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Top 5 Agencies Who Offers Influencer Marketing Services on Threads App

Top 5 Agencies Who Offers Influencer Marketing Services on Threads App
Top 5 Agencies Who Offers Influencer Marketing Services on Threads App
Threads, the latest social media offering from Meta, helmed by Mark Zuckerberg, has made a significant splash in the digital sphere. Despite being a recent entrant in the market, it has already attracted over 50 million registrants, earning it the epithet of 'Twitter-killer'.
A plethora of high-profile celebrities, including Gordon Ramsay and Jennifer Lopez, alongside respected media outlets such as CNN, have established their presence on Threads. Our recent compilations of top blockchain-related Threads accounts and crypto influencers on Threads further underscore the platform's growing popularity.
Major brands like Netflix, Billboard, and HBO have also recognized Threads' potential and are active on the platform. Unsurprisingly, with the entry of these colossal brands comes a significant advertising budget. In response to this new avenue for advertising, digital agencies are eager to capitalize on the opportunities presented by Threads.
Therefore, if you represent a large-scale brand or a business contemplating the launch of influencer marketing on Threads, this article is an essential read. It serves as a guide for those seeking to navigate and harness the potential of this burgeoning social media platform.

How We Made The List

We’ve collected the list of top five influencer marketing agencies, who have already announced that they do help with marketing on Threads and have such services page on their site, or who a.) offered influence marketing services on the majority of social media sites you’ve heard (not just popular Facebook, Twitter, but apps like Snapchat, Telegram and so on) and b.) have a great background in marketing on Instagram.
Since Threads is very much integrated with Instagram, and to create a Threads account you have to have an Instagram account, we do suggest that who’s strong in ads on Instagram potentially have a good start with Threads.

5 Top Threads Influencer Marketing Agencies

FINPR Agency

FINPR Agency
  • Headquarters: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
  • Year founded: 2017
  • Team Size (LinkedIn): 12
  • Clients: Klaytn, Gate.IO, Ascendex, BestChange, Xsolla
FINPR Agency, a Dubai-based crypto marketing and PR agency, has carved out a significant niche in the digital marketing landscape.
Established in 2017, the agency has rapidly gained a reputation for their expertise in marketing and PR for crypto-focused businesses. With a strong track record of aiding over 250 NFT, DeFi, Web3, Crypto, and FinTech startups.
The suite of services offered by FINPR is comprehensive and includes crypto PR, influencer marketing, community management, crypto SEO, marketing strategy creation, crypto exchange listings, and content creation, among others. Speaking of influencer marketing, the agency works with key opinion leaders in Web3 on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, and from the July, 2023 - on Threads App as well.
FINPR is unique in its specialization in the rapidly evolving field of crypto marketing. Their dedication to the crypto space demonstrates their commitment to staying ahead of trends and leveraging the potential of innovative technologies for marketing.
Their blend of traditional marketing strategies with sector-specific techniques allows them to provide tailored services that match the unique needs of crypto and FinTech startups.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory
  • Headquarters: U.S, Miami
  • Founded founded: 2018
  • Team Size (LinkedIn): 52
  • Clients: Amazon, Discovery+, Benq, UniCredit, etc.
The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global agency specializing in the burgeoning field of influencer marketing. Their focus is on creating authentic, scalable, and ROI-driven campaigns on prominent social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
The agency's clientele consists of a variety of brands for whom they meticulously plan and execute influencer marketing campaigns.
Their systematic approach involves understanding the client's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), identifying suitable influencers, crafting compelling narratives for the campaign, managing its execution, and providing comprehensive tracking and in-depth reporting.
Boasting a proven track record of successful influencer marketing campaigns, The Influencer Marketing Factory has established itself as a go-to agency for brands looking to leverage the power of influencer marketing.

The Shelf

The Shelf
  • Headquarters: U.S., Atlanta
  • Founded founded: 2013
  • Team Size: 69
  • Clients: Walmart, Hulu, Viacom, EOS, Pilot
Established as a leader in the dynamic world of influencer marketing, The Shelf has built its reputation on delivering driven campaigns from inception to fruition, always with a keen emphasis on performance and return on investment (ROI).
Their team of in-house brand and digital strategists devise captivating creative concepts supported by guaranteed metrics and deliverables, ensuring impactful and effective campaigns for their clients.
Leveraging their proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, The Shelf is equipped to discover and rigorously vet influencers that align perfectly with their clients' brand ethos and campaign objectives.
According to their site, influencer marketing is The Shelf's proclaimed "superpower," and their record backs this assertion. Their team is a blend of strategists, creatives, and analysts who collaborate with high-quality influencers to construct innovative campaigns that elevate their clients amongst leading global brands.


  • Headquarters: United States, Los Angeles
  • Founded Year: 2011
  • Team Size: 11
  • Clients: Microsoft, MTV, NFL, Oreo
Established 10+ years ago, HireInfluence has quickly carved a niche in the influencer marketing realm, becoming a go-to agency for numerous high-profile clients. Their secret recipe lies in their fusion of ingenuity and strategic expertise, which helps them to weave unique brand narratives that leave a lasting impression.
Their service suite spans from concept development to influencer selection, all driven by a singular mission: to create customized, resonant brand experiences through extraordinary global partnerships.
Backed by cutting-edge strategies and rigorous talent selection procedures, they have been recognized for delivering results that consistently outperform industry standards.
The factor that distinguishes HireInfluence in the bustling landscape of full-service advertising agencies is their commitment to move beyond traditional advertising models.
Their goal is not just to serve ads but to connect consumers directly with premium services, a process that heightens brand-customer relationships and enhances user experience. At its core, HireInfluence is an influencer marketing powerhouse with far-reaching capabilities.

Intuition Media Group

Intuition Media Group
  • Headquarters: Unites States, Greenwich
  • Founded Year: 2008
  • Team Size: 6
  • Clients: GoDaddy, Hyudai, TikTok, Canon
Intuition Media Group, also known as Blissful Media Group, has distinguished itself in the landscape of influencer marketing with a profound understanding of multiple platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Triller, Facebook, and Pinterest.
The agency’s team is instrumental in defining their clients' ROI goals and in identifying, vetting, and managing the best content creators. Their offering is a unique blend of human touch and advanced technology, providing comprehensive campaign management and reporting.
The agency's expertise spans various sectors including Lifestyle, Parenting, Home, Food & Beverage, Tech & Social, Entertainment, and Automotive. Moreover, they proudly operate as a women-owned business, with their team diligently delivering influencer campaigns and social strategy.
Intuition Media Group provides a suite of services, ranging from influencer marketing to consulting/strategy and event production. They work closely with their clients, crafting influencer campaigns that amplify brand visibility, engagements, and sales across digital platforms.