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Top Crypto PR Distribution Services in 2024

Top Crypto PR Distribution Services in 2023
Top Crypto PR Distribution Services in 2024
Crypto popularity is more than ever. A borderless industry, projects have realized that effective timing of the proper news or update is crucial in the business. While social media platforms can be very effective, press releases are one of the most authentic sources of information that the crypto community prefers.

Posting a press release isn’t as easy as it seems. Many crypto projects have come to realize that there is more to it than just having a write-up. The written information, the right audience, and the perfect media outlets can have all the difference between connecting with the public or having the project obscured in the sea full of blockchain projects.

Over the years, specialized firms have come to help crypto projects help achieve their goals through press releases. Today, there are several such organizations, but some tend to stand apart with their unique services, quality, or other specialties.

That being said, here is a list of the top crypto press release distribution services that are making their mark in 2024.

10 Best Crypto Press Release Distribution Services

FINPR Agency

FINPR Agency
Offering coverage for all kinds of crypto and blockchain projects, FINPR Agency has been in the industry since 2017. While 6 years may not seem much, the FINPR Agency team comes from all kinds of news and media backgrounds, combining their decades of experience into one powerful PR firm.

Over the years, FINPR, popular marketing agency, has made concentrated efforts to provide targeted services for different blockchain sectors and today, it covers generic crypto PRs, DeFi, NFT, Web3, and even crypto exchanges.

FINPR Agency’s professionalism has impressed major industry movers and today, it boasts a vast portfolio that includes names such as Gate.io, EQIFI, Open DAO, Wanchain, and BinaryX.

The agency has been making strategic partnerships with medias and today, they now offer more than 400 different crypto sites distribution spread across 15 languages for that broader international, but local outreach.

FINPR also has packages that give crypto projects the option to be featured on mainstream media as well for that perfect oomph.

Their top-selling packages are some of the most affordable in the market with maximized value for money:

  • PR Pack 1 ($1,200): Basic news media package that has Market Watch, Benzinga, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and 200+ other news websites.
  • PR Pack 2 ($2,100): More outreach with more traditional news platforms that include such Tier-1 main stream media like Bloomberg, Associated Press, Market Watch, Benzinga, Yahoo News, and more than 400 other news websites.
  • Crypto PR Pack 1 ($2,200): Dedicated package with crypto publications on Daily Hodl, TechBullion, The Crypto Updates, CryptoMode, and 25 other crypto media.
  • Crypto PR Pack 2 ($5,900): Advanced crypto-dedicated package with publications on major crypto news media such as Coinspeaker, NFT News Today, Cryptela, The Merkle, Blockonomi, and 60+ other crypto-dedicated outlets.

It’s not full pricing for all media placements. If interested to learn more, write to us to make an order!

Enzo Wire

Enzo Wire
Another top-of-the-line crypto PR agency, Enzo Public Relations is composed of a global team of marketing and PR professionals that has a global base of top journalists and contributors. A strong team and dedicated passionate quality of services have given Enzo Public Relations an edge in the market and today boasts some very impressive clientele that includes StaFi, Anamalia, Metafluence, and Fitgoo.

Enzo Public Relations services include publications such as feature articles (organic), brand mentions in specific industry articles, interviews with the CEO and market movers, and proper news text.

Enzo Public Relations offers custom-based PR packages that are finely tuned for each project. They also run specific media services, where crypto projects can select their PR or news to be published on single (but major) outlets like:

  • Sponsored content on CoinDesk ($12,900)
  • Lite pres release on CoinTelegraph ($4,900)
  • Sponsored content on The Block ($5,950)
  • For oath distribution plans write them directly

Blockchain Wire

Blockchain Wire
Banking on decades of experience in the newswire sector, Blockchain Wire leverages its expertise for crypto projects by offering intensely focused publications. Like the top two, Blockchain Wire exclusively focuses on crypto projects and has created a value in the niche that is unchallenged by other crypto content distribution services.

With 1,200 blockchain and crypto projects under its wing, Blockchain Wire has helped distribute news directly to both crypto-dedicated media outlets and mainstream news/financial outlets, blogs, and journalists.

Blockchain Wire has extremely friendly packages that start from as little as $99, but the real money value for the crypto project lies in its budget services that aim for specific geographical users like:

  • Budget Europe Package: All major crypto-dedicated media with mainstream media sites and blogs, primarily focusing on the European market ($1,995).
  • Budget Global Package: All major crypto, Bitcoin-related and traditional news sites and blogs, but with a global perspective and outreach for just $2,995.


With a humble beginning in 2005 as a blogging service, PRNEWS.IO has grown into a full-fledged PR service. With an easy to execute self-service interface, PRNEWS.IO allows anyone, firm or individual (including crypto firms), to simply register, choose their preferred publication outlet, submit their news piece, and schedule publication. PRNEWS.IO then takes care of the rest.

While catering to a wide variety of firms from different industries, it also has some crypto-dedicated news outlets such as:

  • CryptoTicker ($14,824 for contributor post)
  • CoinCentral ($12,353 for contributor post)


Publisuites is a very similar service to PRNEWS.IO but offers some nifty PR services. Not only do they craft articles, press releases, and blogs that help projects (including crypto ones) create their brand identity, but they also help publish them on their media partners' outlets.

While they do not offer packages, crypto projects can register and select the media outlets that suit their needs and schedule publications.


A part of the Coinbound media group, Coinscribble is all about crypto press release publications made easy. Leveraging its massive connection in the crypto media industry, Coinscribble offers 4 different packages that include guaranteed publications, editing and fine-tuning of the PR by an English native, SEO optimization, and immediate distribution.

While the packages are a bit on the higher side (starting from $1,399 and going up to $21,999), the specifically targeted outlets are worth the investment.


From the land of the Bible and Torah comes Chainwire, an Israeli PR agency that hyper-accelerates the circulation of press releases to the most affluent crypto and traditional media platforms so projects can concentrate on their business with minimal stress. Professional editing, intuitive and automated distribution, and monitoring help reduce delays and increase efficiency.

Chainwire also offers 4 different highly targeted packages that can be customized with add-on services like translated press releases for global distribution. Chainwire packages start from $1,399 and go as high as 13,499 with guaranteed publications.


Like the mythical Kaiju, Coinzilla is huge and overall boasts a massive 1 billion+ impressions for their crypto clients. Like many other blockchain PR distribution firms, Coinzilla offers no specific packages but gives the option to create an account and projects can individually select their preferred media outlets (both crypto and finance) one by one.

Coinzilla also offers ad creations and complete advertising campaigns, as well as some other crypto marketing services.

But Coinzilla lacks the speed of distribution and publication other PR firms have. This is not a con per se, but their commitment to regulations as they have an extensive (but justified) KYC procedure.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire
Although PR Newswire was launched in 1954, it was at the forefront of technological adoption for the news and press release industry. PR Newswire used teleprinters to decrease the time taken for PRs to be sent to news outlets and today, it banks on the power of the internet.

While a mainstream PR distribution network with over 10,000 websites, portals, and blogs, it does cater to the crypto industry too. Coming from years of professional PR distribution held to the highest of standards, PR Newswire can require specific documentation for distribution, which may include company incorporation and even a code audit for DeFi-related crypto firms.

Business Wire

Business Wire
Another valuable PR distribution agency, Business Wire has more than 6 decades of distribution expertise and is one of the most regulatory-compliant services available today.

While Business Wire does offer support for cryptocurrency projects, including even gambling, it will require extensive documentation in compliance with SEC regulations. The best part is that Business Wire will even help in filing with the SEC to achieve compliance.

With a global presence spanning more than 100,000 media outlets across 160+ countries, Business Wire can help maximize outreach for crypto projects on fintech, crypto, and mainstream media outlets.

Are PR Distribution Services Worth It?

Crypto projects work in a time-intensive industry with a lot of developmental challenges. As such, the team may require a dedicated marketing department for token, ICO, IDO, DEX or overall cryptocurrency startups success. But without regular publication requirements, the department’s budget may not be justified. At least, this is how it works with blockchain press distribution services, as well as with blockchain industry overall.

With crypto-oriented PR distribution firms, blockchain projects can take advantage of their expertise for news and PR publication while having the maximum impact and lowering costs.

With 2024 turning out to be a better time for cryptos and blockchain projects, using the top crypto press release distribution services can make all the difference for them (especially, if besides publications on crypto news sites you’ll also work with crypto influencers).

FAQ or QWMNC (Questions We Might Not Covered)

What is crypto press release distribution?

Crypto content distribution refers to the process of distributing text specifically within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It helps companies and projects in the crypto space to reach a wider audience and gain visibility among relevant media outlets and journalists.

What are press-release distribution services?

By such services people usually mean platforms or companies that specialize in distributing content on behalf of businesses or individuals. These services have established relationships with various media outlets and journalists, making it easier to get text published and distributed effectively.

Why should I use a crypto press release distribution service?

Because it can help you ensure that your announcement reaches the right audience within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. These services have access to a vast network of media outlets and journalists who are interested in covering crypto-related news.

How do these services ensure the distribution of my announcement text?

These services have established relationships with media outlets and journalists in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. They use their network to distribute your press-release to relevant contacts, increasing the chances of your news being covered and reaching a wider audience.

Do these services guarantee media coverage?

No, usually traditional content distribution services cannot guarantee media coverage. But speaking of cryptocurrency PR distribution services, some of them (like FINPR, Enzo) does guarantee placement of your release in a certain media, depending on a package you'll choose.

Bonus: 3 More Press Release Distribution Services

Above we already listed top 10 crypto and blockchain content distribution platforms, so it's probably enough to pick one of the for your PR outreach campaigns. But if it was not enough, among other newswires to consider are eReleases, GlobeNewswire, and PR Web.

All of them can help with your marketing campaigns with content placement on media sites. Some of them also offer reporting tools, so that you'll see on which media your release was published.