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Best Fintech PR Firms: Elevate Your Financial Brand

Best Fintech PR Firms: Elevate Your Financial Brand
Do you know enough about FinTech? From banking services to blockchain-based solutions, FinTech is changing the financial world. However, this progress comes with responsibilities. What do you say about FinTech PR?
PR is about showcasing your product to the world and communicating its value to people. This may not seem easy, which is why there are exceptional digital marketing agencies that specialize in it. Their job is to ensure that the message not only reaches people but resonates with them. In the following sections, we'll talk about the best FinTech PR agencies.

6 Leading Fintech PR Agencies


Hey, have you heard about FINPR? Let me give you the lowdown. Back in 2017, this agency set up shop in Dubai and quickly became the go-to for all things Web3, cryptocurrency, and tech. In just a few years, they've assisted over 250 startups in making a name for themselves. Impressive, right?
What really sets FINPR apart is their deep understanding of cryptocurrencies. Their team? A diverse group of professionals from the Middle East to Eastern Europe. They've made connections with over 300 media outlets in 15 languages. That's some serious connections! Because of this, they have been able to bring attention to their clients' stories. They have published over 1,500 stories to date.
In 2022, they were spotlighted as one of the top crypto consulting firms and a leading PR agency in the field. Some of the coolest names in DeFi, NFT, and blockchain? Yep, they're on FINPR's client list. As the world of digital currency keeps evolving, it's clear that agencies like FINPR are at the heart of shaping its narrative.
The company stands out for:
  • Top FinTech PR services and a comprehensive approach that includes influencer marketing and community management.
  • E-mail: info@finpr.agency
  • Telegram: @finpr_agency

2. Level PR

Level PR
Alright, so there’s this competitive PR agency, Level PR, that’s made a name for itself, focusing on media relations for both the big tech names and the new kids on the block. They’re all about boosting the stories and key messages for tech companies.
They’ve got this two-step game plan: first, they team up with brands to craft really engaging stories, and then they match those stories with the right media outlets to make sure they land with the audience. They get in there and partner up with clients, bringing a bunch of creative solutions and a can-do attitude to the table to make the whole experience a blast.
And get this, they’re not just sticking to the standard PR playbook. They’ve also rolled out an online PR toolkit course specifically for tech startups. It shows their commitment to arming up-and-coming entrepreneurs with everything they need to hit it big.
The company stands out for:
  • Their approach is remarkably simple and aims to deliver tangible results through proactive media relations, content development, and thought leadership development.
  • E-mail: info@levelpr.co

3. Vested

Let me tell you about Vested. These guys were deep into the game way before everyone started chatting about "fintech" over dinner. They've played a huge role in crafting stories for big shots like SS&C and FIS. You know, those tech trailblazers that shook things up in banking.
Now, as the fintech landscape keeps broadening, guess what? Vested is soaring even higher. They've teamed up with a diverse bunch of clients, from World Remit to Finastra and even PeerStreet. But here's the kicker: they're not just basking in past glories. Vested's got their eyes on what's next in finance. How cool is that? They're all in when it comes to embracing and championing the tech revolution in the financial world.
And there's more. They're not just your run-of-the-mill PR folks. Vested is out there on the front lines, sharing fresh insights and championing the boundless possibilities fintech brings to the table. It's like they're not just talking the talk. They're blazing the trail for the future of finance.
The company stands out for:
  • Vested has an amazing ability to create compelling stories for new players, seamlessly intertwining the rich history of financial technology with its promising future.
  • They've joined the venture capital scene by investing in fintech startups that match their concept of positive transformation.
  • E-mail: info@fullyvested.com

4. Cognito

In the often-bewildering world of financial communications, Cognito is like that friend who always knows the way. They're pros at crafting messages that just click with people. They've got this knack for blending straightforward communication with some seriously impressive brand promotion. The result? Their clients find it a breeze to engage with their desired audience, boost their image, and see their business thrive.
What's cool about Cognito is its deep dive into financial markets and tech. It's no wonder big-name brands trust them. And they're not just about the usual strategies. They bring a fresh perspective, always prioritizing understanding a client's unique goals and hurdles before crafting tailor-made plans.
But here's the real gem: Cognito's adaptability. They get that in the fast-paced worlds of finance and tech, one size doesn't fit all. So, they handpick specialized teams for each client, matching expertise to the client's needs. It's all about ensuring every client gets the attention and passion they deserve. Cognito's approach is something special.
The company stands out for:
  • It's a dynamic and diverse team. They are experienced communications professionals, former bankers, journalists, and even social media personalities.
  • E-mail: info@cognitomedia.com

5. SourceCode

SourceCode is PR and marketing expert to manage reputation and credibility. They kicked things off in 2017 and they've really made waves since then. One thing that sets them apart is their unique "SourceCode StoryHub" approach. It's all about making sure every story they craft is backed by solid data and truly resonates with the right folks. The crew over there is all in on getting to know their clients, making them real co-authors in the storytelling journey.
Now, the main guy steering the ship at SourceCode is Greg Mondschein. He's got this refreshing way of thinking, and it's clear he's doing something right. Under his watch, SourceCode has climbed the ranks in the communications world, and the team there? They've got skills that cover all the bases.
And you know what's cool? They've got a trophy cabinet to prove their mettle, with awards celebrating both their growth and their knack for out-of-the-box campaigns. It's clear they're on a mission to shake things up, whether it's crafting standout campaigns for clients or building a workplace that's all about fresh ideas. They're definitely a team to watch.
The company stands out for:
  • The agency has seamlessly merged humanity, technology, and data to become a leader in communications marketing innovation.
  • Facebook: @sourcecodecomms

6. Coinbound

Coinbound is all about getting cryptocurrency brands some serious spotlight in the media. With a deep dive into Web3 and crypto PR, they've got a track record of getting their clients some major attention. I'm talking big-name spots like CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, Forbes, and even Entrepreneur.
What makes Coinbound stand out? It's their mix of smart strategy and solid connections. They start by really getting what a brand is all about. Then, they craft a communication plan that not only gets the word out but also strengthens the brand's story. The team there is super hands-on, collaborating with media outlets to create articles and features that grab readers' attention.
And the proof is in the pudding. Big players like MetaMask, TRON, and Cosmos have teamed up with Coinbound. That speaks volumes about their expertise. As the crypto world keeps changing and growing, Coinbound is all in on showcasing crypto brands in real-time media. They're doing some exciting stuff over there.
The company stands out for:
  • With an extensive network of the most influential crypto publishers, influencers, and media outlets, client stories resonate with a wide audience.
  • Coinbound's skill is not limited to PR: they are excellent at handling various aspects of crypto marketing, from SEO management to influencer campaigns.
  • Telegram: @teamcoinbound

How to Choose the Right FinTech PR Firm

Starting to search for the perfect PR agency for your FinTech venture? This is a key decision that can shape the perception of your brand. Let's take a look at the key points to consider in this search.

Understanding your company's specific needs

The first thing to do is to conduct a self-analysis. What is the ultimate goal of your brand? Are you preparing for a product launch, seeking to position yourself as a thought leader, or looking to increase your brand awareness? By identifying your goals, you will be able to find Public Relations FinTech companies that align with your aspirations.

Assess a firm's track record in the FinTech sector

Past performance can be a reliable indicator of future success. Examine the firm's portfolio. Do they demonstrate successful campaigns that align with your vision? A firm with experience in FinTech will be well-versed in its intricacies.

Evaluate media relations and industry relationships

In PR, who you know can be as important as what you know. A firm's network can be your pass to coveted media spots. Ask them about their connections to influential journalists, key FinTech platforms and industry thought leaders. A well-connected firm can amplify your voice in meaningful venues.

In Wrapping Up

The FinTech world is pulsing with innovation and potential. But even the most revolutionary solutions need a voice and a story. Without proper coverage, ideas can remain in the shadows. PR firms ensure that innovations are showcased and embraced by the masses.
For any FinTech enterprise, a solid FinTech PR strategy is a roadmap to achieving greatness. Therefore, combining FinTech and PR is not only useful but also necessary for shaping the future of finance.