blockchain companies are just one of its many different areas of expertise.

From the Layer-2 NFT platform Immutable to philanthropic The Giving Block, SparkPR has helped some big names in the decentralized land.

SparkPR Overview

Headquartered In: USA
Team Strength: 64
Online Presence Since: January, 1999

EAK Digital

Based in the UK but with operations that span 5 continents, crypto marketing agency EAK Digital operates a decent-sized team that delivers on what it promises. The PR firm has a strong focus on the blockchain industry but also serves other tech areas such as eSports, AI, and even IoT.

According to the agency, their success in helping blockchain projects grow is through a close network of journalists and collaboration with some of the biggest blockchain events globally. Even its founder, Erhan Korhaliller, a Turkish native, is the man behind Istanbul Blockchain Week, the annual Web3 summit.

EAK Digital Overview

Headquartered In: UK
Team Strength: 21
Online Presence Since: May, 2016


Coming from blockchain PR agency Coinbound, CoinScribble is their blockchain and crypto-dedicated PR service. Offering a fast-track method for publications, CoinScribble is a preferred choice of the biggest players in the decentralized world, including TRON and GALA Games.

Coinbound and therefore, CoinScribble, is led by Ty Daniel who happens to be a good friend of the FINPR Agency team.

Although a pure press release distribution and publication dedicated platform for the crypto sphere, CoinScribble is a thoroughly professional agency. Its Founder Ty Daniel is a close friend of ours.

CoinScribble Overview

Headquartered In: USA
Team Strength: 5
Online Presence Since: July 2018


Claiming to do PR the way it is intended, not the way it is done, PRLab has set itself apart by offering the same PR services that many other firms offer, but in a completely modernized manner. By sitting with its clients and understanding their goals, PRLab says it is able to develop custom strategies that give the maximum output to drive businesses.

The international agency is well-reputed in not only the crypto industry but has a good image in other tech areas such as SaaS, Fintech, and even real estate. Besides PR PRLab can help with marketing strategy creation, SMM, community management, content creation and other marketing services targeted on growing social media presence and recognition among client’s Target Audience.

PRLab Overview

Headquartered In: Globally
Team Strength: 25
Online Presence Since: September 2018

Blockchain PR

Like a page out of Satoshi Nakamoto’s like, There is little clarity on who are the founders of Blockchain PR. Their mystery hasn’t deterred crypto projects from taking advantage of the connections the agency has built with the media industry.

Though their website claims that the firm has served crypto companies since 2010, the business website wasn’t registered till 7 years later.

Claimed clients by Blockchain PR include crypto network NEM and several large crypto summits and conferences.

Blockchain PR Overview

Headquartered In: N/A
Team Strength: N/A
Online Presence Since: September 2017

Melrose PR

Led by the USA-based professional PR guru Kelley Weaver, Melrose PR takes public relations back to its original roots. Melrose PR introduces the traditional methods where the content is pitched to journalists to pick up and publish.

But Melrose PR goes beyond that too. A crypto-focused agency, it helps through 4 different angles of work, such as strategy matching, press relations, engaging through thought leadership, content development and providing other digital marketing services (including crypto community management in Telegram, Discord).

Melrose PR's list of clients includes Crypto VC firms, blockchain networks, cross-chain systems, Web3 projects and DeFi platforms.

Melrose PR Overview

Headquartered In: USA
Team Strength: 15
Online Presence Since: October, 2011

PMBC Group

PMBC Group thrives in its ability to deliver its great services through a unique approach towards melding with its clients. According to the PR agency, it does this by considering itself an extension of the customer. This enables PMBC to create and execute PR campaigns that are fine-tuned according to customer requirements.

A purely tech-oriented agency, PMBC caters to blockchain and crypto-related firms, along with other emerging technologies in the entertainment, corporate, and VR area. Its list of blockchain-related clients includes the investment firm Blocktrade Capital, DeFi and payment system Ink Protocol, and Bitcoin retirement plan BitcoinIRA. Practically, PMBC could be name as full-service marketing agency for IT.

PMBC Group Overview

Headquartered In: USA
Team Strength: 4
Online Presence Since: October, 2012

Crypto PR

There are very few Middle East PR firms that cater to crypto and Crypto PR has also made it into our long list of top agencies. But even though based out of Dubai, the expertise is global, even before the firm was launched. Their key service is (not surprisingly) crypto PR and publications in blockchain media outlets.

The founder, Mohanned, is a public relations expert who has worked with New York based Oglivy. There he handled campaigns for major chains like HSBC, Marriott, and others. He brought his experiences into the Web3 and blockchain sector by establishing Crypto PR.

The clientele is also impressive, which includes not only crypto projects like Avalanche and ZeroSwap but also the University of Oxford.

Crypto PR Overview

Headquartered In: Dubai
Team Strength: 5
Online Presence Since: February 2018

Blazon Agency

At first sight, Blazon Agency would seem to be just another PR firm that claims to have custom campaigns for their clients, but their tailored services are practical and result oriented. This is partly thanks to the full-stack approach.

This helps Blazon Agency to build exceptional campaigns that include marketing, online advertisement to the right target market, and PR - even copywriting it all.

Blazon Agency is known to be exceptionally good for startups, especially for crowdfunding projects (several on Kickstarter). While not a crypto-specific firm, Blazon Agency also does token launch marketing under its crowdfunding expertise.

Blazon Agency Overview

Headquartered In: UK
Team Strength: 9
Online Presence Since: April, 2019

Blockchain PR Buzz

Our only Asian entry, Blockchain PR Buzz is a small-sized crypto-dedicated PR agency. Don’t let its size fool you though. Led by Raghave Sawhney, the Indian-based firm is one of the most flexible in terms of offerings. One advantage Blockchain PR Buzz has over many other agencies is its speed of execution.

The trick lies in the fact that it has all of its media publications listed with prices for each. Crypto projects can simply select the outlets they want their content published on and add them to a digital cart, much like an e-commerce store. The prices are reasonable and include both crypto and mainstream outlets.

However, unlike other agencies in our list, Blockchain PR Buzz lacks major outlets and is, therefore, mostly aimed at alternative crypto and mainstream channels.

Blockchain PR Buzz Overview

Headquartered In: India
Team Strength: 6
Online Presence Since: November, 2017

Cryptoland PR

The UK-based Cryptoland PR is led by Katie Olver, a Dragon's Den participant and a lifelong entrepreneur who understands the importance of a good PR. She was participating early on in the crypto PR arena, with her first piece published in The Guardian way back in 2013.

Since then, she has founded the agency and leveraged her expertise to grow it big. Today, Cryptoland PR is acknowledged as one of the oldest crypto-focused agencies out there.

The agency has some big names under its wings, with clients like Qtum, Libra, BitPay, and Enjin, showing how effective and good the firm is.

Cryptoland PR Overview

Headquartered In: UK
Team Strength: 17
Online Presence Since: April, 2015

Bitcoin PR Buzz

Another UK-based crypto-only firm, Bitcoin PR Buzz achieved explosive popularity in the 2017-18 ICO boom. Thanks to its expansive writers’ team and dedicated management, the firm is famous for its fast turnaround and guaranteed publications. Bitcoin PR Buzz also has some carefully crafted packages that group up mainstream and crypto outlets for easy and fast delivery services.

The team is as diverse as any in the market, with members coming from different backgrounds but all crypto enthusiasts to the core. The result is a crypto PR firm that has helped projects like Utrust, Yolo, Wanchain and over a thousand others achieve their marketing targets in the 10+ years Bitcoin PR Buzz has been active.

Bitcoin PR Buzz offers press releases and sponsored and organic articles packages but also entertains custom services, as well as option, related to NFT marketing.

Bitcoin PR Buzz Overview

Headquartered In: UK
Team Strength: 8
Online Presence Since: February 2013

Clarity PR

Clarity PR is a global powerhouse when it comes to being a marketing communications agency. The firm works all over the world, concentrating on the US, Europe, and Asian markets. Though it does cater to the crypto world, this makes up a very small portion of its global portfolio and services.

As an agency that believes proper communication is key to any project or firm’s success, Clarity PR offers diverse and widespread services that include influencer marketing, corporate communications, public affairs, crisis management and even overhauling the user experience design.

With an analytical driven approach, Clarity PR is able to give its clients a performance that is little paralleled. However, without a dedicated approach toward the crypto market, it does have a smaller approach to the industry.

Clarity PR Overview

Headquartered In: USA
Team Strength: 233
Online Presence Since: October, 2014

Magas PR Team

Founded by Sergey Magas, the agency is all about giving maximum benefit to its clients by making each campaign go viral. According to Magas PR Team, it does this by leveraging organic tools and growth hacking for press releases and even sponsored material.

The result is that Magas PR Team claims it can take a single Forbes article about the project and turn it into publications across 150 different media worldwide. The agency also claims that due to its strong contacts in the industry, it can get a Forbes article published at a fraction of the cost of other firms (Magas says it is 10 times cheaper through them).

Magas PR Team Overview

Headquartered In: Russia
Team Strength: 2
Online Presence Since: August, 2018
That was the list of best crypto PR agencies in crypto space as of 2023!

If you are looking for a world-class PR agency for your crypto project, get in touch with us and we will offer you the most bang for your buck!