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Top 20 Crypto Telegram Channels in 2024

Best Crypto Telegram Channels in 2023
Best Crypto Telegram Channels in 2023
The more we talk about cryptos being the future, the less we do. From the original Bitcoin to the latest in meme tokens, these digital assets have brought in a multitude of financial freedom for everyone.
Be it hedging against inflation, a means of savings or even trading to take advantage of the volatility, there is something for everyone.
Yet, with the tens of thousands of cryptos zipping online, it can be a bit hard to keep track of all - or at least keep oneself updated about the most influential ones that can give the best bang for the buck. On top of this, several tokens are launched each week that take advantage of the initial market supergrowth.
This of course leads to a very big problem: How to know which token will rise - be it new, or old. Even if by mere chance, you do get to know that a token or coin can make it big in the future, the exact timeline (or at least the general time window) can be extremely hard to predict.

Crypto Channels To The Rescue

The deep chaos and confusion in recent years has seen the rise of different crypto specialists who fight off the tidal waves of misinformation, and clear the air for interested people to have real access to the right information.
Gathering like-minded people on different social media platforms, these crypto leaders have amassed huge followings as they help their fans know of the latest developments, upcoming tokens, and what to expect from the market.
Telegram has a very special connection with the crypto world, with groups and channels, and influencers coming together on the instant messaging platform. For crypto influencers, this means that their followers can easily connect with them. For people looking for the latest market information, this means they can follow their favorite influencers on their Telegram channels and stay up to date.
But then again there are literally tens of thousands of influencers. Some are genuine with real insight into the market conditions, some are just in for the fame and some fake it through copying information from other influencers and repackaging it as their own.

The Top Crypto Telegram Channels to Follow in 2023

With so many channels and influencers, we thought we should compile a list of the top Telegram channels for you to check out and level the playing field so you can trade, hodl, and invest like pros.
So without any further ado, here is the list of the top 20 crypto Telegram channels to follow in 2023.
(To make it have a universal appeal, our list consists of only English language channels)

Crypto 🔹️Nfts 🔸️Metaverse

Crypto 🔹️Nfts 🔸️Metaverse
Starting our list is the Crypto 🔹️Nfts 🔸️Metaverse Telegram group. Run by @Azukicollector, the group is full of information on the latest trends in the DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and other areas of the crypto world.
The group runs regular updates that include news such as major adoptions or steps taken by different governments or private firms to accept cryptocurrencies, and technical information on the latest happenings of not only the crypto sphere in general but for specific assets as well. Besides they do cover recent developments with exchanges, including Binance, BitMex,Bybit, Coinbase, Kucoin, etc.
The channel might not be suitable for people looking for “signals” (or aggregator of trading notifications and tips), but for investors who understand that the game is to go slow and steady, this is the right place for the right news.
Crypto 🔹️Nfts 🔸️Metaverse Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General), NFT, Metaverse
  • Channel created: July 2022
  • Followers: 41,900
  • Average Views: 94,300
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 229%
  • Total Posts: 2115+

Metaverse • DeFi • NFTs

Metaverse • DeFi • NFTs
Another Telegram channel very similar to the one above, but Metaverse • DeFi • NFTs takes another route by breaking down complex news into simple, bite-sized portions so that trades and investors who lack the technical understanding of the inner workings of crypto mechanics.
Run by @Cryptochrizz, the Metaverse • DeFi • NFTs group has been around the same time as the Crypto 🔹️Nfts 🔸️Metaverse Telegram group (July, 2022). With slightly higher followers and nearly the same average viewership, the group has a lower engagement rate, but considering that it has only posted around half that of Crypto 🔹️Nfts 🔸️Metaverse Telegram group, the stats are impressive:
Metaverse • DeFi • NFTs Statistics:
  • Topic: DeFi, Metaverse
  • Channel created: July, 2022
  • Followers: 47,500
  • Average Views: 93,800
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 198%
  • Total Posts: 1155+

DeFi, ICO and Invest News

DeFi, ICO and Invest News
Created in October, 2020, the DeFi, ICO and Invest News Telegram group came about just when the last crypto boom was building up. The group’s pinned message says it is specifically for top projects that are in their launch phases. With a focus on DeFi projects, the channel creator @MaxCryptoGuru does coin and token reviews before they are launched, helping investors analyze if these are good investment opportunities or not.
Apart from the analysis and information on early projects, the channel also gives up-to-date news on the biggest crypto firms and projects that can move the market with their decisions, as well as coverage of upcoming IEOs, airdrops, giveaways and other developments in crypto ecosystem.
DeFi, ICO and Invest News Statistics:
  • Topic: DeFi
  • Channel created: October, 2020
  • Followers: 54,900
  • Average Views: 63,500
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 122%
  • Total Posts: 1155+

Nfts Hype

Nfts Hype
While the Telegram channel run by @LucaMathis says it is all about NFTs (and purposefully, written Nfts), the channel does give information on more than the unique tokens. An official partner of the Crypto World News, the Nfts Hype channel is free to join and gives daily updates.
While the name says NFT, the channel also gives general crypto information too so that even the biggest NFT enthusiasts can have an understanding of the broader market. They channel will be great choice for any readers: from experienced crypto enthusiasts to the very beginners.
Nfts Hype Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General), NFT
  • Channel created: May, 2018
  • Followers: 65,300
  • Average Views: 41,900
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 82%
  • Total Posts: N/A

Nfts / Metaverse & More

Nfts / Metaverse & More
While sharing information on the crypto general market, @PedroBAYC from Nfts / Metaverse & More concentrates on NFTs, be they independent collections or part of a larger GameFi or a metaverse project.
Only a year old, the Nfts / Metaverse & More already has amassed roughly 75 thousand followers. With an astonishing engagement rate of 128%, its users repeatedly check up on the channel to make sure they don’t miss out on the number of updates and news posted daily, including coverage of latest developments with BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), XRP (Ripple), and other altcoin prices, .
Nfts / Metaverse & More Statistics:
  • Topic: NFT
  • Channel created: July, 2022
  • Followers: 74,300
  • Average Views: 94,200
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 128%
  • Total Posts: 2045+

Crypto World Analysis

Crypto World Analysis
Offering the latest news on anything crypto, including market and industry analysis with insights, @AdamCWN brings one of the most holistic Telegram crypto channels to the world. Albeit at a small cost of having too much generic news than specialized one.
The Crypto World Analysis posts some of the best insights we have seen so far. From the industry movements to the general acceptance to governments mulling over crypto, the group dives into everything that can affect the industry and breaks it down on how it will affect the crypto sphere.
Crypto World Analysis Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General)
  • Channel created: January, 2019
  • Followers: 83,900
  • Average Views: 45,900
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 57%
  • Total Posts: 1700+

Crypto World ICOs

Crypto World ICOs
If you are looking for an overall coverage of the latest crypto news along with updates on what new projects have up their sleeves, including breakthroughs in an already disruptive space, Crypto World ICOs is the right Telegram channel for you.
The channel offers responsible coverage by posting news that is verifiable and avoids hype or pump schemes. part of the Crypto World News group, Crypto World ICOs is handled by @AdamCWN.
Crypto World ICOs Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General)
  • Channel created: June, 2019
  • Followers: 100,500
  • Average Views: 75,900
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 48%
  • Total Posts: 1490+

Crypto News by Satoshi Club

Crypto News by Satoshi Club
If you feel overwhelmed by the plethora of information and updates, perhaps Crypto News by Satoshi Club is best for you. The channel summarizes all the important news and updates in the last 24 hours in one massive post, sent once a day.
The Crypto News by Satoshi Club also makes posts out of the ordinary if there is any breaking news that can affect the market sentiment, allowing its followers to adjust their investments or trading strategies accordingly.
Crypto News by Satoshi Club Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General), Trading
  • Channel created: January, 2020
  • Followers: 111,800
  • Average Views: 25,200
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 22%
  • Total Posts: 2215+

Wolf of Trading

Wolf of Trading
Playing on the words Wolf of Wall Street, Wolf of Trading offers tips and tricks, analysis, and even a paid subscription so you know what is going on in the crypto sphere before the masses do. This allows Wolf of Trading participants to have an edge over others in trading.
Wolf of Trading Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto Trading
  • Channel created: December, 2020
  • Followers: 124,600
  • Average Views: 13,300
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 11%
  • Total Posts: 1945+

Crypto World News

Crypto World News
A massive Telegram channel that covers the crypto world in general, the huge following is a testament that the group provides the most authentic news and information. Crypto World News is a part of the multichannel group that includes the already mentioned Crypto World ICOs and Crypto World Analysis.
Crypto World News Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General)
  • Channel created: June, 2018
  • Followers: 156,000
  • Average Views: 137,200
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 90%
  • Total Posts: 6120+

Wallstreet Queen Official

Wallstreet Queen Official
With Wallstreet Queen Official, you not only get deep insights on the different technical and fundamental analysis that affect trading but with the help of @wallstreetqueenadmin, you are given access to (premium) trading signals that can net you some big money.
The VIP services are expensive, but those who use them attest to the accuracy of information provided by Wallstreet Queen Official.
Wallstreet Queen Official Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto Trading
  • Channel created: May, 2021
  • Followers: 183,600
  • Average Views: 18,200
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 11%
  • Total Posts: 4050+

Cryptoy ₿

Another crypto general information Telegram channel, Cryptoy ₿ does set itself apart from the wide range of news it uploads in the Telegram channel. This includes market situations, government policies and updates, and even breaking news on new scams and how to avoid them.
Cryptoy ₿ is an old channel too. The Telegram group has been active since September 2017, gaining fame during the ICO boom era.
Cryptoy ₿ Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General)
  • Channel created: September, 2017
  • Followers: 219,500
  • Average Views: 24,900
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 12%
  • Total Posts: 795+

NFT & Crypto Updates

NFT & Crypto Updates
Another Telegram channel focusing on NFTs, the NFT & Crypto Updates covers nearly all NFT news that is of importance. While it has a lower rate of posting news on upcoming NFTs and other projects, it does offer its subscribers the ability to have a deep understanding of the most influential NFT movements, including whale buys, or other trades that can affect the price of the NFT collections overall.
If you are an NFT fan and looking for new avenues to invest, even flip NFTs, you should join this Telegram crypto channel to stay on top of all NFT news.
NFT & Crypto Updates Statistics:
  • Topic: NFT
  • Channel created: October, 2016
  • Followers: 315,400
  • Average Views: 49,500
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 16%
  • Total Posts: 1650+

Crypto ▪️ Bitcoin ▪️ Trading ▪️ News

Crypto ▪️ Bitcoin ▪️ Trading ▪️ News
Want to know the biggest crypto moving news before the market can even react? Crypto ▪️ Bitcoin ▪️ Trading ▪️ News can help you do that. With almost 60,000 views daily, the crypto Telegram channel helps you understand the industry and where it is moving.
With its insights, you can be sure to have a stronger trading presence in the market. More than 322,200 people take advantage of Crypto ▪️ Bitcoin ▪️ Trading ▪️ News and it is free to join.
Crypto ▪️ Bitcoin ▪️ Trading ▪️ News Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General), Trading
  • Channel created: October, 2018
  • Followers: 322,200
  • Average Views: 59,600
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 19%
  • Total Posts: 1735+

NFTs & DeFi

NFTs & DeFi
You can follow NFTs & DeFi for the latest news, trading alerts, and knowledge of everything related to NFTs. The NFTs & DeFi channel is known for its on spot analysis of existing and upcoming projects. Each post by @SantosAdmin, the administrator of the group, comes with detailed information on the background, current state, and what the future might hold for the discussed NFT collection.
The group also accepts NFT project marketing, letting developers of the unique tokens showcase their collection to more than 326,000 subscribers and potential buyers - at a fee of course!
NFTs & DeFi Statistics:
  • Topic: NFT
  • Channel created: January, 2016
  • Followers: 326,100
  • Average Views: 60,400
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 19%
  • Total Posts: 1645+

Crypto Miami

Crypto Miami
Crypto Miami has been around for roughly 2 years, but the Telegram channel has made its place in our list because of the in-depth crypto and blockchain news it provides to its subscribers.
In the little time the Crypto Miami Telegram channel has been around, it has amassed an astounding 428,000 followers with as little as just 720 posts so far.
This goes to show that in the crypto world, especially in Telegram channels, age is just a number. If you have the right mission and provide correct and on-time information, you can stand alongside the biggest Telegram influencers.
Crypto Miami Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General)
  • Channel created: April, 2021
  • Followers: 428,000
  • Average Views: 141,600
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 33%
  • Total Posts: 670+

Bitcoin Industry

Bitcoin Industry
Claiming that it is “publishing news from the crypto industry faster than anyone else”, Bitcoin Industry is one Telegram channel that has shot to fame in a very little time. Created in the Fall of 2020, the Telegram channel took advantage of the last crypto boom to ride the wave and come into prominence.
While it can improve on the viewership (around 20%) and post more news on the crypto industry, its massive following does reflect its quality of information, and the speed at which it does is also impressive.
The group also commercializes its fame and accepts paid advertisements for projects through its admin: @miaMybtc.
Bitcoin Industry Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General)
  • Channel created: October, 2020
  • Followers: 450,100
  • Average Views: 87,900
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 20%
  • Total Posts: 720+

Crypto California Club

Crypto California Club
Crypto California Club is another Telegram crypto channel that was created during the last bull run. It took advantage of the market frenzy and its unique ability to give a fair and unbiased outlook of the crypto market situation.
Leveraging its popularity, Crypto California Club also accepts paid advertisements for projects that it finds feasible and then broadcasts the information to its almost half a million followers to create hype. Having one of the lowest post counts in our list, Crypto California Club is a perfect example of how having the right mindset and being fair on general crypto news can help create a significant fan following.
Crypto California Club Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto (General)
  • Channel created: April, 2021
  • Followers: 492,600
  • Average Views: 150,200
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 31%
  • Total Posts: 730+

Mike's Trading Signals | Crypto Calls

Mike's Trading Signals | Crypto Calls
Our second last entry, but the oldest crypto Telegram channel is Mike's Trading Signals | Crypto Calls. Created way back in December 2015, the Telegram group is one of the most famous channels on the messenger platform.
Mike's Trading Signals | Crypto Calls is the group that has made mega pumps famous in the crypto sphere. Working closely with different projects, the channel admins can give insights into which newly listed crypto to invest in and when to pull out for maximum profits.
The group also gives regular trading signals for both spot and futures that include cryptos and even stocks. Even with its extremely low engagement in terms of percentage (8%), the average views rival some very popular crypto channels.
Though the trading signals are a bit risky, you will find its nearly 550,000 followers attesting to the rewards being worth it.
Mike's Trading Signals | Crypto Calls Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto Trading
  • Channel created: December, 2015
  • Followers: 549,400
  • Average Views: 40,000
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 8%
  • Total Posts: 1800+

The Crypto Bulls

The Crypto Bulls
The Crypto Bulls is the most influential crypto Telegram channel in our list and if you are not following it, you are missing out a lot on your trading profits. The Crypto Bulls is a group dedicated to using derivatives like Futures and Perpetuals to make the best of the market.
The group is known for finding very effective trading opportunities - even going against the general market sentiment (such as shorting in a bull market) on key occasions. The trades are not without risk, however, as many signals come with very deep stop losses to ride out any short-term turmoil in the market.
The good thing is that the admins are very responsive and do give timely warnings to pull out of a trade if it goes sideways.
With over 4300 posts in just two years, the group is viewed by more than 100,000 people a day to find the next golden goose in crypto investments.
The Crypto Bulls Statistics:
  • Topic: Crypto Trading
  • Channel created: June, 2021
  • Followers: 829,900
  • Average Views: 104,000
  • ER (Engagement Rate): 12%
  • Total Posts: 4300+


Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other forms of tokens and coins have time and again shown that with the right mindset, knowledge of the industry, and some patience, anyone can make it big and gather profits.
With our list of the top 20 crypto Telegram channels to follow in 2023, you can have the latest information, deep insights, and opinion of experts right in your palm.