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10 Best Influencer Management Agencies of 2024

10 Best Influencer Management Agencies of 2023
10 Best Influencer Management Agencies of 2024
In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the power of influencer strategy has become undeniable. With their ability to sway the opinions and purchasing decisions of their vast audiences, influencers have emerged as the modern-day celebrities of the online paid media realm. But as leading brands scramble to harness this power, the need for expert guidance in this arena has become paramount.
Enter best influencer management agencies: the unsung heroes behind many successful influencer marketing process. These agencies bridge the gap between brands and influencers, ensuring that collaborations are not only seamless but also mutually beneficial. Let's discover the best influencer marketing agencies that are shaping the future.

10 Influencer Management Firms


FINPR is a Dubai-based PR agency that specializes in crypto marketing. Since its inception in 2017, the agency has provided PR and marketing services to over 500 crypto, NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, and fintech startups worldwide. FINPR boasts the largest list of crypto media on the market, with over 300 media outlets in 15+ languages. In addition to PR, the agency offers a range of services including crypto influencer marketing, community management, crypto SEO, communication strategy, listings on exchanges, and other marketing services.
FINPR's influencer marketing services have helped over 30 blockchain, NFT, and Web3 companies grow their brand awareness and reach their target audience. The agency has partnerships with top crypto influencers and offers guaranteed advertorial placements, ensuring clients know the price of each ad format in advance. FINPR can develop marketing strategies to maximize ROI for crypto projects and offers services on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, and Threads. The agency's influencer marketing strategies aim to drive high-quality traffic, acquire customers, grow brand visibility, build reputation and trust, and improve Google's presence.
The agency's influencer marketing services have been particularly effective in driving traffic, acquiring customers, and building brand visibility. With a strong network of influencers and a deep understanding of the crypto market, FINPR is well-positioned to help blockchain and Web3 startups achieve their marketing goals.
  • E-mail: info@finpr.agency
  • Telegram: @finpr_agency

2. Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer Marketing Agency
Founded over a decade ago, the Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA) has been a pioneer in the influencer marketing movement and has developed countless leading influencer marketing campaigns across various industries. The agency helps brands engage and activate their target audiences worldwide through strategic and creative influencer campaigns. IMA's approach involves bringing a brand's story to life by harnessing the power of authentic connections. The agency has worked with thousands of best-in-class social influencers, digital storytellers, vloggers, and content creators across a wide variety of segments through its open network.
IMA offers a full range of services, including tailor-made strategies, hands-on campaign execution, and in-depth reporting. The agency's in-house team of specialists includes strategists, producers, influencer project managers, designers, developers, digital marketing analysts, and social media experts. The agency's influencer marketing services are backed by a database of over 19 million influencers, including insights on demographics and more. IMA's platform also offers easy access to influencer data, campaign management, content approval flows, and tailored reports on campaign impact.
IMA has worked with leading international brands and businesses, developing and executing bespoke influencer marketing strategies based on individual goals and unique to their DNA. The agency has received industry accolades for its work, including awards for "Best use of an influencer" and "Brand microsite."
  • E-mail: contact@imagency.com


IZEA helps brands and agencies of all sizes create best-in-class influencer marketing campaigns. The company offers a platform where brands can collaborate with the world's top influencer talent. IZEA provides a range of services, including enterprise influencer marketing software that allows brands to manage all their creators, campaigns, payments, and performance in one place. They also offer full-service influencer marketing, providing end-to-end campaign management and strategy for brands that need assistance in executing their influencer campaigns.
IZEA's platform features a wide range of influencers from various niches, including modeling, photography, music, and more. Brands can view featured listings of influencers, along with their follower count, platform, and pricing for collaborations. The platform allows brands to find the right influencers for their campaigns and connect with them directly.
In addition to influencer marketing, IZEA also offers casting calls for brands looking to work with influencers on specific projects. Brands can post their requirements, and influencers can apply to work on these projects.
  • E-mail: mail@izea.com

4. Obvious.ly

Obvious.ly is a premier full-service influencer marketing agency that works with some of the world's most iconic brands. The agency offers a comprehensive range of services, including strategy development, influencer management, shipping and fulfillment, content creation, paid amplification, and reporting. Obvious.ly handles everything from start to finish, ensuring that brands can achieve maximum results from their influencer marketing campaigns. The agency is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies, and its campaigns have served millions of organic impressions and created thousands of unique pieces of content.
One of the key differentiators of Obvious.ly is its proprietary technology, which includes a client dashboard that provides real-time updates at every stage of a campaign. This technology allows brands to have input and stay informed throughout the campaign process. Additionally, Obvious.ly's campaigns can include thousands of influencers, making it possible to execute complex and large-scale campaigns with ease. The agency's technology and experienced team ensure that campaigns are executed efficiently and effectively, regardless of their size or complexity.
Obvious.ly's approach to influencer marketing is centered around creative strategy, influencer management, shipping and fulfillment, content creation, paid amplification, and analytics and reporting. The agency's process is designed to ensure that brands can achieve their marketing goals and get the most out of their influencer collaborations. Obvious.ly works with influencers and creators across various platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, allowing brands to reach their target audience on the platforms that matter most to them. The agency is part of the VMLY&R company and is known for its innovative and data-driven approach to influencer marketing.
  • Facebook: @obviouslysocial

5. Open Influence

Open Influence
Open Influence is a leading creator marketing agency that partners with top global brands and institutions to unlock the full potential of the creator economy. The agency is trusted by some of the world's top brands to deliver captivating and impactful content at scale. Open Influence's creator-focused marketing solutions are designed to help brands tap into the power of influencers and achieve their marketing goals.
Open Influence's services are tailored to meet the unique needs of brands and creators. The agency works with a diverse range of creators, including influencers, content creators, and thought leaders, to create content that aligns with the brand's messaging and objectives. The agency's services include influencer marketing, content creation, social media management, and more.
Open Influence is known for its innovative approach to creator marketing and its commitment to delivering results for its clients. The agency's platform partners include some of the biggest names in the industry, further enhancing its ability to deliver high-quality content and reach a wide audience. The agency's expertise and experience make it a trusted partner for brands looking to leverage the power of influencers and creators to achieve their marketing goals.
  • E-mail: start@openinfluence.com

6. The Shelf

The Shelf
The Shelf is a full-service influencer marketing agency that combines creativity with data-driven strategies to deliver impactful influencer campaigns. The agency has its own proprietary SaaS platform that allows it to plan, execute, manage, and optimize influencer campaigns with precision. The Shelf works with companies in every vertical and has a wealth of experience in over-delivering on KPIs. The agency uses data to find the best influencers on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. These influencers are then leveraged to promote products or services, build brand awareness, and help brands achieve their goals.
The Shelf's influencer marketing campaigns are custom-built to match the right tactics with the right storytellers for a brand's target audience. The agency's social influencer marketing services are designed to bring a brand's story to life by connecting it with authentic leading influencers. The Shelf implements influencer marketing strategies to activate a brand's target audience worldwide. The agency works with a global network of talented storytellers who are changing the way creatives and companies collaborate to produce magic. The Shelf has worked with brands such as Lenox, St Pierre Bakery, The Honest Company, KISS, Nite Ize, and Blued, delivering impressive results in terms of engagement, content quality, and ROI.
The Shelf's influencer marketing expertise extends to various industries, including mobile app marketing, beauty marketing, fashion campaigns, food campaigns, home decor campaigns, outdoor brand marketing, parenting campaigns, and CSR campaigns. The agency's technology and data-driven approach allow it to create influencer campaigns that resonate with the target audience and drive results. The Shelf is known for its unique and professional influencer marketing expertise, and it has a track record of creating meaningful stories, experiences, and content by working with influencers who know how to spread the word about a brand.
  • Facebook: @ShelfInc

7. Ubiquitous

Ubiquitous is an influencer marketing agency that aims to make brands household names through influencer marketing. The agency works directly with a vast network of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube creators to deploy viral, compelling, and data-driven campaigns. Ubiquitous has worked with a diverse range of clients, including firms of all sizes and companies from various verticals. The agency's clients demand an influencer marketing company that delivers results, not just flashy metrics, and Ubiquitous is proud to partner with such an elite array of businesses.
Ubiquitous offers a self-service influencer marketing platform that allows brands to identify creators, conduct competitive research, and track campaign performance all in one place. The platform is designed to help brands scale their influencer marketing strategy in-house without breaking the bank. The agency handles every touchpoint of the influencer marketing channel, from organic content creation to managing influencer partnerships to deploying ad spend.
The agency's campaigns are known for driving results. For example, AutoSky amassed over 21 million impressions in just two months through a campaign with Ubiquitous. The agency also invites influencers of all sizes to join its Influencer Collective, where they can make extra money by working with brands they love and use.
  • Facebook: @UbiquitousOfficial

8. Moburst

Moburst is known for its expertise in the mobile app marketing space and has a proven track record of successful campaigns. Moburst's influencer marketing services are designed to help brands harness the power of influencers to elevate their brand and achieve their marketing goals. The agency works with a diverse range of influencers and has experience in executing campaigns across various platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
Moburst's influencer marketing services are focused on identifying the right influencers to achieve a brand's goals and ensuring that the campaign is as effective as possible. The agency's team of experts works closely with brands to develop a customized strategy that leverages the power of influencers to achieve their marketing objectives.
Moburst has worked with a wide range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and has a wealth of experience in executing successful influencer marketing campaigns. The agency's clients include well-known brands such as Samsung, Discovery Network, Reddit and Uber.
  • Facebook: @moburstmobilemarketing

9. Nogood

Nogood is an influencer marketing agency that specializes in developing and managing customized influencer campaigns to help brands target communities, drive sales, and increase their customer base. They are particularly adept at assisting SaaS, E-commerce, DTC, and B2B start-ups in growing strategically from one stage to another. Nogood achieves this by leveraging its vast network of influencers, making them readily available to partner with these brands. The team at Nogood is experienced and has a deep understanding of the strategies and influencer campaigns that can help a brand succeed.
Nogood's influencer marketing campaigns are tailored to the specific needs of each brand, ensuring that the right influencers are chosen to represent the brand and that the campaign resonates with the target audience. They have a proven track record of success, with a client list that includes well-known brands such as Nike, Microsoft, P&G, and Ghostery.
Nogood's expertise in influencer marketing is evident in the results they deliver for their clients, helping them to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. Their vast network of influencers, combined with their deep understanding of influencer marketing strategies, makes them a valuable partner for brands looking to leverage the power of influencer marketing. Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, Nogood can help you reach new heights with their influencer marketing expertise.
  • Facebook: @nogood.io

10. Kairos Media

Kairos Media
Kairos Media is an award-winning influencer marketing agency, specializing in SaaS, CPG, and E-Commerce influencer management. Founded in 2015, the agency has quickly become a leader in the influencer marketing space, offering a range of services to help brands connect with their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. The agency's team of creative storytellers, social experts, and brand innovators work together to develop brand-specific creative content and campaigns that resonate with the target audience and drive results.
One of the key differentiators of Kairos Media is its proprietary software, Kairos Insights. This software is used for media buying, digital planning, and audience analysis, providing valuable insights that help inform the agency's campaign strategies. By leveraging data and insights, Kairos Media is able to create highly targeted and effective influencer marketing campaigns that deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) for its clients.
Kairos Media has an impressive client list, including major brands such as LG, Audible, Unilever, and Pringles. The agency's success in delivering impactful influencer marketing campaigns has earned it a spot on the list of top influencer marketing agencies. With its innovative approach to influencer marketing and its commitment to delivering results for its clients, Kairos Media continues to be a leading player in the influencer marketing industry.
  • Twitter: @KairosMedia

What to Look for in an Influencer Management Company

Navigating the world of influencer marketing can be a daunting task for brands, especially those new to this form of digital marketing. The right influencer management agency can make all the difference, guiding brands through the process and ensuring successful collaborations with influencers. Here are key factors to consider when evaluating influencer management agencies:
  1. Expertise in Influencer Marketing: Look for an agency that specializes in influencer marketing and has a deep understanding of the industry. They should be well-versed in the latest trends, platforms, and best practices. An agency with a strong focus on influencer marketing is more likely to have the knowledge and experience needed to create successful campaigns.
  2. Proven Track Record of Successful Campaigns: Check the agency's portfolio and case studies to see examples of their previous work. Look for campaigns that align with your brand's goals and target audience. An agency with a history of successful campaigns is more likely to deliver results for your brand.
  3. Strong Relationships with Influencers: One of the main benefits of working with an influencer management agency is their access to a network of influencers. Look for an agency that has established relationships with influencers across various platforms and niches. This will give you a wider pool of influencers to choose from and increase the chances of finding the perfect match for your brand.
  4. Ability to Match Brands with the Right Influencers: It's not enough to have access to a large network of influencers. The agency should also have a process in place for matching brands with the right influencers. This involves understanding your brand's goals, target audience, and brand identity, and finding influencers who align with these factors.
  5. Comprehensive Campaign Management Services: Influencer marketing campaigns involve multiple steps, from influencer selection and contract negotiation to content creation and performance tracking in various fields, from fintech to blockchain influencer marketing. Look for an agency that offers comprehensive campaign management services, taking care of all the details so you can focus on your core business.
  6. Transparent Reporting and Analytics: Measuring the success of an influencer marketing campaign is crucial. The agency should provide transparent reporting and analytics, showing you the impact of the campaign on key metrics such as brand awareness, engagement, and sales. This will help you assess the ROI of the campaign and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.
  7. Cultural Fit: Finally, consider the cultural fit between your brand and the agency. Look for an agency that shares your brand's values and understands your brand identity. A strong cultural fit will lead to more authentic and effective collaborations.


In the vast expanse of the digital marketing universe, influencer marketing has carved out a niche that's both impactful and enduring. The right influencer management agency can be the linchpin to a brand's success in this arena. These agencies, with their expertise and networks, have the potential to transform a brand's narrative, connecting them with audiences in authentic and resonant ways.
As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the symbiotic relationship between brands and influencers will only grow stronger, making the role of influencer management agencies even more pivotal. For brands aiming to leave a lasting imprint in the minds of consumers, leveraging the power of influencers through strategic partnerships is not just an option — it's a necessity. As we look to the future, may we always recognize the value of genuine connections, and the agencies that help forge them, in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.


What is Influencer Management?

Influencer Management refers to the process of identifying, collaborating with, and managing relationships with influential individuals, typically on social media platforms, to promote brands, products, or services.
Influencer Management is crucial because influencers can reach a large and engaged audience, offer credibility to your brand, and drive consumer behavior in a way traditional advertising might not.

What is an Influencer Management Agency?

An Influencer Management Agency is a company that specializes in partnering with social media influencers to enhance brand marketing strategies. They act as intermediaries between brands and influencers, handling negotiations, contracts, creative direction, and sometimes content creation.

What are the key elements of a successful influencer partnership?

Successful partnerships are built on clear communication, mutual respect, alignment of interests, creative freedom, and measurable goals to assess the impact of the partnership.

How can I measure the ROI of influencer campaigns?

ROI can be measured through metrics such as engagement rates, increase in brand awareness, sales conversion rates, and tracking specific campaign-related hashtags or links.

Can small businesses benefit from Influencer Management?

Absolutely. Small businesses can leverage influencer partnerships by working with micro-influencers who have smaller but highly engaged audiences that might offer a higher ROI for smaller budgets.

How do Influencer Management Agencies benefit brands?

Influencer management agencies offer expertise in identifying the right influencers for a brand's specific needs, ensuring alignment in values and audience demographics. They manage the logistics of campaigns, allowing brands to focus on their core business activities while leveraging the reach and influence of social media personalities.

What services do Influencer Management Agencies typically offer?

These agencies typically offer services including influencer identification and vetting, campaign design and execution, content creation guidance, performance tracking, and regulatory compliance. They may also provide additional services like event management and public relations support.

How do agencies select influencers for a campaign?

Agencies use a variety of criteria to select influencers, such as follower count, engagement rate, content quality, audience demographics, and brand compatibility. They often utilize sophisticated tools and analytics to ensure a good fit between the influencer, the audience, and the brand's marketing objectives.

What are the typical costs associated with hiring an Influencer Management Agency?

Costs vary widely depending on the agency's reputation, the scale of the campaign, and the level of influencers involved. Some agencies work on a commission basis, while others might charge fixed fees for specific services.

How do these agencies ensure compliance with advertising regulations?

Agencies are responsible for ensuring that influencers comply with advertising laws and guidelines, such as clearly disclosing sponsored content. They keep abreast of current regulations and advise influencers accordingly.

Do influencer management agencies work with micro-influencers?

Yes, many influencer management agencies work with micro-influencers, as they often have highly engaged and niche audiences. Micro-influencers can be cost-effective for brands looking to reach specific demographics.

Can individuals hire influencer management agencies for personal branding?

Yes, individuals, including aspiring influencers or public figures, can hire influencer management agencies to help build and manage their personal brand, secure partnerships, and grow their online presence.