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OK Trending Service

Get your token to the top of Showroom Trending list at, one of the most popular crypto exchanges!

About Trending

Having your token seen in 3 different places on the popular cryptocurrency platform - does it sound good for a project promotion and boosting an interest in your startup? We will help you to increase the number of potential investors or active users!

Showroom lists on show the most relevant coins in the market today. Price data and user behavior are the basis for the ranking.

We will help to list your project just in Trending section of Showroom Lists.
Screenshot of Tending page on as of November 9, 2023
Screenshot of Tending page on as of November 9, 2023
At the same time the project would be seen in the Trending Coins list the search bar panel:
Trending section on search bar tool at
Trending section on search bar tool at
And simultaneously the coin would be seen in Trending list on any coin page, just from the right side of the page:
Trending side bar on page
Trending side bar on page
The token would appear in the Trending list and will stay here for 6-8 hours, floating between 1-5 positions.


To get the token to the Trending List please contact our team. doesn’t require you to meet any specific conditions, so we can easily push your coin to be in trend!


  • 1
    Top 5
    Price: $1190*
* Price valid as of November, 2023. Contact us to get updates rates.

About is a very well-known cryptocurrency exchange that supports a variety of digital assets. A wide range of cryptocurrencies are available for purchase, sale or trading with affordable trading fees.

The exchange is heavily investing in advertising. Their bet is to go mainstream with the help of sports ads. In 2022 alone they bought commercial on Sunday's Super Bowl (popular sport event in the U.S.) and invested $700 million to rename the Staples Center stadium in Los Angeles as the Arena. Arena, multi-purpose indoor arena in Downtown Los Angeles Arena, multi-purpose indoor arena in Downtown Los Angeles
Originally the company was founded as “Monaco” in 2016 by Bobby Bao, Gary Or, Kris Marszalek, and Rafael Melo, but in 2018 it was renamed as

Today the exchange counts about 80 million users in 90 countries.


What is the delivery time to get in the Showroom list?
Usually it takes 3-6 hours. And about 6-8 hours your company will be seen in the top of the list.
How can I buy trending service? What are the payment options?
We are quite flexible with payment options - you can pay with crypto, a bank transfer or PayPal.

What if I am interested in other platforms?
Sure thing! We have 3 other big platforms where we can get your startup in Trending lists! If Trending is not the priority for you at the moment - then we are glad to suggest you a wide range of other services to promote your company. Just write to us to get full information!