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Best Crypto YouTube Channels in 2023: News, Trading, Education & Reviews

With a whopping market cap of approximately $1.19 trillion, per CoinGecko, the crypto market has grown at a groundbreaking rate. The result is a globally heightened interest from enthusiasts and investors keen on staying abreast of all recent happenings in the space. While numerous crypto news sites exist, YouTube’s visual learning approach is a preferred alternative for emerging crypto supporters and financiers. Hence, making YouTube influencers, as fondly called, paramount components of the trillion-dollar industry.
These YouTube influencers, through their channels, share indispensable insight into an array of crypto/blockchain-related topics. No thanks to the influx of hundreds of these influencers, choosing one to get regular information from has become a herculean task. Not anymore though, we have curated a list of the best crypto channels in 2023 based on specific YouTube parameters. We will showcase the best channels in a categorized format—News, Trading, Education, & Reviews. All influencers on our list are English language-based. By the way, also check our previous post on best crypto YouTube bloggers.

YouTube Parameters

These categorized lists are based on a set of parameters—Average Views, Cost Per View, and Engagement Rate.
  • Average. Views - the average number of views per video over the last 30 days.
  • CPV (Cost per view) - the cost of a single viewing—much it will cost to buy one video on an influencer's YouTube channel.
  • ER (Engagement Rate) - is a metric that measures the level of engagement received from the audience. Formula: ER = Total of all reactions (likes, shares, comments, reactions for Facebook, + dislikes for YouTube /Count of followers). For most YouTube channels, an engagement rate that falls between 3% to 7% is good.

Best Crypto News Channels in 2023

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is our top pick for the best crypto news channel in 2023. And rightly so. It is your go-to informational portal for the dynamic crypto space. Anchored by an anonymous host, colloquially referred to as “Guy,” Coin Bureau takes you on an epic journey into the crypto-verse.
Coin Bureau is committed to providing users access to a vast range of content, ranging from investment-tailored videos to market analysis, fundamental analysis, and the latest cryptocurrency news. Guy implores a laid-back, demystified, and humorous approach to share information about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the current buzzword, web3. Coin Bureau is a comprehensive crypto tool for all kinds of users. Its remarkable video production quality, incorporation of simpler and concise teaching methods, and well-designed visuals set it apart from the other top YouTube channels.
Subscribers: 2.26 million
Average Views: 178,000
Cost Per View: $0.39
Engagement Rate: 5.32%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, India.

BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto is one of the best YouTube channels to get unbiased, informative, and concise updates about the market. Hosted and managed by Ben Armstrong, an avid crypto enthusiast, investor, and trader, BitBoy Crypto is committed to offering in-depth market analysis as well as accurate reports about happenings in the market.
To drive salient points home, BitBoy simplifies content to guarantee first-time viewers a quick grasp of the idea. Ben adopts an amusing style to share valuable information about the market. And the use of hilarious characters as thumbnails make BitBoy Crypto one of the most viewed and top crypto YouTube channels owner.
Subscribers: 1.45 million
Average Views: 35,000
Cost Per View: $0.64
Engagement Rate: 5.43%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, India

Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily is a crypto news channel that regularly shares updates about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3 spaces. With a personal goal to stack BTC through altcoins, Altcoin Daily is run by brothers, Austin and Aaron Arnold.
Altcoin Daily covers Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, DeFi, web3, altcoins, crypto investing, and all crypto-related news.
Subscribers: 1.31 million
Average Views: 80,009
Cost Per View: $0.50
Engagement Rates: 5%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, India


CryptosRUs is an ideal place for the latest crypto news. Armed with hundreds of fresh news updates, opinionated videos that shed light on the future of the market, and a host that grasps, in totality, the concept of the market, CryptoRUs is dedicated to helping viewers learn more about these new tech. CryptoRUs provides subscribers with daily Bitcoin and Ethereum reports as well as carefully created special segments with renowned names in the industry.
The guy behind CryptosRUs nick is George Tung, born in Chicaho, USA. He said, that first time he heart about Bitcoin was in 2013, when BTC price reach $1,200. He worked for a long years as IT expert and only in 2017 (time, of ICOs hype) he started making youtube videos. Obviously, this hobby now become his full-time job.
Subscribers: 663K
Average Views: 35,000
Cost Per View: $0.44
Engagement Rate: 4.82%
Audiences’ Location: US, Canada, Philippines

Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is the world's number 1 crypto streaming channel covering market movements, Bitcoin, and other related events. It is an ideal source for unbiased, in-depth market analysis and is hosted by Ran Neuner. Crypto Banter features interactive sections and interviews with some of the prominent names in the crypto/blockchain space.
Ran Neuner implores a thoroughly engaging yet informative style to keep viewers up to date with recent events, updates, and occurrences in the industry.
Subscribers: 622K
Average Views: 29,000
Cost Per View: $0.28
Engagement Rate: 5.3%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, Australia

Lark Davis

Lark Davis is a successful Bitcoin, stock, and crypto investor with over a decade of experience. With a lucrative career in stock investing, Lark Davis is committed to make crypto content helping beginners, advanced traders, and enthusiasts learn more about cryptocurrencies.
Lark Davis provides indispensable, accurate, and insightful market statistics that help his audience mitigate risks, diversify their portfolios, and make profits from the market. With his use of captivating stories coupled with superb video and audio quality, Davis breaks down complex market data into the simplest format.
Subscribers: 478K
Average Views: 30,000
Cost Per View: $0.45
Engagement Rate: 6.3%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, Australia

Paul Barron Network

Paul Barron Network is a subsidiary of the Rever Network media project and is led by recognized author, futurist, and journalist, Paul Barron. The YouTube channel is committed to helping viewers embrace and understand, on a grander scale, new tech with a primary focus on cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology, blockchain.
Paul Barron Network offers well-researched, accurate, engaging, informative, and super helpful market data reports, news updates, and overall coverage of the crypto/blockchain industry.
Subscribers: 363K
Average Views: 18,000
Cost Per View: $0.22
Engagement Rate: 7.82%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, Canada


UP NEXT CRYPTO is an ideal source for the latest news and updates in the ever-growing industry. The channel covers new token releases, fresh updates and announcements, feature videos, interview sections, and market data analysis. UP NEXT CRYPTO is convenient for experts and beginners.
Subscribers: 306K
Average Views: 28,000
Cost Per View: $0.10
Engagement Rate: 8.63%
Audiences Location: Turkey, India, US.


CryptoWendyO is an official channel for fresh crypto news, updates, events, and token releases. Managed by Wendy, this channel features interviews with experts in the crypto space, in-depth and unbiased project reviews, market updates, and technical analysis.
Subscribers: 186K
Average Views: 4,300
Cost Per View: $1.35
Engagement Rate: 10.54%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, Canada.


VirtualBacon is your go-to channel for accurate market analysis and news content. Committed to helping you build wealth, VirtualBacon regularly shares predictions, tips on how to diversify portfolios, the best altcoins to buy, and certain unpopular mistakes to avoid. VirtualBacon is a comprehensive and one of the best YouTube channels for fresh news updates and recent developments.
Subscribers: 100K
Average Views: 20,000
Cost Per View: $0.11
Engagement Rate: 5.04%
Audiences’ Location: US, India, UK.

Best Crypto Trading YouTube Channels

Eager to learn more about crypto trading? This section shares the best crypto trading channels to follow.


UP NEXT TRADES is one of the most prolific crypto trading channels in the industry. Imploring an easy, concise approach to sharing market insight and price analysis, UP NEXT TRADES offers some of the best and most rewarding trading and investment bits of advice in the crypto/blockchain space.
Subscribers: 622K
Average Views: 28,000
Cost Per View: $0.20
Engagement Rate: 8.88%
Audiences’ Location: US, India, Philippines.


DataDash is a comprehensive channel for all things cryptocurrencies and financial markets. Hosted and managed by Nicholas Merten, an avid crypto investor and enthusiast with years of experience in crypto trading. DataDash offers coverage of almost every aspect of the market—investment techniques, market analysis, recent news, and trends.
Nicholas Merten demystifies convoluted subjects, presenting them in a simpler, concise manner.
Subscribers: 512K
Average Views: 30,000
Cost Per View: $0.14
Engagement Rate: 7.01%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, Australia.

Cameron Fous

Cameron Fous is a reputable crypto trading YouTube channel with a focus on day trading, forex, and the stock market. Hosted by Cameron Fous, an investor, and trader with over 18 years of experience in the industry.
The YouTube channel covers content ranging from market analysis to recent updates, price predictions, airdrop participation strategies, giveaways, etc.
Subscribers: 446K
Average Views: 13,000
Cost Per View: $0.36
Engagement Rate: 4%
Audiences’ Location: US, India, UK.

Jason Pizzino

Jason Pizzino is an ideal source for fresh crypto trading updates, market analysis, predictions, and crypto news. Managed and hosted by Jason Pizzino, an ardent full-time, macro investor and swing trader with over a decade of experience in stocks, real estate, commodities, and crypto, this channel delivers market trading tips and tutorials.
Jason Pizzino is dedicated to creating daily videos, leveraging technical tools and market sentiment investment with a macro outlook.
Subscribers: 284K
Average Views: 26,000
Cost Per View: $0.15
Engagement Rate: 7.35%
Audiences’ Location: Australia, US, UK

Craig Percoco

Craig Percoco is a go-to YouTube channel dedicated to documenting Craig Percoco’s foray into the world of crypto and stock trading. Craig regularly shares information about past mistakes, offering viewers an opportunity to learn and subsequently grow in their trading careers.
Craig Percoco is an insightful channel that shares deep market insights that are oftentimes out of the reach of other traders. He adopts a simple, clear, yet incredibly educative mode of teaching and is suitable for both beginners and seasoned traders and enthusiasts.
Subscribers: 275K
Average Views: 20,000
Cost Per View: $0.38
Engagement Rate: 4.76%
Audiences’ Location: US, India, UK

Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie is one of the best crypto trading YouTube channels. And aptly so. The channel is committed to sharing crypto trading tutorials sufficient for experts and beginners. The content is tailored for almost everyone and shares insights into the market, price predictions, and price analysis.
Crypto Zombie features interviews with some top traders and investors. And delivers updates about recent developments in the trillion-dollar space.
Subscribers: 251k
Average Views: 27,700
Cost Per View: $0.10
Engagement Rate: 7.63%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, India

Crypto Love

Crypto Love is a reputable, go-to crypto trading channel for some of the most accurate, factual, and timely market analyses, price predictions, and recent developments in the space. In addition to market analysis and trade statistics, Crypto Love features interviews with some of the most recognized crypto industry leaders such as John McAfee, CZ, Justin Sun, etc.
Crypto Love shares unbiased, opinionated content for all kinds of viewers.
Subscribers: 239K
Average Views: 7,600
Cost Per View: $0.32
Engagement Rate: 10.28%
Audiences’ Location: US, India, Australia

My Financial Friend

My Financial Friend is an investment-focused channel that shares invaluable insight into the crypto, stock, and commodity markets. Hosted and managed by Sam, a witty, intellectual, and experienced trader, and investor, My Financial Friend offers timely information about the market, helping viewers make well-calculated, almost risk-free trading decisions.
My Financial Friend also shares updates about happenings in the space, while providing tips on how to start and grow into a seasoned trader.
Subscribers: 235K
Average Views: 8,200
Cost Per View: $0.45
Engagement Rate: 6.49%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, India

Conor Kenny

Conor Kenny is a reputable YouTube trading channel with a ton of content designed to appeal to both experts and beginners. Hosted by Conor, this channel, through myriads of visually captivating videos, regularly provides viewers with market insight and price predictions. Conor Kenny is known for his neutral yet factually-backed opinions about new and emerging projects.
Conor is committed to helping you mitigate risks by sharing seemingly unnoticeable red flags in new projects.
Subscribers: 157K
Average Views: 4,000
Cost Per View: $0.51
Engagement Rate: 5.16%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, Philippines.

Nugget’s News

Nugget’s News delivers unfiltered coverage of the crypto, housing, commodities, metal, stocks, and other financial markets. Founded and hosted by Alex Saunders, Nugget’s News is dedicated to providing you with in-depth, well-researched information about various trading options.
The Nugget’s News “Hidden Gems” section features a long list of some of the potentially replete yet overlooked projects anyone can invest in. It is an ideal platform for traders.
Subscribers: 137K
Average Views: 9,000
Cost Per View: $0.25
Engagement Rate: 5.73%
Audiences’ Location: Australia, US, UK.

Best Crypto Education YouTube Channels

The cryptocurrency space is complex and would require an in-depth, careful study of the market movements and terms. This section will list the best crypto channels for unrivaled crypto education.

Whiteboard Crypto

Whiteboard Crypto is the number one crypto education channel. By adopting simple, succinct, and well-fitted analogies, this channel explains the intricate aspects of the crypto and blockchain spaces to viewers. The content varies from tutorials to insightful information about blockchain technology, altcoins, and emerging trends like DeFi, M2E, P2E, etc.
Whiteboard Crypto is a comprehensive crypto library for almost every piece of information about new tech and concomitant trends.
Subscribers: 858K
Average Views: 20,000
Cost Per View: $0.30
Engagement Rate: 4.99%
Audiences’ Location: US, India, Canada

Professor Crypto

Professor Crypto is a stop-shop for all crypto-related information. Ranging from extensive researched crypto reviews to educational content that demystifies involuted terms, Professor Crypto is committed to thoroughly educating the new generation of crypto enthusiasts and investors.
Professor Crypto’s content varies from tutorials to guides, informative videos, recent developments, updates about events, and interviews with certain industry leaders. The channel is dedicated to dispersing accurate information about crypto, blockchain, and other related trends.
Subscribers: 822K
Average Views: 28,000
Cost Per View: $0.15
Engagement Rate: 1.73%
Audiences’ Location: Turkey, India, US.

Crypto Casey

Crypto Casey makes how-to, informational, and incredibly educative content bordering on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other new technologies. Casey breaks down complex crypto terms, leveraging simple-to-understand examples to drive salient points home.
Crypto Casey is ideal for all kinds of crypto users—enthusiasts, investors, and daily traders. Casey’s content ranges from investment tutorials to decentralized crypto exchange guides, in-depth and impartial project reviews, and interviews with certain crypto KOLs. Crypto Casey aims to drive global crypto adoption through sensitization in the most simplistic manner ever.
Subscribers: 426K
Average Views: 30,600
Cost Per View: $0.19
Engagement Rate: 8.72%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, Canada.

Altcoin Buzz

Altcoin Buzz is an independent crypto YouTube channel with a focus on crypto education, global adoption, and blockchain. Altcoin Buzz is the go-to place for live updates about movements, releases, drops, and happenings in the crypto space.
The channel delivers well-researched, almost impartial opinions about the current and future outlook of the market. Altcoin Buzz also provides guides, how-to's, and information-packed content that aims to educate the average internet user about the possibilities of this new technology. And how they can position themselves as stakeholders in this volatile yet extremely profitable market.
Subscribers: 398K
Average Views: 11,000
Cost Per View: $0.32
Engagement Rate: 5.04%
Audiences’ Location: US, India, UK.


aantonop is the ideal source for free, neutral, informative, and accurate educational videos about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and other related trends. Hosted by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, a best-selling author, revered educator, speaker, enthusiast, and expert in blockchain and crypto. Mr. Antonopoulos leverages efficient, effortless teaching methods to teach about cryptocurrencies.
aantonop is on a mission to educate as many people as possible, in many languages, and an array of ways. The Basics Workshop is a special content that discusses Bitcoin and altcoins comprehensively.
Subscribers: 321K
Average Views: 7,000
Cost Per View: $0.22
Engagement Rate: 5.38%
Audiences’ Location: UK, US, Canada

Chico Crypto

Chico Crypto is a comprehensive, informational library for all things cryptocurrencies. Presented by Tyler Swope—an ardent crypto investor and enthusiast—Chico Crypto shares valuable, educational information about blockchain and crypto.
With multiple videos released weekly, Chico Crypto features the Deep Research, NFTs, and Portfolio Breakdowns playlists, making it easier for newcomers to grasp. Through captivating stories, Tyler educates and spreads the crypto and blockchain gospel.
Subscribers: 317K
Average Views: 22,000
Cost Per View: $0.15
Engagement Rate: 5.21%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, India

Crypto Crew University

Crypto Crew University is keen on changing over one million lives in crypto. And what is the plan to achieve this feat? Extensively researched, highly accurate, and factual information about the evolving space. Crypto Crew University elucidates intricate crypto terms, helping the average viewer grasp, in a shorter period, the idea behind this new technology.
In addition to crypto education, Crypto Crew University shares trading tips and guidelines and expounds on ways to dispel trading risks.
Subscribers: 298K
Average Views: 49,000
Cost Per View: $0.13
Engagement Rate: 8.74%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, Canada.


Coinsider is a reputable educational channel that dispenses important and timely information about cryptocurrencies and other emerging trends. Coinsider’s content varies from hot takes backed by statistics to guides, how-to's, and seemingly impartial opinionated videos about existing and soon-to-be-launched projects.
Coinsider delves into AI as one of the new technologies.
Subscribers: 277K
Average Views: 28,000
Cost Per View: $0.09
Engagement Rate: 4.4%
Audiences’ Location: US, India, UK.

Crypto Mason

Crypto Mason aims at transforming every facet of your life through unrivaled, expert, simplified crypto and blockchain education. Anchored by Mason Versluis, a popular crypto investor and educator, Crypto Mason provides thoughts and opinions about recent developments and news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and numerous related content.
Subscribers: 162K
Average Views: 15,000
Cost Per View: $0.45
Engagement Rate: 5.94%
Audiences’ Location: US, UK, Canada

Best Project Reviews YouTube Channels

These are the best YouTube channels for crypto reviews based on a set of metrics.


Alexandrus is a super-trusted crypto reviews channel. These reviews are unbiased, engaging, well-researched, and backed by real-time data. Alexandrus adopts an efficient and compelling teaching method for reviewing existing and newly launched projects.
While Alexandrus does not claim to be a professional trading expert and so discourages potential investors from making decisions solely on his recommendations, his videos are helpful for anyone interested in a project.
Subscribers: 984K
Average Views: 40,000
Cost Per View: $0.22
Engagement Rate: 3.98%
Audiences’ Location: Turkey, India, US


CryptoCoins is crypto reviews channels aimed at spreading remotely unavailable information about existing and nascent projects in the space. Presented by Chris, a crypto geek with unrivaled knowledge of hidden crypto gems, this channel delivers timely reviews about numerous projects.
CryptoCoins understands how risky the market is, and regularly uploads videos to discuss certain projects and their potential.
Subscribers: 358K
Average Views: 16,000
Cost Per View: $0.15
Engagement Rate: 6.04%
Audiences’ Location: India, US, Indonesia


CRYPTO VECTOR is a dedicated crypto reviews channel that aims to discuss extensively the core features, benefits, cons, and investment potentials of projects. CRYPTO VECTOR implores statistically backed examples to discuss the problem-solving nature of applications and protocols in the space.
Subscribers: 351K
Average Views: 37,000
Cost Per View: $0.09
Engagement Rate: 7.76%
Audiences’ Location: India, Indonesia, US

Crypto Clear

Crypto Clear offers a holistic breakdown of the latest crypto project, blockchain applications, crypto exchanges, etc. The channel aims to help you understand important yet often overlooked aspects and trends of the market through a series of well-calculated, research-based, and statistically-backed reviews.
Crypto Clear dives into what really happening in crypto world and presents information in an easy-to-digest format, making it a tad bit easier for newbies to grasp in a single watch.
Subscribers: 328K
Average Views: 20,600
Cost Per View: $0.14
Engagement Rate: 5.08%
Audiences’ Location: Mexico, Peru, US

Honest Chain

Honest Chain is a combination of decades of experience and knowledge of cryptocurrencies. The channel provides in-depth reviews of projects and blockchain applications. Honest Chain’s standout feature is the usage of multiple languages to reach a wider audience. Videos are available in English, Deutsch, Polish, etc.
Subscribers: 301K
Average Views: 35,000
Cost Per View: $0.09
Engagement Rate: 2.37%
Audiences’ Location: Turkey, India, US

Crypto Grizzly

Crypto Grizzly covers the hottest projects in the space. While the channel doesn't claim to offer financial advice, the reviews are easy to understand, research-based, and backed by real-time statistics. Crypto Grizzly also covers exchanges as core components of the trillion-dollar crypto community.
Subscribers: 195K
Average Views: 38,600
Cost Per View: $0.15
Engagement Rate: 7.93%
Audiences’ Location: India, US, Indonesia


CRYPTO BAPE provides genuinely accurate coverage of crypto and blockchain-based projects. The channel showcases the benefits, cons, peculiarity, and potential of nascent protocols, DApps, exchanges, etc.
CRYPTO BAPE is committed to eliminating, to the minimum, fraud. And through its captivating, detailed content it shares insight about projects.
Subscribers: 163K
Average Views: 20,600
Cost Per View: $0.07
Engagement Rate: 6.71%
Audiences’ Location: Poland, Indonesia, US

Crypto Shrek

Crypto Shrek covers crypto and blockchain-based projects. The channel leverages various review models to deliver some of the most easy-to-understand, well-researched, and genuinely unbiased reviews in the industry. Crypto Shrek encourages you to conduct research before investing in any project.
Subscribers: 147K
Average Views: 25,000
Cost Per View: $0.09
Engagement Rate: 7.84%
Audiences’ Location: Poland, US, Germany

Crypto Jimmy

Crypto Jimmy shares insight through impartial reviews about projects in the industry. The content aims to educate you about certain projects and their potential for growth in the future. Crypto Jimmy adopts tested-and-proven tactics in discussing projects and its stories help the average internet user get an inward and outward outlook of projects.
Subscribers: 145K
Average Views: 16,500
Cost Per View: $0.08
Engagement Rate: 5.42%
Audiences’ Location: India, Indonesia, US


Initially we haven’t included them to these list of top cryptocurrency YouTube channels, but according to some readers and FINPR Team member, they 4 guys/channels are worth to be included:

Benjamin Cowen

Cowen specialize in crypto technical analysis. He's CEO of Into The Cryptoverse, the company that provides paid access to quantitive market analysis for traders and private crypto investors (sure, everywhere he write disclaimer that he doesn't give any investment advice). Sometimes he participates as a guest on popular podcast shows.
Subscribers: 784K

Ivan on Tech (Ivan Liljeqvist)

Ivan Liljeqvist, the guy behind “Ivan on Tech” social media, brand position himself as a global Swedish speaker, but practically he was born in Belarus, Minsk city. Ivan is recognized among Top-10 crypto influencers and content creators, and is admired by his skill to explain complex tech staff around crypto world, digital currencies in a simple way, understandable by everyone.
Subscribers: 496K

Kirill Evans

Kirill is a popular Russian-speaking influencer on YouTube, who tells, that he’s crypto trader who’s ready to share with everyone best trading strategies and tactics. Sometimes he conduct livestreams to discuss with his community latest crypto news.
Subscribers: 442K


99Bitcoins is recognized as one of the best video content maker, speaking of educational videos about crypto. They do have same-name crypto media outlet, still YouTube channel become much more popular, because they were one of the first on cryptocurrency market who started making simple videos about what is crypto, digital assets, and how it works. Everything is serious on 99Bitcoins channel, no memes :)
Subscribers: 709K


The 2023 crypto market presents such a wonderful opportunity for growth. The influx of new blockchain-based trends means that these YouTube influencers would need to create and post new content regularly. As these new projects continue to launch daily, it has become important, now more than ever, to stay abreast of all recent developments, educational tools, project reviews, and other related happenings in the space.
If you're looking for YouTube crypto influencer marketing, FINPR can help you achieve and exceed your desired expectations.