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Cision PR Newswire Pricing

Cision PR Newswire Pricing
In the fast-paced world of public relations, the ability to effectively distribute press releases and media content is crucial for success. Cision PR Newswire, a prominent player in the industry, offers solutions that empower organizations to reach their target audiences efficiently.
Understanding the pricing structure of Cision PR Newswire is essential for businesses and PR professionals looking to leverage this platform for media distribution. This Cision's pricing overview delves into the various pricing tiers and packages offered by Cision PR Newswire. You'll get insights into the cost implications for different types of users.

Understanding Cision PR Newswire

General Overview

Cision PR Newswire
Cision PR Newswire is renowned for its expansive reach and highly knowledgeable customer service, making it a leading choice for press release distribution. Established over seven decades ago, it has gained the trust of journalists, influencers, and media outlets worldwide​​.
The service boasts a vast network that enables distribution to over 170 countries, in 40+ languages, across 200+ different beats and verticals, ensuring a wide and targeted audience reach​​. PR Newswire's releases receive significant attention, with over 135 million annual links from media and related websites, highlighting its effectiveness in media engagement​​.
Cision PR Newswire's editorial team is available 24/7 to review, advise, and distribute press releases. They handle over 325,000 releases annually, catching more than 17,500 mistakes before publishing, ensuring high standards of accuracy and quality​​​​. The team of industry experts also assists in optimizing press releases for SEO and ensuring that all content, including links and tags, is correct​​.
Clients have the flexibility to choose the extent of their press release distribution, with options to target specific locations, industries, verticals, demographics, and more. This tailored approach allows for precise and effective audience targeting​​. Additionally, incorporating multimedia into press releases can significantly increase engagement, a feature readily supported by PR Newswire's platform​​.
Cision PR Newswire offers a variety of features and benefits for its users:
  • Content Production & Multimedia: Full-service solutions including video production, events, and digital/social solutions to bring messaging to life across multiple platforms​​.
  • Media Relationship Management: Access to the industry's largest media database for connection with journalists, outlets, and influencers​​.
  • Social Listening: AI-driven social media analytics to understand online presence​​.
  • Print Monitoring: Comprehensive global monitoring of print media and paywalled content​​.
  • Brand Measurement & Analytics: Insight into earned media performance and website interactions​​.
  • Media Insights Services: Custom media analysis and communications intelligence for data-driven decision-making​​.
  • Investor Relations Tools: Integrated tools for streamlining IR workflows and minimizing non-compliance risks​​.
  • Digital Content Amplification: Extensive reach for content across audiences to measure financial impact​​.
  • Unparalleled Reach: Largest reach and most knowledgeable customer service in press release distribution​​.
  • Editorial Team Support: 24/7 support for release review, improvement advice, and distribution​​.
The primary target audience and clients for Cision PR Newswire include:
  • Agencies: Trusted for global press release distribution to a broad audience of journalists and influencers​​.
  • Diverse Clients: The service caters to a wide range of clients, allowing them to choose their target audience from comprehensive targeting lists based on locations, industries, verticals, demographics, and more​​.

Services Offered by Cision PR Newswire

1. Press Release Distribution

Cision PR Newswire's press release distribution service is designed to tell your story directly and unfiltered. It offers a global multi-channel campaign, reaching a vast network including over 440,000 newsrooms. The service includes a reach to 270,000+ journalist inboxes and 9,000+ digital media outlets. Clients can upload press releases, target their audience by various demographics, and track the results. The service also emphasizes the importance of multimedia in press releases, which can generate up to six times greater engagement​​.

2. Multimedia Distribution

While detailed information specific to multimedia distribution was not directly quoted, it's included as part of their press release distribution service. They emphasize the importance of including multimedia in press releases, noting that such releases generate significantly higher engagement. Clients can quickly upload and organize various multimedia contents like photos, videos, and infographics, which are then shared across a large multimedia newswire and archived in PR Newswire's exclusive digital newsroom​

3. Monitoring and Analytics

Cision offers media monitoring and analytics services. Their media monitoring allows clients to identify trends, understand the impact of their strategies, and make informed decisions for effective messaging. They also provide advanced brand measurement and PR analytics to gain insights into earned media performance, including understanding who is engaging with your content and the actions taken on your website​.

Overview of Pricing Structures

Cision PR Newswire offers a range of pricing options for its press release distribution services, catering to various needs and budgets. The pricing structure is multifaceted, involving several components such as membership fees, distribution costs, and additional charges for extra services. The cost is dependent on multiple elements, such as the word count of the content, the type of media attached (e.g., images, videos, audio), and the publication's destination.

Membership Fees

The basic entry into PR Newswire's services requires an annual membership fee. This fee, starting at $195, grants access to PR Newswire’s distribution network, editorial support, training, and customer support. It's important to note that this fee is just for membership and does not include the cost of distributing any press releases.

Distribution Costs

The core of PR Newswire's pricing revolves around the distribution costs, which vary based on the geographical reach and content of the press release. For instance, state and local distribution starts at $350 per release, with higher costs for areas like New York and New Jersey. Regional distribution starts from $475, depending on the specific region. For example, 'Newswire Digital Plus' is priced at $449 per release, and 'Newswire State' at $499 per release. Other editions such as 'Newswire Canada', 'Newswire UK', and 'Newswire Asia' are priced at $649 per release. The pricing increases for more comprehensive services like 'Newswire National' and 'Newswire Financial' at $799 per release, and 'Newswire Latin America' at $949 per release.
The cost escalates for international distribution, starting from $1,500 and going up to $8,700, depending on the target region.

Word Count and Multimedia Inclusions

The standard pricing covers a press release of up to 400 words. If the press release exceeds this limit, additional charges apply, ranging from $140 to $245 for every extra 100 words. Including multimedia elements like images, videos, or audio incurs additional costs, typically $325 per item. Adding a company logo to the release costs $495.
Pricing Guide

Comparisons with Alternatives

When compared to alternatives like Newswire, PR Newswire's pricing is competitive, though it may be higher in certain aspects like multimedia inclusion and logo addition. Newswire, for instance, offers a base price of $899 per release with a standard word count limit of 500 words, compared to PR Newswire's 400-word limit. Additional word count and multimedia attachments are also priced differently between the two services.

Effectiveness and ROI

While PR Newswire and similar services promise extensive distribution and potential SEO benefits, the actual impact on visibility and media pickup can vary. It's crucial for businesses to weigh the costs against the potential return on investment, considering factors like reach, media pickups, and the impact on site traffic and conversions.


What Is a Press Release Distribution Service?

A press release distribution service is a platform that allows individuals or organizations to distribute their press releases to a wide range of media outlets, journalists, and newsrooms. Essentially, it serves as a bridge between the issuer of the press release and the public, including various media channels.
These services often offer a network that spans local, national, or even global reach, ensuring that the press release reaches the appropriate audience. They may also provide additional features like analytics, targeting specific demographics, and support for multimedia content, enhancing the overall impact and reach of the press release.
FINPR agency can help distribute the press release to as many as 200, 400 or 600 small news outlets to choose from if you need to reach as many places as possible to increase your online presence. For this purpose, we can offer packages depending on your goals. It can be a package for a wide range of media outlets. Alternatively, a package that includes top business media like Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Benzinga, Associated Press (AP News) along with small publications, which can boost the reputation of your project.

Is Investing in Press Releases Beneficial?

Yes. They are a vital tool for disseminating information to the public and media, particularly for announcing new products, significant changes, or notable achievements. Press releases aid in building brand awareness and credibility, and they can also improve a company's visibility in search engine results.
Moreover, they offer a controlled method to communicate a specific message and can be targeted to reach a particular audience. When crafted and distributed effectively, press releases can significantly contribute to a company's communication strategy and overall public image.

What Does the PR Newswire Membership Include?

Membership, costing $195 (or $249 with an invoice), includes access to the distribution network, 24/7 customer support, training for major services, quarterly re-authentication of authorized senders, member-only webinars, and content consultation and proofreading.