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5 Top Smart Contract Audit Companies in 2024

5 Top Smart Contract Audit Companies in 2023
5 Top Smart Contract Audit Companies in 2024
Imagine smart contracts as self-operating digital agreements. They live on the blockchain, automatically enforce deals, and work without middlemen, ensuring smooth, trustless transactions.
In the thriving world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain, ensuring contracts are bulletproof is crucial. Auditing them isn’t just checking code. It's a shield against threats and mishaps, ensuring they work flawlessly and securely, thereby building user trust in the blockchain and Web3 industries.
Let’s navigate the crucial world of best smart contract crypto audit firms. We'll spotlight list of top key players, delve into their expert methods, and showcase how they fortify digital contracts. Whether you’re a developer, investor, or blockchain enthusiast, this guide is your ally in choosing a firm that assist in cybersecurity and Web3 security against hacks and hacker attacks.

Leading Firms for Your Smart Contract Audits

1. Certik

CertiK stands out as a leader with proven track record in the domain of blockchain security, offering a comprehensive security assessment for smart contracts and blockchain code to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend remedial actions. Established by professors from Columbia and Yale in 2018, CertiK employs a unique blend of best-in-class Formal Verification and AI technology to secure and monitor blockchains and Web3 applications. The company's audit service is not only fast and accurate but also provides accurate findings by having your code reviewed by a team of seasoned security experts who have examined thousands of projects. Moreover, clients receive rich reporting, which covers findings and recommendations on how to remediate vulnerabilities, ensuring unparalleled flexibility by providing the largest coverage on languages and ecosystems.
CertiK's audit process is meticulously designed to ensure the utmost security of blockchain projects. The review involves a comprehensive manual review by a team of experienced security experts, supplemented by automated AI-powered review to provide an additional layer of security. Formal verification, an optional further step, certifies contract behavior with respect to custom function specifications, aiding developers to comprehend the entire scope of their platform. Audit reports generated are comprehensive and transparent, detailing all identified vulnerabilities, classified by severity from Critical to Informational, and each vulnerability is accompanied by suggested remediations from their team of security experts. This thorough approach ensures that blockchain projects are as secure as possible, safeguarding the project and its stakeholders from potential risks and vulnerabilities.
CertiK has checked thousands of Web3 companies and tens of thousands of lines of code written in all major programming languages, bringing expertise that can only be gained from years of experience with thousands of projects to each audit. The company is not only securing the Web3 world but also contributing significantly to enhancing the security protocols and frameworks in the blockchain and DeFi spaces.
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  • 2001

2. Hacken

Hacken is a renowned blockchain security company with experienced team that has established itself as a trusted auditor in the Web3 space and blockchain industry, with a mission to enhance the safety and security standards of the decentralized web. With a clientele that exceeds 1,000 satisfied entities, Hacken employs a team of over 60 top-class engineers and has formed alliances with more than 180 ecosystem partners. Notably, Hacken takes pride in having prevented any exploits in 2022, showcasing its efficacy and reliability in safeguarding crypto projects. The company has conducted over 1,200 audits in the span of 5 years, reflecting its extensive experience and expertise in the crypto space.
Hacken provides a comprehensive Smart Contract Audit service, which is pivotal in mitigating weaknesses and enhancing the functionality of smart contracts through meticulous line-to-line code analysis and an additional review by a lead auditor. The audit services extend across various blockchains including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, and more, ensuring a wide array of projects can benefit from their expertise. The importance of such audits is underscored by the fact that in 2021, $3.2B was stolen from crypto projects, with over 50% of the stolen value attributed to code exploits and flash loan attacks. Hacken’s audit services are not only preventive but also serve to optimize code and enhance audience trust, with an incident rate of less than 1% among the projects audited by them.
Hacken’s audit reports provide a thorough classification of vulnerabilities based on their severity, along with step-by-step recommendations for remediation and a scoring system that evaluates documentation, code, architecture quality, and security. The company also provides a certification post-audit, allowing projects to integrate the “Audited by Hacken” badge on their website, signaling to users and investors alike about the project’s commitment to security and reliability. Furthermore, Hacken’s audits are integrated into prominent platforms like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, serving as a beacon of reliability and trustworthiness in the crypto community.
Year of Web domain registration:
  • 2017

3. ConsenSys Diligence

ConsenSys Diligence
ConsenSys Diligence is a prominent entity in the realm of crypto industry, providing a comprehensive smart contract audit service that caters to crypto companies from startups to enterprises, ensuring they can launch and maintain their Ethereum blockchain applications with confidence. The company has protected over 100 blockchain companies, discovered over 200 issues, and provides over 10,000 analyses available per month. Their audit service combines the prowess of blockchain security analysis tools with a hands-on review from veteran smart contract auditors, ensuring that Ethereum applications are not only ready for launch but also built to safeguard users. The audit process involves an initial assessment, a thorough review involving multiple analysis processes, and the delivery of a comprehensive report detailing vulnerabilities, mitigation guidance, and options for continuous verification.
ConsenSys Diligence offers a multifaceted approach to smart contract auditing, ensuring that the code is scrutinized and validated at multiple levels before it goes live. The audit process begins with an assessment where the smart contract business logic is evaluated and security properties to be tested are agreed upon. This is followed by a review phase, where multiple analysis processes are performed in parallel on the code, and a manual review is conducted to uncover any anomalies. The final delivery includes a comprehensive report that provides detailed insights into the vulnerabilities identified, mitigation guidance, and options for continuous verification. This meticulous approach ensures that the smart contracts are robust, secure, and function as intended, thereby safeguarding the associated blockchain applications from potential threats and vulnerabilities.
ConsenSys Diligence provides a suite of innovative tools to facilitate enhanced security analysis of smart contracts. MythX, for instance, is a security analysis service that identifies vulnerabilities in Solidity code during the development lifecycle. Harvey, a state-of-the-art greybox fuzzer for Ethereum smart contracts, integrates various techniques to find bugs faster and more reliably. Scribble, a verification language and runtime verification tool, translates high-level specifications into solidity code, allowing developers to annotate a solidity smart contract with properties. These tools, along with others like Mythril, Karl, and Theo, provide developers and auditors with a robust toolkit to ensure that smart contracts are secure, reliable, and optimized, thereby contributing significantly to the overall security and functionality of blockchain applications.
Year of Web domain registration:
  • 2019

4. OpenZeppelin

Founded in 2015, OpenZeppelin has established itself as a world leader in securing blockchain applications and smart contracts, with a mission to build technology that brings freedom to the world. The company is renowned for its open-source Contract Libraries, which have become an industry standard and a public good for smart contract development. OpenZeppelin’s professional expertise is unified with the Defender developer security platform, integrating through clients’ development lifecycles to enable teams to plan, code, audit, deploy, and operate projects with enhanced speed and safety. With a distributed team working across North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania, OpenZeppelin brings global expertise to the forefront of blockchain security.
OpenZeppelin takes a meticulous approach to verifying that distributed systems function as intended by performing comprehensive security audits. The audit process involves a full review of the system’s architecture and codebase by their engineers, culminating in a detailed report that provides actionable feedback for every issue identified. The audit journey encompasses specifying an audit-ready code commit, receiving a quote and timeline, undergoing the audit, privately receiving the report, fixing the identified issues, and optionally, examining fixes and publishing the report. OpenZeppelin has worked with the world's leading projects and has been commended for its thorough audit reports.
OpenZeppelin not only provides security audits but also offers a range of solutions to secure code, monitor operations, and respond to incidents. Their Defender developer security platform integrates with clients’ development lifecycles, providing a unified solution to secure smart contracts and blockchain applications. The platform works with over 30+ networks and has performed over 370+ audits, safeguarding over $15B+ balance held in OpenZeppelin Contracts. With a reputation for excellence and a track record of securing 94% of the top 20 DeFi protocols using OpenZeppelin Contracts, the company has become synonymous with trust and reliability in the blockchain space, ensuring that projects can launch and scale with confidence.
Year of Web domain registration:
  • 2016

5. Hashlock

Hashlock, Australia's leading blockchain security and smart contract auditing firm, is committed to ensuring the robustness and security of Web3 PR developments through its meticulous auditing services. The company has established itself as a trusted partner in blockchain development for project creators, and corporations, providing them with the assurance that their innovations are secure and successful. Hashlock's audit services are recognized for their thoroughness, utilizing both manual analysis and cutting-edge tests to create highly detailed audit reports for new Web3 developments. Their audits are designed to uncover even the most obscure vulnerabilities, exploits, and loopholes in protocol logic through manual analysis by their seasoned security researchers.
Hashlock's smart contract security audits adhere to a rigid process aimed at identifying a wide spectrum of vulnerabilities through extensive manual code review, vulnerability analysis, and offensive testing using industry-leading software toolkits. The audit journey begins with an initial review, followed by a first review that suggests development revisions and culminates in a final analysis and report. Hashlock goes beyond industry standards by providing valuable insights to developers and the wider community through their audit reports, which include code vulnerabilities and suggestions, project context and creation, risk assessments, and industry research. Their audits are based on a consistent rating system, qualifying code based on its quality, vulnerability, future risk, and complexity, ensuring that projects are not only ready for deployment but also secure and resilient against future threats.
Smart contract auditing is pivotal in ensuring external credibility, safeguarding stored value, fostering internal trust, and providing security insights and recommendations. Hashlock emphasizes that smart contracts, which are permanently deployed on their respective networks and govern the movement of currency and community assets, require high-end security testing to signify a project’s likelihood of success and its commitment to community safety. Furthermore, with high-end projects often being the target of various malicious attacks due to the significant economic value they store, a comprehensive security review becomes a cost-efficient investment that safeguards the project's ecosystem and its funds. Hashlock not only ensures the rigidness of development and readiness for deployment but also provides insights and suggestions that enhance code security, benefiting all stakeholders and fortifying the project against potential vulnerabilities.
Year of Web domain registration:
  • 2016


In the intricate and dynamic world of blockchain technology, smart contracts have emerged as a revolutionary tool, enabling automated, decentralized, and transparent transactions across various applications.
The importance of meticulous and robust smart contract auditing cannot be overstated in the contemporary digital age, where security breaches and vulnerabilities can have far-reaching implications. As we delve deeper into the decentralized future, the role of audit companies becomes increasingly pivotal, ensuring that the digital agreements we rely upon are secure, reliable, and perform as intended. The audit companies, with their specialized expertise and methodologies, stand as the guardians of the blockchain, ensuring that the technology realizes its full potential in a secure and trustworthy manner.
The blockchain landscape is perpetually evolving, and staying abreast of the latest developments, vulnerabilities, and security practices is paramount to navigating it effectively and safeguarding investments and data.