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CMC Trending Service

Let’s get your token listed to the CoinMarketCap Trending segment, ranking of the most searchable and popular cryptocurrencies

Benefits of CoinMarketCap Trending Service

  • 1
    Around 67 Million of Visits Monthly
    CoinMarketCap is a giant in crypto price tracking websites with over 8000 different cryptocurrencies. According to Similarweb, CoinMarketCap is one of the top 100 fastest growing brands online.
  • 2
    Significant increasing of credibility to your project
    A large number of crypto enthusiasts and investors trust CoinMarketCap’s data since this source is reliable and provides accurate and timely information only. So you can be assured that such investment always pays off.
  • 3
    Creating a buzz around your project
    Having a token placed in the Top of the CMC Trending page - is a breaking news to announce in your social media channels and to engage the community into discussion. More new users and mood boost around your company!

About Service

Screenshot of as of November 2, 2023
Screenshot of as of November 2, 2023

Guess, why such statups as Celestia and HELLO Labs were in the ranking
There are 3 options of possible position ranges for getting listed depending on your opportunities and where you would love to see your coin:
  • 1
    Price: $8,490*
  • 2
    Price: $7,950*
  • 3
    Price: $1,950*
* Prices valid as of November, 2023. Contact us to get updates rates.

The huge advantage of getting boosted to Top 3 is that your crypto would be seen from the main page of CoinMarketCap site, which guarantees you the highest views and excellent prospects in terms of cryptocurrency demand and its price!
Screenshot of as of November 2, 2023
Screenshot of as of November 2, 2023
Your coin will be listed on the Trending page for 24 hours. Since CoinMarketCap is a reputable platform - you can be ensured that your startup gets high-quality traffic and it will be seen by more people from the right audience.

Besides CMC Trending Cryptocurrencies page, as well as CoinMarketCap main page (speaking of service, when you get in Top-3), your startup also will be seen in search bar (when a person clicks on it) at all pages within CMC:
Screenshot of search bar on as of November 2, 2023
Screenshot of search bar on as of November 2, 2023

Requirements to Boost Your Token into the Top

To make things happen and to be listed on CoinMarketCap Trending successfully your crypto should meet some requirements:

  • Trading volume. For example, for Top 3 the token should have $5 million of volume for the last 24 hours- it means that at least $5 million of a cryptocurrency should have been traded in the last 24 hours. For lower ranking $1 million of trading volume is enough.

  • Having the coin already on CMC. Would be great to have the project listed on CMC so its price is being tracked by the site in the most accurate way.

About CMC

CoinMarketCap is one of the most prominent price-tracking websites in the world that was founded by a former IT programmer Brandon Chez in 2013. In 2020 CoinMarketCap was acquired by Binance Capital Mgmt.

The site provides its users with accurate and timely data regarding the prices, trading volume and market capitalization of crypto assets. Through the site, mobile app and social media channels it gets hundreds of millions of users annually.


What is the price for CMC trending?
To buy CoinMarketCap trending service please contact our team and we will provide you with the latest prices and ranking options.
Can I choose the position where the token would appear?
The trending list is ranked by popularity. We deliver the rank within any specific range - for example your token could get any position from 1 to 3 or from 5 to 10, but we can’t promise a specific place that the coin would get. It is hard to guarantee.
How long does the process of placing in "Trending" on CMC take?
The average time of delivery could be between 12-24 hours since every case is individual, so we would be happy to provide you with more specific details once we have everything set up for listing.
What if my company doesn’t meet the requirements for being in the Trending segment?
In this case we will discuss what are the possible options to promote your startup in any other way. FINPR offers various opportunities for any project to get visibility and credibility, so our team will suggest the best option that fits you.