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6 Top Crypto Marketing Agencies in Dubai

6 Top Crypto Marketing Agencies in Dubai
6 Top Crypto Marketing Agencies in Dubai
With its progressive attitude and acceptance of the latest in fintech (finance technology), Dubai has come to prominence in the past few years. The small Middle East nation is big on the international map, with it becoming a hub for innovation. Now it is also a well-known hot spot for the crypto and blockchain industry.
Taking advantage of what it offers, several crypto-related businesses are running their international and borderless operations from the Arab nation.
One particular area is the crypto marketing agencies. Dubai has become central as it offers these firms to offer their services in a friendly and economical manner to clients hailing from all four corners of the planet.
If you are looking for a crypto-oriented and dedicated marketing firm, there are several based in Dubai. Yet, some stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Top Crypto Marketing Agencies in UAE

FINPR Agency

FINPR Agency
FINPR Agency is the top Dubai-based crypto marketing firm, thanks to its vast and dedicated team of professionals. FINPR serves customers from the MENA, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the United States - essentially all of the modern world.
With a comprehensive list of crypto media outlets, FINPR Agency offers flexible and economical services designed so that any size and type of blockchain firm (startup project, established platform, or even government-led initiatives) can take advantage of the firm.
With the right industry connections, FINPR Agency offers a multitude of web3 marketing strategies and approaches that fit crypto projects of all types. FINPR is developing rapidly and is constantly adding new services (for example, they become one of the first agencies who offers influencer marketing on Threads).
FINPR Stats:
  • Team size: 12
  • Established: 2017
  • LinkedIn Followers: 220+
Key Services
  • Public Relations Services: Be it an NFT, Crypto, DeFi, AI, tech, or any form of Web3 product, FINPR Agency offers PR in top media platforms.
  • Marketing Services: From building strategy to connecting with social media influencers to copywriting ads, FINPR Agency covers all.
  • Traffic Generation: FINPR Agency can help create footfall for your project through strategic traffic creation through SEO, advertisements and even listing on exchanges.
Key Clients
  • Gate.io: An internationally acclaimed crypto exchange.
  • Eqifi: A crypto Neo-bank.
  • Wanchain: Building interoperability for all blockchain networks.
FINPR Contacts:
  • E-mail: info@finpr.agency
  • Telegram: @finpr_agency


Less than 5 years old and Flexe.io has already shown what a small team of professionals can achieve in such a short time. Flexe.io is a dedicated crypto marketing service provider that covers a broad range of marketing tactics tailored for the decentralized industry, helping projects achieve their goals in minimal time. Flexe is also included in our global list of top crypto marketing agencies.
One of the premium crypto marketing firms in the Silicon Oasis of Dubai, Flexe.io has won numerous awards in 2023, such as the top-rated crypto marketing agency, and top ICO agency, and is recognized as a professional crypto influencer agency.
Flexe Stats:
  • Team size: 18
  • Established (domain registration): 2018
  • LinkedIn Followers: 6,300+
Key Services
  • Influencer Marketing: Using the power of KOL and influencers to bring in the public.
  • Community Management: From social media management to content creation and project promotion.
  • Ads: Banners in the right digital spaces (Google ads, Etherscan, BSCscan, and Yandex)
  • Public Relations: Official announcement in the top crypto and mainstream media.
  • Project Branding: Whitepaper, video promos, landing pages, and much more.
Key Clients
  • Edgecoin: Decentralized bank for the masses.
  • Terra Virtua: Helping Web2 games enter the Web3 arena.
  • PlayDapp: Enabling access to Web3 clientele.
  • ApeSwap: Multichain DeFi hub for staking, bonding, lending, and farming.
Flexe contacts:
  • E-mail: hello@flexe.io, pr@flexe.io, welcome@flexe.io
  • Telegram: @flexeio_news


While BrandStory is a digital marketing firm working in different areas and niches, it also has a dedicated service for the crypto and blockchain industry, with a focus on ICO and token launches.
BrandStory has several different marketing strategies up its sleeves, allowing its client to fully adjust to what works best for them. With a commitment to investor conversion and user retention, BrandStory enables crypto projects to create a following that lasts well enough for the project to convert from a startup to a reality.
BrandStory stats:
  • Team size: 1 (according to LinkedIn)
  • Established (domain registration): n/d
  • LinkedIn Followers: 50+
Key Services
  • Content Writing: Creating compelling stories and lores to attract users.
  • Email Marketing: Attracting audience through newsletters and updates.
  • Press Releases: Using the power of crypto and mainstream news media to build trust.
  • Social Media Marketing: Leveraging the power of SM, BrandStory can help attract users.
Key Clients
  • Non listed on the website.
BrandStory Contacts:
  • E-mail: info@brandstory.ae

CLS Global

CLS Global
With a different setup than most other crypto marketing firms, CLS Global does more than just traditional crypto marketing. With its suite of expert traders, market makers, and developers, the firm helps not only promote projects but helps in the sustainability of operations as well.
From marketing campaigns to integrating crypto exchanges to client management, CLS Global has a holistic approach to its client’s success.
CLS stats:
  • Team size: 80
  • Established (domain registration): 2021
  • LinkedIn Followers: 760+
Key Services
  • Marketing and Branding: Community management, social media engagements, online advertisements, press releases, and influencer marketing.
  • NFT Marketing: NFT-focused consulting, social media management, community building, advertising, and PR.
  • Treasury Building: Growth hack strategies, client management, risk management, analytical support, and custom support services.
Key Clients
  • Jasmy: Merging blockchain and IoT to help the public democratize and monetize data.
  • Cryptomeda: A sleuth of GameFi projects under one roof with inter-usable NFTs.
  • MintySwap: Cross-chain swap of NFTs for broader user access.
CLS Contacts:
  • E-mail: hello@cls.global
  • Telegram: @CoinLS


A relatively new firm in the Dubai industry and the global crypto marketing arena, Coinband has nonetheless made its name and is a well-respected agency.
Delivering a first-class service through effective marketing solutions, Coinband gives projects the exposure they need in the crypto and emerging Web3 world.
In the short time Coinband has been working, it has an impressive record already. Coinband has helped more than 70 projects of different blockchain and crypto niches, helping raise more than $350 million in capitalization.
Coinband stats:
  • Team size: 12
  • Established (domain registration): 2022
  • LinkedIn Followers: 1,000+
Key Services
  • Social Media Marketing: Helping projects attract new users and investors through the power of social media. Using the right content helps Coinband develop project trust and authority.
  • Public Relations: With the right wording and tone, Coinband can help projects stand out from the rest, building the reputation and positive image that they need to succeed.
  • Community Management: The most crucial part of any crypto project, communities help people build trust and interact with each other and Coinband excels at it.
  • Crypto Influencer Marketing: One of the fastest methods to attract potential users, Coinband provides effective influencer marketing with more than 250 KOLs.
  • SEO Promotion: Search Engine Optimization across all channels helps Coinband push its clients into the limelight. Coinband offers a comprehensive SEO strategy integrated with its other services.
  • Website Development: A website is a digital office and Coinband builds impressive ones for their clients to promote their business and projects.
Key Clients
  • Crypto GPT: Merging advanced AI tools with decentralization.
  • DegenZoo: Using NFTs and burning mechanisms to raise awareness of human-led animal extinctions.
  • Prime XBT: Crypto exchange with more than a million registered users.
Coinband Contacts:
  • E-mail: d.kulikovskaya@coinband.io

Luna PR

Luna PR
With more than 100 professionals across the world, Luna PR has been working since 2017 from Dubai. Today it has two more offices in different regions of the world.
Luna PR covers a wide range of Web3, crypto AI, and other fintech services. They are also listed as one of the top cryptocurrency PR firms. Its deep expertise and commitment to excellence have made the agency very popular. Luna PR uses a custom approach towards its marketing services, where each client’s needs are assessed and then the right marketing channels are deployed for maximum effectiveness.
Luna PR stats:
  • Team size: 56
  • Established (domain registration): 2020
  • LinkedIn Followers: 18,000+
Key Services
  • Public Relations: Press release creation and distribution, C-suite branding, reputation management, etc.
  • Marketing: Social media management, content building, community handling, growth hacking, SEO, and SEM.
  • Branding: Building not only lore and storyline but logo design, theme creation, and supporting graphics.
  • Advisory: Helping projects and startups get a foothold through mentoring in different areas such as tokenomics, listings, partnerships, board advisors, etc.
  • Event Management: From physical events to virtual ones, Luna PR covers venue management, investor events, organizing, and staff handling.
Key Clients
  • Binance: The world’s largest crypto exchange.
  • Algorand: A famous blockchain network designed for speed and efficiency, especially to connect TradFi with DeFi.
  • Paxful: P2P Bitcoin buying and selling platform with more than 350 payment options.
  • The Sandbox: Open world GameFi and metaverse platform. One of the largest of its kind.
Luna PR Contacts:
  • E-mail: info@lunapr.io

Dubai: The Crypto Hub

It is clear that with so many top-of-the-line crypto marketing firms Like FINPR Agency situated in Dubai, the small nation is teeming with talent and professionalism.
A proper and professional marketing agency can do wonders for any crypto project. This is crucial in the fast-paced world as blockchain companies can easily get drowned in the sea of different projects. Having the right firm like FINPR Agency on your side can make all the difference.