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7 Best Crypto Banner Ads Networks In 2023

7 Best Crypto Banner Ads Networks In 2024

7 Best Crypto Banner Ads Networks In 2024
Like any other significant technological advancement, the wave of digital currencies has resonated widely, particularly in the advertising industry. With the exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market, companies in 2024 are looking to capture this growing audience, making cryptocurrency-focused advertising more relevant than ever.
As more individuals and organizations are adopting cryptocurrencies and Web3 marketing strategies, there has been a parallel growth in the number of platforms, services, and products targeting this audience. This growth has opened up new horizons for advertisers. Conventional advertising strategies are being reimagined to meet the needs of this tech-savvy and financially savvy audience. In particular, cryptocurrency banner ads have become a popular tool offering companies a targeted approach to reaching potential customers in the cryptocurrency space.
The effectiveness of a crypto banner advertising campaign depends largely on the platform you choose. Choosing the right network ensures that your ads reach the right audience, resonate with their interests, and ultimately lead to conversions. Let's take a look at seven networks that have proven to be effective in cryptocurrency banner advertising and help you make an informed decision for your advertising endeavors.

Top Crypto Banner Ads Platforms


FINPR has established itself as a leading figure in the crypto PR landscape. With its inception in 2017 as a Dubai-based PR agency, FINPR has been instrumental in providing PR and marketing services to over 500 crypto and fintech startups globally. Beyond PR, the expertise extends to crypto influencer marketing, community management, crypto SEO, communication strategy, and many other related services.
Diving deeper into the company’s offerings, FINPR's specialized service in crypto banner ads stands out. With FINPR, clients have the flexibility to choose from over 110 banner placement options on nearly 50 of the most sought-after blockchain-related platforms. The agency’s transparent payment models, either CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or a flat rate, allow businesses to select what aligns best with their budget and objectives.
FINPR’s commitment to excellence is further evident in the client-centric approach. Clients are equipped with the necessary insights and tools to make informed decisions. For instance, FINPR provides a comprehensive list of all banner ad options, detailing the payment models, traffic, banner formats, budgets, and more.
Key features:
  • Emphasis on the power of banner placement on prominent cryptocurrency media outlets such as Cointelegraph and CoinDesk, as well as popular blockchain portals such as CoinMarketCap and Etherscan
  • The holistic suite of services, including Social Media Ads and Search Engine Ads
  • E-mail: info@finpr.agency
  • Telegram: @finpr_agency

2. A-ADS

A-ADS, also known as Anonymous Ads, proudly stands as the first crypto ad network in the market. With its roots dating back to 2011, the ad network has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the crypto advertising landscape. A-ADS offers a unique blend of ethical, privacy-aware advertising models, including CPA (Cost Per Action), CPD (Cost Per Duration), and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions). Catering to a diverse clientele, the platform accepts over 20 major cryptocurrencies, including the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
The platform's robustness is evident in its impressive statistics. On a daily basis, A-ADS boasts an average of 178,498,700 impressions from 8.8 million unique IPs, resulting in approximately 391,451 clicks from 120,000 unique IPs. Advertisers have the flexibility to choose packages. Each package provides detailed metrics, including impressions per day, the number of ad units, and the average CPM, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.
Beyond its core advertising services, A-ADS also emphasizes the importance of community and education. Their blog serves as a valuable resource, offering insights into various facets of crypto marketing, from promoting NFT projects to understanding crypto advertising policies on major platforms like Facebook and Google.
Key features:
  • A vast array of advertising packages tailored to specific niches such as blogs, adult content, entertainment, and more.
  • Affiliate program, allowing users to earn up to 10% of their referrals.
  • Telegram: @aads_network

3. Adshares

Adshares stands at the forefront of the digital advertising evolution, presenting itself as the Web3 standard tailored for the industry. With its foundation deeply rooted in blockchain technology, Adshares offers a comprehensive ecosystem designed explicitly for AdTech. This unique ad network ensures instant, secure, and transparent peer-to-peer payments, ad settlements, and decentralized crypto ad networks, all facilitated over the blockchain.
The platform's prowess is evident in its scalability and performance. Adshares is an open-source solution that emphasizes simplicity and efficiency. It boasts the capability to handle 1.4 million transfers per second, making it one of the fastest, lightest, and most environmentally friendly solutions in the market. This impressive infrastructure is designed to cater to all digital advertising needs, from traditional web ads to the emerging realms of Metaverse, games, mobile apps, AR/VR, and more. Adshares' vision is to enable cross-verse ad campaigns and monetize any digital space, ensuring advertisers can reach audiences wherever they are.
Beyond its technical capabilities, Adshares is committed to rebuilding trust in the advertising industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, the ad network ensures transparency and fairness at every step. Advertisers gain real-time insights into their ad transactions, publishers receive direct and equitable payments, and consumers' privacy remains protected. Moreover, fraudulent activities and malicious actors are effectively mitigated. For those looking to invest in the future of advertising, users can benefit from a decentralized system with ADS coin and partake in the rewards of the platform's transaction fees.
Key features:
  • Adshares offers the opportunity to own a piece of the advertising world through the ADS coin.
  • By integrating features reminiscent of RTB (Real-Time Bidding) and SWIFT, Adshares promises to save its users time, money, and energy, streamlining the advertising process.
  • E-mail: contact@adshares.net

4. DOT

DOT is a Web3 Ad Network and Marketplace that offers innovative solutions for Web3 marketers. With a reach of over 175+ million readers, DOT specializes in Web3 ads with contextual targeting, ensuring brand awareness, organic reach, and enhanced SEO. Their platform is designed to cater to the unique needs of Web3 businesses, providing them with a platform to achieve growth and reach their target audience effectively.
Traditional advertising platforms like Google and Facebook come with their set of restrictions in 2024, especially for Web3 and emerging tech companies. DOT offers a refreshing alternative, allowing businesses to bypass these limitations and regain control over their growth and advertising strategies.
Operating out of the UK since 2018, DOT understands the challenges that Web3 and emerging tech companies face in finding relevant audiences. The hostility from traditional platforms makes growth seem daunting. However, DOT's mission is clear: empower founders, marketers, and growth hackers by connecting them with relevant audiences and ensuring cost-effective conversions. With thousands of campaigns created, DOT has established itself as a trusted name among Web3 marketing agencies.
Key features:
  • Powerful contextual and geo-targeting capabilities
  • The ad network boasts flexibility, allowing businesses to start and stop campaigns at their convenience and providing real-time analytics to monitor performance.
  • E-mail: hello@dotaudiences.com
  • Telegram: @DotAds_Bot

5. CoinZilla

Coinzilla stands out as a top-tier crypto advertising network, dedicated to propelling best crypto projects to greater heights. As the critical source of crypto traffic, Coinzilla offers advertisers the opportunity to make significant impacts in the industry. With a reach spanning hundreds of industry websites, Coinzilla ensures that crypto ads are delivered to the right audience, maximizing visibility and engagement. Their exclusive partnerships with leading finance and crypto websites guarantee that ad campaigns yield exceptional outcomes.
Coinzilla's platform is designed with advertisers in mind, offering a seamless and efficient advertising experience. Coinzilla's commitment to results-driven advertising is evident in their approach. The strategic placement of banners in the most visible areas of partnered platforms ensures optimum results for every campaign.
Coinzilla goes beyond just offering ad spaces. They provide a suite of tools and features to empower advertisers. Their focus on performance is further highlighted by the fact that over 50% of advertisers in the crypto market choose Coinzilla for their advertising needs. With the support of dedicated account managers and effective ad placements, advertisers are assured of getting the best value for their investment.
Key features:
  • Advertisers have the flexibility to set up their campaigns within minutes, with tracking and optimization tools at their disposal to enhance ad performance.
  • Self-serve campaign optimization, custom-designed HTML5 banners, and adjustable budgets are available.
  • Facebook: @adsbycoinzilla

6. Bitmedia

Bitmedia offers businesses a robust platform to maximize their exposure in the cryptocurrency domain. Recognized as the go-to solution for Bitcoin advertising, Bitmedia assists countless businesses daily, providing them with cost-efficient and highly effective coin ad solutions.
Bitmedia’s adaptable smart banners and interactive ads are designed to enhance user engagement and drive conversions. Beyond the ad formats, Bitmedia allows them to fine-tune their ad campaigns based on regions, devices, daytime, and more. This level of granularity ensures that ads reach the most relevant audience, optimizing the return on investment.
Bitmedia's crypto ad network is user-friendly, enabling advertisers to set up and launch their campaigns with ease. From selecting the click price to uploading multiple ad formats, the platform offers a seamless experience. Advertisers also benefit from detailed statistics, giving them insights into their campaign performance. Furthermore, Bitmedia's commitment to quality is evident in its partnerships with leading market players, ensuring that ads are distributed to the highest quality audience.
Key features:
  • A diverse range of high-performing ad formats, including Rich Media, HTML5 ads, and Display ads
  • Extensive targeting options
  • E-mail: support@bitmedia.io
  • Telegram: @bitmedia_io

7. CoinTraffic

CoinTraffic is dedicated to driving quality traffic to businesses in the cryptocurrency sector. With its vast reach across top-quality ad networks, CoinTraffic offers unparalleled visibility, ensuring that ads resonate with the right audience and achieve maximum impact.
CoinTraffic offers a diverse range of ad formats, meticulously designed to capture the attention of the target audience. From banner ads to native formats, advertisers have a plethora of options to choose from, ensuring their campaigns are both engaging and effective. Additionally, CoinTraffic's press release distribution service allows brands to create a buzz in the industry, fostering brand awareness and credibility. With a commitment to delivering high CTR and ensuring ads are displayed on reputable cryptocurrency websites, CoinTraffic stands out as a trusted partner for crypto advertising.
Understanding the unique challenges and nuances of the crypto ad network space, CoinTraffic provides advertisers with dedicated support, ensuring campaigns are optimized for success. The platform also offers With its emphasis on quality, relevance, and performance, CoinTraffic has become the go-to solution for many top cryptocurrency brands.
Key features:
  • Advertisers can benefit from the expertise of personal account managers who assist in selecting the right ad formats, designing creatives, and launching campaigns swiftly.
  • Comprehensive performance reports, allow advertisers to monitor and analyze their campaign results, ensuring they achieve the best ROI.
  • E-mail: advertisers(at)cointraffic.io


The digital marketing sphere is undergoing transformational changes in 2024, with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology at the epicenter. As the crypto community expands every day, companies using crypto ad networks and crypto marketing agencies are positioning themselves at the forefront of this digital revolution, allowing them to remain relevant and resonate with their target audience. The greatest benefits will undoubtedly accrue to those who recognize its potential early and adapt accordingly.


Why Should I Use a Crypto Banner Ads Network?

Using a Crypto Banner Ads Network can help you target a specific audience interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It provides a cost-effective way to promote your crypto-related products or services to a relevant and engaged user base.

How Do Crypto Banner Ads Networks Work?

These networks operate similarly to traditional advertising networks. Advertisers create banner ads and bid on ad placements, while publishers allocate ad space on their websites or apps. When a user clicks on a banner ad, the advertiser pays a fee to the publisher and potentially earns a new customer.

Are Crypto Banner Ads Networks Safe to Use?

The safety and legitimacy of a Crypto Banner Ads Network can vary. It's essential to research and choose a reputable network to avoid potential scams or fraudulent activities. Look for networks with a track record of transparent operations and positive user reviews.

Do I Need to Have a Cryptocurrency Wallet to Advertise on These Networks?

While having a cryptocurrency wallet can be useful for payment processing, many Crypto Banner Ads Networks also accept traditional payment methods, such as credit cards or PayPal. Having a crypto wallet may provide more flexibility and lower transaction fees, but it's not always a requirement.

What Types of Banner Ads Are Available on These Networks?

Crypto Banner Ads Networks typically offer a variety of banner ad formats, including static images, animated GIFs, and HTML5 banners. The specific ad formats available may vary from one network to another.

How Can I Measure the Effectiveness of My Banner Ads on These Networks?

Most Crypto Banner Ads Networks provide advertisers with detailed analytics and performance metrics, such as click-through rates (CTR), impressions, and conversion tracking. These metrics can help you assess the effectiveness of your ads and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns.

Are There Any Restrictions on Advertising Crypto-Related Products or Services on These Networks?

Some networks may have specific policies and guidelines regarding the promotion of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and related products. It's essential to familiarize yourself with these rules to ensure your ads comply with their regulations and avoid any potential account suspension or removal of your ads.

How Do I Get Started With a Crypto Banner Ads Network?

To get started, you typically need to sign up as either an advertiser or a publisher on the chosen network's website. Follow the registration process, create your ads or allocate ad space, set your budget and targeting preferences, and launch your campaign.

Can I Target Specific Demographics or Regions With My Banner Ads?

Yes, most Crypto Banner Ads Networks offer targeting options that allow you to specify demographics, geographic locations, interests, and other criteria to reach your desired audience effectively. This targeting capability helps you maximize the relevance of your ads to potential customers.

How Can I Trust a Crypto Banner Ad Network With My Campaign?

Research the network’s reputation, read reviews, and look for case studies or testimonials. Start with a small budget to test the effectiveness and reliability of the network before committing more resources.

How Are Ad Rates Determined on Crypto Banner Ad Networks?

Ad rates are often determined by a combination of factors including ad size, placement, website traffic, and engagement rates. Rates can be fixed or based on a bidding system for ad spaces.